10 Ways To Improve Comfort Of Living In Your Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment can be quite hard especially when dealing with the limited space and maximizing the comfort it brings. For someone who is currently living in one, it is important that you monitor if your place has the recommended comfort it needs. Thus, you may want to seek for ways on how to improve the quality of living in your tiny space.

1. Create a Mental Illusion-Divider

When deciding to divide your space, it doesn’t necessarily mean buying room dividers and placing them in your apartment. You can make use of your Television area to create an illusion that makes you think the space is divided. Put it against your bedroom separating the entertainment area from the bedroom area. That way, you won’t have to purchase dividers and doing it is even a better idea.

2. Get Creative With Your Bedroom

curtain around the bed

If you realized that your sleeping space isn’t as relaxing as you want it to be then, you might want to consider decorating it. For instance, you can choose to use a curtain around your bed. This adds tranquility to the place and will make it appear peaceful so you feel good during and after sleep. After all, a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of sleep you must get.

3. Put Couches Together To Make a Bed

Considering the little amount of space you have, having a large bed for you will consume too much space. Now, there is one trick for this. One way to maximize the use of your furniture is to use them for another purpose. A couch with another one or two placed together can be turned into a bed. You already have a living room and bedroom in one place there and saves you more space which can be used for other purposes. A smart and economic move for you!

4. Paint Your Walls White

Opting for white-painted wall will never ever be a bad idea. White may seem too plain for some but it usually comes with a few advantages to the overall comfort of your small apartment. One thing is that it makes your tiny space appear bigger and spacious by disguising the edges of a space. If you have any decoration to display, a white-painted wall will help you highlight it. It also makes us feel relaxed and brightens up the place. The color is known for its flexibility and will never feel dated.

small apartment white walls

5. Put Large Pillows on the Floor

Are you worrying because you don’t have a living room and your group of friends will soon come over to your place? No worries, your pillows got your back! When you invite guests to your small apartment and a living room doesn’t exist in your place then, putting large pillows on the floor in place of a couch will still do the job. This is practically saving you more space and at the same time money spent on buying ones.

6. Make Use of Dividers That Can Act as Storage

If you want to put room dividers across your room, you might want to buy ones which serve as your storage room as well. There are lots of these where you can put various things such as books, artwork, dishes and many more. These double purpose dividers can be used for storing various stuff and which can help you with organizing things too. Make sure they’re situated in a strategic place that doesn’t consume much space.

7. A Bookshelf for Decorating Your Small Apartment

Bookshelves are surprisingly great as a means of decorating your small space. If your life is all books and stuff and you have a bookshelf, you might want to use it according to your taste and preference and make use of the other space as storage for other things you have in your small apartment. Don’t just have it there looking like what you can see in the libraries. Get creative and start decorating it and make it appear more beautiful. Only when you finished doing so you will realize that its advantages.

bookshelf divider

8. Ceiling-Hanging Clothing Rack

Running out of space and you badly need a place for your clothes rack and your clothes to hang on? Good news, a ceiling-hanging clothing rack could be the best answer to your problem! This comes in handy when you have little to no place for your dresses but you have enough space above so take advantage of it by purchasing one.

9. Be Wise In Choosing Furniture

Adding furniture to your small apartment makes it livable and lively. However, putting too much of it and choosing them carelessly can result in a very crowded and annoying place, therefore, diminishing the level of comfort of living in your place. Choose wisely the furniture that consumes less space and strategically put them in designated areas in your small apartment.

comfortable apartment

10. Heating And Cooling For Small Spaces

The heating and cooling sums up our list of the things you should consider in improving the comfort of living in a small apartment, especially in Boston. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, it’s best to choose the best units that fit your place. First of all, take note of the size of your place. Choose the best match to the size of it. Considering that your apartment is not that big, choose one a heating and cooling unit that is also small so you will not be “too much” for you. Pick also the ones that don’t consume too much space.

Improving the level of comfort for somebody who’s living in a small apartment is a must. Realizing that your place isn’t too big and the need for making it more comfortable is a big challenge. So for you to be able to live happily and comfortably in your tiny little space is to seek ways of enhancing the comfort you currently have in your apartment. All you need is a little improvisation and creativity and you’re off to make it a better place to live in!

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