5 Crucial Things You Should Know About Water Damage

Mold growth, including the toxic black mold along with foundational and structural damages, are only a few of the dreadful situations following (an unattended) water damage. To prevent any of these or even larger ones down the line, check out the following things to know about water damage and pro tips from a water damage restoration company.

Fix the damage ASAP

You probably want to know what to do after a water damage disaster. You must dry the area as quickly as possible. Start by mopping up the extra water so it dries faster. But avoid potential danger by not using an electrical appliance, such as a vacuum cleaner, in drying out the areas.

However, the damage might have spread deeper into the surface even if you’ve cleaned and dried up standing water. The excess water underneath the floor can lead to a bigger problem, such as structural damage aside from mold growth.

So the best thing to do if you’re unsure on the depth of the water damage problem is not to wait but get professional water damage restoration right away to prevent major and irreversible home damage.  

Mold can cause health issues

It only takes one to two days before mold develops in your water damaged or flooded home. There are ways on how to prevent mold problems. For one, you must remove all the wet items and furnishing, including beddings and carpeting.

MoldYou should also attend to mold on the wet floor, drywall, and wallpaper to avoid mold-related health issues.

Aside from being unsightly, mold also causes health risks because they have spores that spread into the air and lead to lung disorders especially among loved ones with breathing problems and asthma.  

Black mold, also called Stachybotrys chartarum, is a more threatening health danger. They release spores feeding on organic materials stuck on insulation, carpet, drywall, and subfloor exposed to water damage.  

And when inhaled, they can cause chronic coughing, eye irritation, sneezing, throat and nose irritation, persistent headaches and chronic fatigue. Worst symptoms include bleeding in the nose and lungs. Any or all these can be symptoms of black mold poisoning or exposure.

Mold is costly to remove and bad for health. Use air scrubbers to solve that problem. You must not wait until the problems get worse, but take action to protect your home and your family’s health immediately.

Cut the Power

During a water damage problem, there is also the risk of electrocution and damage to your electrical appliances if you don’t cut the power off, so turn the breakers off in the affected areas.

Insurance doesn’t always cover water-related damage

Your first line of defense is to begin the inspection and treatment process with help from water damage restoration. Then, the next thing to do is to call your insurance agent to report the water damage.

Flood insuranceHowever, not all water or flood-related home damage is covered by the insurance company, so your agent will ask as many questions and get as much information from you.

And at the very least, you must be very specific where the water originated and how much of your home is affected. From the investigation, they’ll work with you to assess and handle the situation accordingly.

Generally, insurance can cover damage like a storm but not if the situation is due to carelessness. But then, you might be able to adjust a claim if you have a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Policy.

Damaged House Can Be Hard to Sell

It is uneasy to sell a flooded or water-damaged property or house, so water damage can spell bad news if you’re planning to sell your house and move in the future. Obviously, no one would like to move into a house with safety or structural issues.

To prevent a huge headache, you have two choices. Sell it at a lower price or better yet have the water damage repaired.

In either case, you should not let water-related damage to lower your home’s value. So if it has water damage, which can be a result of undetected leaks or an overnight situation, you should not let it become worse over time to prevent mold problems, structural issues and even more major problems sooner.


Call the professionals for water damage restoration. They can fix the problem because they know what they’re doing for their experience and knowledge in handling all sorts of water damage issues. They also ensure of no guesswork approach by executing a customized plan tailored to the level of water damage in your home. The pros also have the proper equipment and keen attention to spot signs of any additional problems, too.  

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