Best Gifts For Soon-to-be Dads – What To Give Him For The Exciting Ride Ahead

You have to admit, fatherhood is such an exciting and daunting journey at the same time but it does not have to terrify soon-to-be dads especially when it is confirmed that there is indeed a bun in the oven. In fact, this phase could be a fun period if you have a husband, family member, friend or colleague who is going to take on that lifetime responsibility because gift giving is such a wonderful task, to begin with.

We make your task so much easier with our top list of the best gift ideas for soon-to-be dads so that you would not waste time searching for one since there are overflowing choices on the market today:

Top 15 Gift Ideas For Soon-to-be Dads In 2019

1. Be Prepared (Paperback)

Best Gifts For Soon-to-Be Dads With The Most Customer Reviews

You need something that is proven and tested and this practical handbook could guide someone as they enter the trenches of fatherhood. It is an indispensable survival manual for first-time fathers with advice from the experts. The manual comes in Kindle and paperback versions, depending on the preferences of the person but it all has the things a new dad needs to know from changing diapers at the unlikeliest of places to baby-proofing a home or hotel.

Be Prepared (Paperback)

2. Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron Kit

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads With Top Rating

Some products have bad reviews because they do not reach the expectations of customers while others do not rise to the occasion. However, this product is absolutely different because it is the top rated item in the lot according to verified customers on online stores such as Amazon.  The one-of-a-kind heavy duty kit includes a soil resistant apron, 3-ply ear loop facemask, a pair of rubber gloves, clear lens safety glasses, and a diaper.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron Kit

3. AMZ Dad BBQ Grill Set

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For BBQ Lovers

Some guys love BBQ just as they love their new roles as fathers. You can come up with a timely gift for someone who is fond of barbecue with this amazing BBQ grill set. It is the perfect gift for guys who want to grill to perfection while celebrating an afternoon party or anything under the sun. The comprehensive kit comes with tongs, spatula, basting brush, digital thermometer, and the case where you can easily stash away all the items in one easy and quick storage container.

AMZ Dad BBQ Grill Set

4. Interstate Apparel Soon-to-be-Daddy Baseball Shirt

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Baseball Apparels

One of the easiest things you can think of when you talk about gift giving is personalized t-shirts and apparels and giving a soon-to-be-dad just this could save you a lot of worries and time. The cool apparel comes with the cool text for dads especially baseball fanatics out there. The shirt comes in black and gray color variations while the cool and eye-catching print includes the texts “SOON TO BE A DADDY” plus the cute baby handprints on the front area of the apparel.

Interstate Apparel Soon-to-be-Daddy Baseball Shirt

5. BLENDX Tool Magnetic Wristband

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Workshop Buffs

Some guys love their woodwork or handicraft or anything that would make them busy and creative in the workshop and this is the perfect gift for them. The all-in-one tool belt and wristband is the most practical device you could ever have especially for DIY fanatics that prefer a heavy-duty and imported product to ensure quality. You can use this item as a wristband or tool belt, whichever you think is practical and convenient. The kit includes a strong magnet to ideally hold numerous tools including nails, drill bits, holding screws, and so much more.

BLENDX Tool Magnetic Wristband

6. Hey Daddy It’s Me Double Frame

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For The Romantics

Give this remarkable item if your recipient is someone who would appreciate having a keepsake from his soon-to-be-born daughter or son. It is a quality picture frame with unique designs, which makes it different from other products on the same category.  It is a remarkable item to display or use as a centerpiece in different areas of the house. The 4×6 inch dimension of the photo frame makes it a space-saving décor, which you could display on the table or anywhere in the house.

Hey Daddy It’s Me Double Frame

7. Pun Intended Funny Coffee Mug

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Customized Ideas

Uniqueness is one of the best features of a remarkable gift and that is exactly what you get when you use this funny coffee mug, which is intended for soon-to-be dads. The practical mug is a great choice especially for coffee lovers who will soon take the life-changing responsibility of fatherhood. It adds a fun and creative concept with the puns and the play of words that give it a remarkable twist. The mug material is high-quality porcelain made from white shining ceramic from kaolin clay, which is popular for an elegant finish.

Pun Intended Funny Coffee Mug

8. Rostmary Wooden Docking Station

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For The Organized Men

This practical and stylish decorative item does not have any shortage of functionality and that is what you would want for the best gift for soon-to-be dads. It is a smart desk organizer that would keep all the clutters away while making sure that you have a place of storage for your stuff no matter the size and significance. Being a dad could be disorienting at times and you need this item to make life so much easier especially when the going gets tough. It can hold different gadgets including tablet, Smartphone, and watches while you can also place your wallet, keys, coins, and shades on this handmade gift for men.

Rostmary Wooden Docking Station

9. Cooking Gift Set for Guys

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Cooking Enthusiasts

Some men have the passion for cooking and this product is the perfect gift for them especially those who are soon going to join the fatherhood bandwagon. The grill smoking set is a complete package that comes with six pieces of a premium stainless steel box, three smoking wood chip flavors, hickory smoked sea salt, instruction manual, recipe guide, and BBQ thermometer. As per a manufacturer, the product comes with 100% natural professional wood chips to make sure that it is safe without any chemical and harmful contents that stick on your food.

