Best Gifts For Christening/Baptism To Help You With Your Purchase

You know the pressure for someone who is going to shop for a christening or baptism gift because it is such an important event for people who observe this practice of faith. Christening or baptism is a form of lengthy ceremony that marks the beginning of a child’s entrance to the Christian or Catholic world in the presence of friends and family. Now that we have established the significance of a christening or baptism ceremony, it is high time we stress the equally important task of finding the best christening/baptism gift on today’s overwhelming market.

We absolutely want you to experience this once-in-a-lifetime celebration with a loved one, family member, or friend without the hassle of finding the right item for the celebrant. Our list of the best gift ideas for christening/baptism aims to help you narrow down your choices and come up with the most informed and sound decision after reading this comprehensive review of each of the product that deserves a spot on our checklist.

Top 13 Gift Ideas For Christening/Baptism In 2019

1. Custom Catch Blanket Gift

Best For Personalized Linen Collection

This custom blanket is the ideal keepsake from friends, relatives, or godparents for a baby’s special day since you can have it customized to mark the special occasion. It is made from 200 gsm fleece materials with wide satin borders and you can have the linen imprinted with the baby’s name and the date of the occasion. The fleece blanket provides a cozy and warm feel for your little one and the indented custom name and cross provides aesthetic appeal overall.

Custom Catch Blanket GiftWhy should you buy it?

This is the best gift idea for christening or baptism if you want something that specifically bears the name of the celebrant while you want the customization service fast and with quality results. The large ultra-plush blanket comes in different color variations for boys and girls. They would not easily outgrow their comfortable blanket because it measures 36” x 36” for long-term use.

2. Chews Life Teething Rosary

Best Gift For Safe Playtime

You can keep the occasion on a playful and practical mode with this multipurpose teething and chewable toy with the rosary design. The silicone rosary is kid-friendly with beautiful colors that would keep your little one engaged and entertained for hours. It is soft and plush with a nubby-backed cross to keep your baby safe and free from injuries or wounds when using their toy.

Chews Life Teething RosaryWhy should you buy it?

The teething rosary/chewable toy for babies by Chews Life is the ideal christening or baptism gift idea because it is fun to play with, a useful teething device, and most importantly, safe for babies and toddlers. The beads are secured and knotted in place passed strict safety testing and standards plus you could safely and conveniently carry it around with its safety clasp design.

3. Ganz Serenity Lamb

Best Stuffed Toy

Stuffed toys are quite common gift ideas for christening or baptism but you could give it a nice, fun, soft, and great quality twist with this serenity plush lamb toy by Ganz. The ultra plush lamb toy shows really good quality in terms of construction and the industry-grade materials, which make it a great value for your money. The stuffed animal toy for boys also comes with the removable crib or pendant cross with the print that says “Jesus Loves Me.”

Ganz Serenity LambWhy should you buy it?

This is a great baptism or christening gift idea if you want something simple to find but with top grade quality and a nice, cute, and soft finish, an ideal toy for male babies and toddlers. It is also a decorative stuffed toy animal that you could display on the crib or anywhere you like since the item is of good quality, great design and aesthetic, and the best value for your money.

4. Grasslands Road Keepsake Box

Best For Decorative Keepsake And Storage

Elegance is what you would instantly think of when you see the aesthetic look of this decorative keepsake box for boys, which makes it a great gift idea for baptism and christening. It comes with the matching tiny rosary in baby blue crystal, which makes it a great memento for christening or baptism celebration. The item specifically says “My First Rosary” in a ceramic box holder featuring a lid with decorative patterns of scalloped and beaded edges along with the small metal cross that graces the top of the keepsake box.

Grasslands Road Keepsake BoxWhy should you buy it?

The beautiful keepsake has an intricate detailing with gem embellished designed, which makes it a sophisticated artwork and centerpiece. Most importantly, it is not just a decorative piece because it is the celebrant’s first rosary kept in high quality and eye-catching display container that fits this special occasion.

5. Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book

Best Gift For Prayer And Display

This is a complete set with a beautiful package that includes a Plush Lamb with the “Pray With Me” theme and could recite the “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” prayer with kids when you press the tummy. The gift idea for baptism and christening also comes with the board book that says “God Bless Baby” along with the 14 watercolor hand-drawn illustrations that would keep your baby engaged and learn their prayer the fun and colorful way.

Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer BookWhy should you buy it?

This gift package is a set and that is why it is worth your money with the quality of the plush lamb plus the beautiful colorful storybook with illustrations. The luxurious plush lamb has embroidered details with 7” height that would make a cuddly toy when it is not teaching your baby their bedtime prayer. It also comes with the keepsake gift box with different compartments for storage and display.

6. Baby Engraved Wooden Block

Best Personalized Décor

The handmade 2” x 2” x 2” block is a unique gift with sentimental value because you can have the baby’s name engraved on the surface along with the date of the special occasion. It is made with sustainable wood materials with handmade detailing and artisanship that makes it a decorative keepsake that you can keep from generation to generation. The new feature or additional add-on for this custom engraved block is that you can also request for a photo picture frame holder for a unique twist.

Baby Engraved Wooden BlockWhy should you buy it?

The Baby Block by Glitzby is the best gift idea for christening/baptism if you want something that is custom-made or personalized with USA quality. You can easily order this product online and get fast turnaround and shipping especially if you do not want to spend time going shopping on physical stores on your own. Moreover, the durable and industry grade wood materials are durable and could last for a long time.

7. Baby Boy’s 5-Piece Suit

Best Christening Outfit

You can take the burden off the shoulders of the celebrant’s parents if you come up with this amazing gift idea because the complete christening outfit for baby boys is downright timely and practical. The high-quality 5-piece outfit set comes in pure white or cream white color variations made with 100% polyester materials. The set comes with the smocked romper, cap, shell, booties, vest, pants, and matching cap.

Baby Boy’s 5-Piece SuitWhy should you buy it?

The lightweight and flexible fabrics of this complete 5-piece christening outfit set is a great choice for christening or baptism apparels because it keeps the wearer comfortable and cool throughout the ceremony, which is oftentimes inconvenient for babies. The quality of the set is impeccable and it looks really elegant and well constructed.

8. Born to Love Embroidered Socks

Best Gift For Foot Protection

The set is made specifically for boys and could match all types and styles of baptism/christening apparels. The quality design of the socks gives it a sophisticated and classy look with the white sock detailing that makes a remarkable keepsake as well. They offer reliable foot protection for your little ones while ensuring comfort thanks to the high grade and soft blend of cotton and polyester materials.

Born to Love Embroidered SocksWhy should you buy it?

The US-made baptism sock set is matching footwear for baptism or christening apparels and it is a classy piece with the embroidered cross appliqué that embellishes the cuff. It is quite difficult to look for baptism or christening gifts for boys but this white sock pair is a simple yet practical choice for top quality socks with a clean white design.

9. Premium Hooded Baby Bath Wrap

It is a high-quality hooded towel for babies made with 100% organic bamboo fabrics, which is ideal for newborn infants, babies, and toddlers as well. The baby wrap has numerous features including the soft, absorbent, and durable materials with 600 GSM organic bamboos. The towel measures 35” x 35” that fits newborns to toddlers up to 5 years old for years of reliable and convenient use.

Premium Hooded Baby Bath WrapWhy should you buy it?

The premium hooded baby bath wrap is durable, soft, and absorbent while the organic bamboo fabric material is hypoallergenic and antibacterial for a guaranteed eco-friendly and health benefit. The allergen resistant hooded baby wrap does not contain any harmful chemicals that could irritate your little one’s sensitive skin or may possibly cause adverse respiratory reactions. It is versatile with an extra large size so that your baby would not outgrow their favorite shower towel.

10. Pillow Pets Sleeptime Lites

Best Gift For Night Use

You get multiple uses from this plush stuffed toy that could serve as a sleep time light in the nursery so that your baby would feel safe and you would have 100% peace of mind. The comforting companion for boys and girls is a unique pillow pet with plush and cute fuzzy design, which you can bring anywhere during travels or days out.

