Best Fitness Gifts For Him – For Those Who Love Wellness And Exercise

The weight management and fitness market is a billion-dollar industry, which is why you would find it really overwhelming to get the best fitness gift ideas for him. The men’s department for fitness is a diverse one because workout regimens could vary from simple cardio exercises to serious bodybuilding and weightlifting. If you need to get the ideal fitness gift for him, then you are on the right page.

We collated some of the top picks for the best fitness gift ideas for him with a comprehensive description of the product as well as the very reasons why you should get one. You can save time, money, energy, and worries when you use our guide to narrow down your choices and see which one suit the preferences of your recipient based on their needs and other relevant factors.

So, which of the best fitness gift ideas for him are trending now and what features do they have, which makes them the best gifts for fitness for him?

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Top 12 Fitness Gift Ideas For Him In 2019

1. Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie with Wireless Headset

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For On The Go Music

The combination of style and technology would make your workout extra fun and fulfilling with this double knitted beanie made from 100% soft acrylic materials to keep your head protected and warm. You can wear the headgear and enjoy listening to your music with the Bluetooth stereo while you work out at the gym or do outdoor sports including running, hiking, skating, skiing, camping, holiday travel, dog walking, and so much more.

Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie with Wireless HeadsetWhy should you buy it?

The innovative beanie comes with the latest Bluetooth V4.1 technology for hassle-free pairing with other gadgets as well as the user-friendly control interface. You can easily recharge the wireless headset, which could last up to 6 hours of playing or talking time. Most importantly, this dual-purpose fitness gear is fully washable after you remove the headphones in their secured pouches.

2. Samsung Sports Smart Watch

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Mobile Fitness Tracking

You need a multi-functional Bluetooth smart watch when working out especially this innovative gift idea, which includes numerous features such as calories calculation, sleep monitoring, remote photos, sedentary reminder, pedometer, voice recorder, music player, fitness tracker, heart monitor, and notification push for your social media accounts. It is compatible with varied devices or Smartphone with Bluetooth and covers both IOS and Android phones.

Samsung Sports Smart WatchWhy should you buy it?

This remarkable gift idea is the perfect choice for a waterproof, durable, and comfortable smartwatch made with a stainless steel surface with a precision lamination process. The sports watch is comfortable to wear because of its anti-sweat watch strap while the body is lightweight for convenient wear.

3. Knee Compression Sleeves

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Knee Protection

Working out is a rigorous and physically demanding activity and this pair of knee compression sleeve is the ideal gift idea because it provides instant stability and support, giving you fast pain relief in relation to soreness, stiffness, and swelling through its Power Support technology. The breathable and lightweight fabric materials allow these compression sleeves to be ergonomically snug and comfortable with the Comfort Flex design so that they fit without restricting motion or blood circulation.

Knee Compression SleevesWhy should you buy it?

There are several reasons why you should buy this product or knee pads as a great gift idea and the incredible support and durability of the product is one good reason why. The double stitching design offers top quality construction that would last for years while the comfortable yet snug fit gives you hassle-free wear no matter how tough and long the workout may be.

4. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Core Workouts

Core workouts are quite challenging especially without the best equipment and this ab carver pro roller is the right product for fitness enthusiasts that want those perfectly trimmed and carved abs. It comes with an ultra-wide dimension with built-in resistance as well as the handles with ergonomic design for maximized results. It makes a great fitness gift for him because it yields tangible results like no other.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro RollerWhy should you buy it?

The pro roller ab carver has an interior kinetic engine that comes with the carbon steel spring for remarkable resistance for an amplified outcome during arm and abdominal workouts. It has angled ergonomic handgrips that activate the core and arm muscles while the product features are also removable for hassle-free transport and storage. This is a great fitness gift package that comes with the high-density foam kneepad to ensure utmost comfort along with the 1-year manufacturer warranty and 21-day workout plan.