Cooking Gift Set for Guys

10. Naipo Handy Massager

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Dads Who Need a Break

Being a father is a ton of jobs and responsibilities, which could make the task exhausting and render you with all the body and muscle aches imaginable. That is not a problem though because you can give a soon-to-be dad the best gift with this massager for different parts of the body. It could work for the neck, back, and foot to relieve and soothe muscle tightness. It also comes with a massage kneading roller with 3D rotation design to make it more innovative for modern users while the built-in automatic shut down and heat function relieves the muscle in digital clicks.

Naipo Handy Massager

11. Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Hassle-Free Travel

Having a baby is a blessing but it could also restrict you from doing what you enjoy or going to places you once love going to. The diaper duty device by Big Dot of Happiness is the perfect gift for soon-to-be dads because it is an all-in-one kit that caters to all your travel needs with your bundle of joy. It allows you to travel without hassle with the kit that includes portable baby lotion, baby shampoo, head-to-toe wash, baby powder, and diaper cream. The kit also contains six diapers, baby wipes, plastic tons, and safety glasses.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

12. Bottle Opener Key Chain

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Key Ring Collection

Key chain collections are quite popular in men but it could be so much more than that and this gift idea is a practical, flexible, and remarkable choice because it is a key chain and bottle opener in one. You need not look far for a unique and personalized gift since you can order it and have your preferred messages engraved. It comes with a stainless steel material and one-sided laser mark.

Bottle Opener Key Chain

13. Redneck Backscratcher

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads for The Man Who Got Your Back

A dad is someone who always got your back but with this product, it is literally for your man’s back, which makes it a fun and unique gift idea. The Redneck backscratcher is not the usual gift you would give someone but it is undoubtedly practical and something you would need every day. It has 15 tines for better results and fewer efforts and made from high-quality materials for longer use.

Redneck Backscratcher

14. Beard King Beard Bib

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Practical Everyday Use

Something that you could use on a daily basis is practical and well-thought of gift and this is what this beard bib is all about. The unique grooming cape also functions as hair clipping catcher but with a remarkably fun twist. It comes with a self-packing sleek pouch for easy travels and the practical design that makes it the ultimate beard maintenance tool. It has accessories tray table with suction cup hooks for easy hanging and accessibility purposes.

Beard King Beard Bib

15. BuildLife Water Bottle with Time Marker

Best Gifts For Soon-to-be-Dads For Bodybuilding Fanatics

Someone needs this if he is a bodybuilding or fitness buff and most importantly if he is soon to become a father with all the heavy responsibilities that being a daddy entails. The BuildLife water bottle is not your ordinary item on its category because it also functions as a motivational device while keeping you hydrated with one gallon of water. It is BPA safe with eco-friendly materials so that it does not have any odors or chemical tastes.

BuildLife Water Bottle with Time Marker

How To Choose Best Gifts For Soon-to-Be Dads

Fatherhood is a life-changing journey and journeying with someone in this important phase of his life is an opportunity and a gift, which starts with finding the perfect gift for soon-to-be dads or getting a unique present for Father’s day. However, the overflowing choices on the market could leave you dumbfounded and even more confused than ever that’s why we come up with this guide to help you make a wise and informed buying decision today:


Buying a gift for yet to be fathers requires you to choose an item that would be useful for them in certain areas especially in doing their daddy duties or just their favorite pastime or work. You can find gift ideas that men could use on several occasions and would save them time and effort in doing so. These products are relevant, useful, and practical to use, which makes them indispensable items, to begin with.


Just like any other practical and wise buying ideas, looking into the cost of the product you wish to buy is a must because the best gifts for soon-to-be dads are not created equal. You can find items on the top of the price scale while others are cheaper and more affordable. It is always wiser to strike a balance between quality and affordability since you have numerous options to choose from after all.

Space Saving

One of the most important things to consider when buying a gift for men who are waiting for their little bundle of joy is the overall size of the item, which converts to space practicality. You need a good product that could guarantee function and practicality but make sure that it is easy to store or display when it is not in use. The best gifts should also be compact and portable so that they are easy to bring along especially when traveling.


Safety is one of the most important things you should always look into when you are a new dad and having child-friendly items within reach is a necessity, not a choice. You could save someone the time and worry through choosing a product that is safe not just for the user but for everyone around him especially those fragile newborns.

Final Words

The best gifts for soon-to-be dads could be anything because different men have their own passion, style, and preferences. The good news is that you also have numerous selections of gift ideas that are perfect for different unique personalities. Dads could be the fitness fanatics, the woodworking enthusiast, the practical user, the organizing freak, and so much more. Luckily, you also have a wide variety of gift categories to choose from, depending on your recipient.

Being a new dad is a gift and giving that someone a gift is one of the most daunting and challenging tasks there is especially on today’s market where you have overflowing choices. You can shop and compare products for the category of best gifts for soon-to-be dads using the buying guide that we provided. Most importantly, make sure that you look into all the potential products on our list and see which of these catered to your needs and preferences.

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