Pillow Pets Sleeptime LitesWhy should you buy it?

The plush stuffed toy is not only an ultra soft toy for the ultimate companion inside the nursery, anywhere in the house or outdoors. It is also a great night light to accompany your little one during sleep time.

11. Baby Einstein Musical Toy

Best Musical Gift For Baptism

There is always something fun, entertaining, and special with a musical learning toy and this Baby Einstein version is one of the best you could ever find. It helps instill the love for music on a lifelong scale and the colorful design would keep your little one engaged and attentive for hours. You can switch the music between seven melodies while controlling the volume for fun or sleep time.

Baby Einstein Musical ToyWhy should you buy it?

On top of inspiring the love of music, this musical toy could also serve as a grasping and teething toy with safety features and design. It is the best gift idea for christening/baptism, which is ideal for little ones between the ages of 3 and 36 months.

12. Boppy Newborn Lounger

Best Christening For Sleep On The Go

Babies and parents alike would love this lounger for comfortable sleep and nap time on the go and it is the ideal gift idea for christening/baptism as well. The product contains 50% imported composition materials with the perfect design and contour that guarantees comfort and safety when newborns need a space to coo in or kick with the hands-free finish. Your baby stays relaxed and secured with the unique recessed interior so that your baby is cradled all the time.

Boppy Newborn LoungerWhy should you buy it?

The grab and go lounger is a soft and lightweight accessory for babies, which gives your little one the best place to rest, nap, sleep, or just play anytime, anywhere. It is lightweight thus it is easy to carry around and safe for all newborns and months-old infants.

13. Fisher-Price Rocker

You need to look into this Fisher-Price rocker if you want a great gift idea for christening/baptism, which could outgrow the celebrant for years to come. It is ideal for infants and toddlers up to 18 kg or 40lbs. The baby accessory gives babies a convenient space for playing, feeding, and resting while there is a feature that switches to calming vibrations for that soothing and comfortable effect.

Fisher-Price RockerWhy should you buy it?

The branded rocker for babies and toddlers is a great gift for christening/baptism because of its numerous designs such as the stationery seat position with the additional kickstand feature. On top of giving infants a comfortable and safe resting and play space, it has a removable toy bar that comes with a couple of bat-at toys to keep your baby entertained.

How To Choose Best Gifts For Christening/Baptism

Check out the things that you should carefully consider when shopping for a baptism/christening gift idea:


One of the most important things to consider when looking for a gift idea for baptism/christening is safety because newborns, infants, or toddlers are normally susceptible to health or safety threats. The items on our list have safe designs and features that passed stringent safety standards or testing as well as materials that are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These are essential things to look for in a gift for little ones that require extra protection.


Choose products that have high quality features, construction, and materials because these would eventually determine their overall durability and length of lifespan. Industry grade products are sophisticated and babies could still use them after they have grown in size and structure. Quality products also have multiple purposes or functions such as decorative stuffed toys that serve as play items, night-lights, and prayer companions at the same time.


The best gift idea for christening/baptism is the one that is affordable and gives you your money’s worth but make sure it does not compromise the product’s overall quality as well. Some quality products are actually affordable especially if you get them from online sellers or stores such as Amazon. However, you can shell out extra dollars if you want the gifts that come in complete set or collection to make the occasion extra special.

Final Words

The best christening/baptism gifts for boys and girls are overflowing on the market today, which could make your shopping more challenging and confusing if you do not have a buying guide. Our comprehensive list of potential gift ideas for christening/baptism is sure to give you the right tips on the ideal products in different categories.

The perfect christening/baptism gifts should ensure the safety of the baby or toddler because little ones are the most sensitive and could be prone to accidents that involve choking or wounds. Choose the right products that have notable quality, durability, and just the right choice for your available budget. Make your pre-shopping research and use our buying guide for the latest christening/baptism gifts available online with their respective features and the very reason why you should get them for this special occasion.