5. King Athletic Balance Disc

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Exercise Anywhere

Give someone this balance disc, a high-quality wobble cushion core trainer, which you could use for office or home desk chairs complete with an eBook instructional manual. Each disc is easy to pump and would hold air longer compared to other discs on the market, plush it could withstand longer training with extreme pressure and continual use. The items have premium materials with quality artisanship but extremely safe because there are no BPA and toxin with the rubber composite.

King Athletic Balance Disc

Why should you buy it?

The fitness disc makes chair comfort much better with additional support as well as the dual massage surface that highlights soft spikes and small bumps. The disc is a great alternative to stay fit even if you are at home or in your place of work, serving as an option to a chair balance ball. It helps strengthen, tighten, and engage your back and core muscles with regular routine stability exercises while targeting specific sets of muscle groups.

6. Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Training System

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Basic Exercise Set

The revolutionary exercise balance board provides a stable and effective training system for gaining new muscles especially for athletes and those that just want to stay fit. It is a limited edition fitness device with subtle, classy, and bold including the R-logo snapback hat, strengthening and carving the core muscles and improving stability. The balance board is designed to boost the body’s reflexes, flexibility, recovery speed, and balance through heavy-duty training, which it could withstand through with durable and tough construction.

Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Training System

Why should you buy it?

The device is an ideal gift idea for functional cross training, which is ideal for sports training designed to transform ordinary exercises into full body workout regimen. One set is quite complete with the FIT board, extra grip roller, exercise guide, and high-density rocker. You can easily incorporate it to your existing routine and use weights, med balls or other training equipment as muscle stabilizers.

7. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Body Trimming Accessory

Enhancing the results of your workout regimen is possible with the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer through improving your thermogenic activities so that you sweat for maximized fat burning. It could flex and contour to give you a custom fit, adjusting to your unique size and shape for the ultimate comfort during exercise. The waist trimmer could also be adjusted to become loose in order to provide a full range of motion.

Sweet Sweat Waist TrimmerWhy should you buy it?

The premium quality waist trimmer features latex-free and extra thick neoprene materials enhancing your sweating experience for the ultimate workout regimen. The inner lining of the grid repels moisture and absorbs sweat while limiting slipping or bunching while working out. The contoured fit gives you the right comfort as well as ensures maximum motion during exercise routines and the complete set comes with the bestselling sweat gel and breathable carrying bag.

8. Weinas Resistance Bands Set

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Resistance Training

The best resistance training is possible if you have the right equipment such as the Weinas resistance bands set that ranges from 20 to 40 lbs, making heavier bands better with maximum tension even when doing similar workout regimens. These are resistance straps made of metal carabiners that you can add or remove ensuring the ideal challenge for each muscle group. You can even extend the nylon sleeves three times with the maximum length of 12 feet.

Weinas Resistance Bands SetWhy should you buy it?

There are numerous reasons why this resistance band set is the best gift idea for fitness for him because it guarantees enhanced resistance training through a variety of weights while the high-quality nylon and premium natural leather materials provide optimal protection and prevent damage of the resistance tube with dual anti-snap design. You have options for resistance training anytime, anywhere with the comfortable elastic exercise bands that are downright durable.

9. Viktor Jurgen Massage Pillow

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Post-Workout Relaxation

Working out is a rigorous and physically demanding activity and you need massaging equipment to solve those body ache problems and the Viktor Jurgen massage pillow is the perfect gift idea. It is a heat-relaxation gift that features innovative technology that provides shiatsu deep kneading massage for the shoulder and feet. It works to relax your overused and tight muscles while soothe muscles using its 3D rotating massage nodes.

Viktor Jurgen Massage PillowWhy should you buy it?

The massage pillow targets specific massage spots such as the neck and other areas with body contours such as the upper back, shoulders, thigh, calf, and abdomen using an ergonomic design for versatile massaging. The dust cloth is a versatile material that wraps the equipment and ensures body contact while protecting the skin from the heat and friction.

10. Smarter Lifestyle Titanium Magnetic Bracelet

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Pain Therapy

The magnetic therapy bracelet works miracles for your body, providing tension and pain relief for symptoms such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injury, tennis elbow, and so much more. Working out could give you inflammation problems and body pains especially in the arms, shoulders, hands, or wrists but this therapy bracelet is the answer to your problem. It has other physiological benefits such as to alleviate blood circulation, headaches, migraine, insomnia, fatigue, and stress and anxiety.

