Planning Your 2019 Wedding: 5 Bridesmaids Trends You Will Love

2019 promises to be an eventful year for the wedding industry. Wedding planners everywhere are getting ready for a “change everything year.” In 2019, we will say goodbye to the royal wedding trend that we enjoyed in 2018. Brides, bridesmaids trends and their bridal parties will focus on quiet elegance. Colors will be bold, deep and we will see fewer gowns in pastels.

What the experts are saying

Industry leader Harper’s Bazaar tells us to look for some changes that are a twist on tradition. These changes are more obvious on the bride, but they are being incorporated in bridesmaids dresses as well.  

Wedding gown designers have opted for very bold wedding gowns. Gowns of color, oversized bows, lots of ruffles, and even feathers have arrived for 2019. The color of the year is Living Coral. This deep and vibrant shade of coral is lovely on bridesmaids, as well as wedding decor.

Metallic colors

For the past three years, metallic colors have been popular. This trend will continue. The metallic colors of the year are copper and rose gold. However, blue steel, silver, yellow gold, and rust are beautiful options. With this many choices, brides will have no problem finding gorgeous dresses for everyone in the wedding.

What to expect when planning your 2019 wedding

What to expect when planning your 2019 wedding

Whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring, there are a few exciting changes that we feel you will be happy to see. This year you will see the following:

  • We will see a wider selection in wedding gowns. Big names like Azazie will offer a wide selection of trending dresses. This includes Azazie Plus Size Bridal Gowns, classic and elegant gowns in all lengths.
  • Makeup will be worn in natural or nude shades. Accenting a woman’s features will be done subtly and with just a hint of color. Hairstyles will follow suit. You will see long curls and messy buns. Soft and natural is the trending look this year.
  • Floral Jewelry will make an appearance. Watch for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets made with fresh flowers.
  • 2019 is the year for candles. While candles are usually part of wedding decor, you will see bridesmaids carrying candles down the aisles instead of traditional bouquets.

5 Top Bridesmaids Trends

5 Top Bridesmaids Trends

  • Lightweight and airy fabrics. Look for tulle, crepe, silk, or chiffon.
  • Tiered dresses add softness and movement to the traditional A-line design. According to the experts, tiered dresses with open backs and fit-and-flare skirts are in demand.
  • Flutter sleeves are in demand. No matter what length the sleeves are, they will be light and flowing. An alternative trend for evening weddings is the form-fitting dress with cap sleeves. The light-weight fabrics that are trending make either design a popular choice.
  • Tea Length & Minis are the hemlines of the year. Mini dresses are perfect for early weddings or weddings that are more casual. Tea length gowns are the ultimate semi-formal look. Dresses that are beautiful in a wedding but wearable for other occasions are being ordered. The trending bridesmaid’s gowns are understated and ultra-chic.
  • 2019 will be the year of one-shoulder bridesmaids dresses. While bare shoulders are always lovely, they do not offer the support that is needed for some women. The answer is a one-shoulder gown. This gown is sexy and keeps with the sophistication of the wedding.

Wedding trends evolve over time. A look that was in high-demand one year, will often be altered just a bit and used again. Bows are a good example. Bows have always made their way into wedding ensembles. The small bows of 2018 have morphed into the oversized bows of 2019. Designers have outdone themselves in designing gowns that display these bows beautifully. The coming weddings are cutting edge, bold, and beautiful. There is no doubt that the weddings we will see this year will be impressive. They will be as loved in the chapel as they were on the runways.

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