10 Things to Make Your Sleep Comfortable

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. If the numerous articles online haven’t clued us in, the constant need for caffeine throughout the day would have. However, it’s a lot easier to talk about it than to actually do it. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to tackle your sleep problem and come out a winner. Below are 10 things that will ensure you’re slumbering comfortably in no time.

comfortable sleep

1. The right mattress

The most important tool that will ensure a good night’s rest is your bed. No matter what sleep tip or trick you employ, if you have an uncomfortable mattress then you’re always in for a rough night. To avoid any sleepless nights, you want to get a mattress that fits your needs. A stomach sleeper needs a firmer mattress than a back sleeper. Some beds are really bouncy which could be a problem if you sleep with a partner who likes to change sleeping positions during the night. Other considerations you should have regarding your mattress includes breathability (keeps the mattress cool) and adequate support, so you don’t wake up with aches and pains in the morning.

2. The right pillow

Your slumber might not be so sweet because you’ve got the wrong pillow. Side sleepers, for example, need a firm pillow that supports their head and neck, keeping enough distance between the ear and the shoulder. A flat pillow is better for stomach sleepers, so their neck isn’t left at an awkward angle all night. Do you need a pillow that keeps you cool – see our list of the best cooling pillows.

3. White Noise Machine

Keeping your bedroom quiet is key to getting better sleep. But if your room is too quiet, then you might find yourself noticing every single sound that disturbs the peace which, in turn, will disrupt your sleep. White noise will keep your brain from registering any slight changes in sound within the room without disrupting your slow descent into sleep. White noise can also help mask any sound coming from outside your room such as noisy neighbors, sirens, or traffic noise.

4.  Eye-mask or Sleep mask

Total darkness is your friend. Even the slightest glow from your digital clock or humidifier can prevent you from falling asleep. According to science, the presence of light disrupts our circadian rhythm, keeping our body alert when we should be falling asleep.

A sleeping mask will prevent our eyes from getting exposed to any light, leaving us in complete darkness which triggers the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). This means that there’s no need to toss out your digital clock or humidifier. It also means that you can keep a night light on to help guide you when you need to head to the bathroom during the night.

5. All-cotton sheets

It’s important that your sheets feel real nice against your skin. Who wants to sleep on scratchy, uncomfortable sheets, right? But you should also consider how breathable the fabric is. Your sheets should allow the mattress to stay cool. A “hot” bed is not conducive to a good night’s rest.

6. The right blankets

You need to choose blankets that will strike a good balance between the room temperature (ideally between 60 to 65 Fahrenheit according to sleep experts) and your core body temperature. If your blankets make you hot, you won’t find yourself falling asleep anytime soon. If you end up too cold, your body will try to produce heat by contracting and relaxing your muscles which, in turn, causes restless sleep. If you’re sleeping with someone who hogs the blankets or your partner sleeps sweaty while you remain shivering, then you should opt for separate blankets to ensure uninterrupted sleep.

7. Ear plugs

There are some things even a white noise machine can’t block out. Are your partner’s snores keeping you up at night? Try getting ear plugs.

8. Socks

Individuals who have colder-than-normal extremities should slip on socks before going to bed. When your cold feet heats up, it causes heat to get redistributed in your body. This means that your body is getting prepared to sleep. In short, warming your feet can help you fall asleep faster. If you can’t bear how unsexy socks are in bed, you might want to consider a heating pad that will keep the foot of your bed warm enough before you slip under the covers.

9. Lavender scented oil

Certain smells can affect how well you sleep. Based on scientific research, lavender places our body into a relaxed state by lowering our blood pressure and heart rate. A relaxed state can help you fall asleep more quickly. Create your own spa environment before sleep with the best essential oil diffuses.

10. Warm wall colors

Certain colors can affect our mood. Vibrant colors are nice to look at, but they aren’t going to help you fall asleep. Red, for example, is a color that usually stimulates. Go for wall colors that will create a soothing effect in your bedroom, helping you relax. Neutral colors or muted tones are typically perfect for creating a calm or peaceful environment. However, keep in mind that not all people react to colors in the same way. No one knows better than you which colors you feel are soothing. So, base your choice on wall colors (including artworks and designs) on how relaxed they make you feel. And let’s not forget about babies – your baby needs to have crib that makes his/her sleep as comfortable as possible.

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