 Smarter Lifestyle Titanium Magnetic BraceletWhy should you buy it?

The product is made with genuine titanium for comfort and durability, making it extremely strong and resistant even with a lightweight accessory along with a sturdy clasp that keeps the bracelet fit and stay on your wrist no matter how rigorous your workout activity may be. The accessory is also low maintenance because it only requires wiping the bracelet with jewelry cloth while it is also hypoallergenic to match the most sensitive skin with no lead and nickel content.

11. Everlast Pro Style Gloves

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Boxing Exercise Training

Working out with boxing exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight or stay fit and this pair of high-quality boxing gloves are the best gift idea for you. The industry grade fitness gear comes with numerous designs that could make your routine absolutely effective and fun. It comes with the grip cord in the interior of the gloves for protection and extra gripping power along with the Evercool mesh ventilation panels. The hand protection from the gloves is from the closed cell foam technology while the Everfresh design offers antimicrobial treatment to prevent bad or offensive odors, keeping the gloves smelling fresh.

Everlast Pro Style GlovesWhy should you buy it?

Fight sports training could still be enhanced with the right gear such as this Everlast boxing glove set with high-quality features and designs. Boxing could provide muscle tone, endurance, and reflexes and you can achieve it with the right gear such as the gloves for enhanced training. It helps you achieve the ideal punching technique while conforming to the natural contour of your hand or fist.

12. Professional Wooden Balance Board

Best Gifts For Fitness For Him For Balancing And Stability

Workout buffs would absolutely appreciate this remarkable fitness gift idea for him, which improves your stability and balance along with the abs carver and core strength features. The StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board helps improve conditioning and strength in a portable and compact trainer with a slip-resistant surface. It offers true quality and assurance with its stable and strong base along with the top industry grade build for a regular and hardcore workout.

Professional Wooden Balance BoardWhy should you buy it?

The Professional Balancing Wooden Board is the ideal fitness gift idea for him because it enhances physical endurance and strength with this simple to use the equipment. Stay in shape without the bulky and space consuming equipment with this balancing board, which you could bring anywhere you want, thanks to its compact and portable design. It guarantees coordination, strength, core stability, and reaction time with natural and smooth support. It is the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts, dancers, athletes, and gymnasts, among many others.

How To Choose Best Fitness Gifts For Him

Choosing one or two out of best fitness gift ideas for him from the overflowing choices you have on the market is a truly daunting and confusing task but you can skip the dizzying confusion if you have some criteria on how to choose the best item for the occasion. Look for these things to make sure you have the best fitness gift ideas for him no matter what the celebration may be:


Fitness equipment should have industry grade quality in order to withstand heavy duty and frequent workout regimens thus, make sure you choose products with durable and robust materials. The best gifts for fitness buffs must also have effective outcome so that when it says it can help you trim your abs, it better does!


Working out in today’s world need to be flexible, which means you can do your exercise routine anytime, anywhere. Thus, look for the best gift idea for workout enthusiasts especially items that are compact, portable, easy to store, and transport for versatile results.


There are numerous fitness items and gift ideas that should suit your budget yet do not sacrifice the quality, effectiveness, and durability of the product. Check out online stores and sellers that offer discounted items or wholesale prices so that you can shop without hassle on your budget.

Final Words

Shopping for the best fitness gifts for him could be truly challenging and time-consuming especially if you do not know where to start, in the first place. You need helpful and relevant guides for your shopping so that you can find and purchase the ideal gifts for him especially in his love for workouts and keeping fit.

The best fitness gifts for him may come in different shapes and sizes as well as price tags thus, make sure that you know what you are looking for. Best fitness gift ideas should have the quality and effectiveness when you use the item as well as the ease of use, including portability and easy storage. Most importantly, it should be within your budget so that you can enjoy gift giving at its finest!