3 Renovations For The Kitchen That Will Inspire You To Be A Great Housewife

Cooking, many say, is an art. There is no shortage of science behind preparing tasty dishes and hearty feasts, however, and it is both sad and unfortunate how most people neglect that fact. One of these is the science of arranging space to stimulate your creativity and imagination in the kitchen. Cooking, indeed, necessitates several skills — knife handling, meal preparation, how to use herbs and spices, to name a few — but are also influenced by other things like space, tradition, customs, motivation, and inspirations, that includes who’s eating. So Renovations For The Kitchen are unavoidable!

3 Kitchen Renovations To Spark Kitchen Creativity

The kitchen is at the heart of every home. Meals bring family members together. It is the space where the day’s stories, plans, concerns and what not get exchanged, and the food is in the middle of it all. Good food fuels quality conversations and it’s not new knowledge that space, likewise, affects people’s creativity and emotions.

Maybe it’s your cooking that needs to be spiced up, perhaps it’s the relationship of family members that need to be worked out. When your kitchen renovations are more purposive than just updating your space from rundown to modern, and you have all kitchen accessories you need, like dishwasher, meat slicer, air fryer or pedestal fans (as the kitchen is the hottest place in the house in summer), or good-quality oven mitts, you will be doing a better job at sparking creativity in the kitchen and warm relations in your family. Make every meal something everyone would want to look forward to and go home to with these three kitchen renovations:

Have your kitchen tiles changed

It can be a simple update of your backsplash or, a full kitchen floor renovation. It depends on how much change you want and your renovation budget. Although, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your renovation no matter how small or grand it will be. Here are some inspirations:

  • Sophisticated Look. Darker tiles, composed geometric shapes, and minimalistic floral prints or abstracts give your skin a more elegant look. The ambiance, of course, is more uptight (think fine dining restaurant). Add an interesting detail to your backsplash to break the monotony. For your floor, adding borders and color blocks will help achieve a similar effect.

Dark Tiles In The Kitchen

  • Homey Look. Warmer tiles in sun tones of orange, brick red, and yellow golds bring memories of times spent in the countryside. Don’t worry about giving the rest of your home or apartment a rustic look to be consistent with your kitchen design, your tiles will make your kitchen design preference stand on its own. Clay tiles add more warmth but require more maintenance. Cement tiles require lesser maintenance than clay tiles but are very fragile getting installed. There are porcelain tiles that can help you achieve this look for a much lower cost without sacrificing the appearance.
  • Mediterranean Look. If you are personally inspired by healthy Mediterranean cooking then, this style is most definitely for you. Add geometric print tiles to your backsplash and even your floor tiles to achieve this look. The Mediterranean design embraces plenty of whites embellished with lines and geometric prints in ocean blue hues.

Add more windows

It has become common knowledge that sunlight improves a person’s overall health and general well-being. Not only does sunlight help your body produce Vitamin D to power mechanisms for bone development, among others, but also produces endorphins which enhance your happiness and improves feelings of satisfaction. Scientific evidence gives you more than enough reason to find a way to open up your kitchen and let more sunshine in.

Adding real windows is ideal but, of course, if your kitchen rests on four walls, that’s when you can use more creativity. Here are some ideas:

  • Consider an open floor plan for your living space. Take down walls that separate the kitchen from your living room if that’s where sunlight in your home comes in. Doing so gives you an added benefit: a larger space to work around,
  • Add mirrors. It helps to catch the light and reflect it. Consider adding mirrors to one or more sides of your kitchen walls to make space appear larger and brighter by multiplying the light that makes it to your kitchen space.

Mirrors in kitchen

  • Fake sunlight. “Add” sunlight and open space by combining lights and an outdoor scene. Wallpapers are an option but, you might want to check out decals. These are easier to install and, because these are inexpensive, you can easily replace it again with another design the next time you feel like getting creative

Add kitchen counters

Inspire your dish and your conversations at the same time by getting a kitchen counter constructed. Enjoy the company of family members and friends even while your cooking. Old kitchen layouts isolate you when you’re cooking. That’s no longer necessary. Besides, opening up your kitchen not only gives you more room to move around, it also allows you to converse with your family and entertain guests while you’re preparing food.

There are different ways by which you can accomplish this renovation, here are two of the most practical options:

  • One-Sided Counter. You can opt for a counter to broaden your workspace. Have more room to place your ingredients and plate your dishes this way while still having a way to have eye contact with your family and guests seated at a traditional table.
  • High Seating Bar Counter. Get diner-inspired. Your family and guests don’t have to get a full view of what’s cooking but, the gastronomic excitement certainly will build up with this arrangement. Have two-level counters constructed, with the diner side placed a few inches higher than your work area? You’ll have a way to converse with them while you work while they get an opportunity to catch the delicious aroma of the dish that you are preparing.


Sometimes, simply adding a cooking appliance, adding a shelving unit to hold more condiments and spices, and rearranging your existing space will suffice. Redesigning your kitchen space jazz up your kitchen and inspire creativity but, most of all, spark conversations with the most important people in your life. Give your renovation the time, effort and heart that it requires to achieve more than just an updated space, let your family members help you out.