5 Ways Lack Of Sleep Is Ageing Your Skin

The modern women are already unshackled. We do what we want to do as if we are relentless. However, our empowerment is backed by diligence and hard work. You don’t slack off and feel that we are entitled.

We tend to keep the pace to the maximum–catching erratic schedules and haggling seemingly tricky tasks. While it feels good to feel accomplished, our body somehow suffers from it. Stress and body aches are among the universal repercussions for this. Ultimately, our sleep is thoroughly affected.

The aftermath for sleep deprivation is quite harrowing. Many health issues are attributed to lack of sleep. The risk factors for kidney disease, musculoskeletal disorders, and heart failure are increased if you don’t get the ample hours of sleep that you need

For women, the most horrifying effect of sleep inadequacy is found in your skin. Yes. You read it right. Sleepless nights can cause your skin to get ugly!

Specifically, here are five ways lack of sleep is ageing your skin.

Causes Breakout

Breakout CausesWhen we sleep, our body activates its way to recuperate and regenerate its system. It is a clear fact that usually manifest when we are sick or feeling weak. Sleeping is an effective method to handle rejuvenated.

Your skin requires overnight healing as well and because it has defended you from a lot of harsh elements in the outdoors, it should not surprise anymore why it is wrecked once you get home. Fortunately, a good evening rest can fix this problem.

Further, one should take into account that being a workhorse can cause your entire system to get stressed. This causes the abnormal increase of cortisol, which, by the way, is a hormone that is directly related to stress. It goes down whenever we sleep and rises when we don’t.

What happens when cortisol is high?

When there is a high level of cortisol in your body, your skin cannot regenerate fully. If it cannot recover its state, it is susceptible to the growth of acne. 

Have you ever noticed that during the moments of your sleeplessness, you get the most number of pimples and acne? Well, this explains everything. While it is true that you can use cosmetic applications, long sleeping time is still the best way to prevent this problem

Sheds Your Youthful Skin By Ageing Your Skin

Take care of your skin

As mentioned earlier, cortisol prevents the natural healing process of your skin. From that alone, you would probably have an idea why lack of sleep can speed up your aging. However, that’s not the only effect that cortisol can induce to your skin. 

It has been discovered that cortisol also hastens the breakdown of collagen. The latter is a type of protein that is directly responsible for the preservation of the youthful appearance of your skin. When collagen and other skin tissues die, it is already a given what happens next. 

Moreover, sleeping can cause you to lose human growth hormone drastically. The latter is responsible for the active production of the cell. Once you don’t have the appropriate levels of this hormone, the skin of your body won’t get elastic and thick. Again, such a thing causes quicker aging

Dehydrates Your Skin

Have you ever experienced that moment when your skin is dry? Honestly, it may not be the hot weather that causes it. Instead, there’s a good chance that it is caused by an evening full of restless. 

Dehydrate your skinFor women, a skin that is dry and flaky is quite a serious matter. They can lose the feminine charm that we are holding dearly. Moreover, that’s not all, it also causes our skin to be susceptible to damages.

Sleeping less can cause this problem. It has been noted that losing hours of sleep elevates skin inflammation. Moreover, some irregularities in the skin barrier happen when you don’t rest well. All of these situations causes dehydration of the skin. 

Fortunately, there are skin applications that can provide a remedy to this problem. You can also eat healthy food that can return the glow of your skin. However, if you want a long-term solution, start sleeping correctly now.

Messes Up Your Face

Signs of wrinklesThe signs of skin aging are seen on the face. You can’t fake it if your face shows it. Visible signs of wrinkles and darkening in the eyes are too difficult to hide, even with thick makeups.

Of course, sleep deprivation is the primary cause of these unwanted facial features. For instance, if your eyes have bags enclosed by dark circles, there’s no need to tell anyone that you haven’t sleep properly. It is obvious! 

When you don’t sleep, the blood vessels in your eyes will start dilating. That causes the darkening of the area around your eyes. If you care about the luster of your face, you better log some more time sleeping.

Loses the Elasticity Of Your Skin

Nobody wants to wake up with his or her skin seemingly sagging from a body. It is a horrible sight, indeed. Even old women abhor them. However, what does causes it to happen?

Elasticity of your skinYou see, age is a factor that causes the sagging. However, we cannot only see this effect manifest on the elderly. It can also happen to us who haven’t yet reached our advanced age. 

Just like what was mentioned earlier, sleep deprivation causes us to lose collagen. The latter ensures that our skin is in its top condition. When there is not enough collagen in our body, our skin will get saggy and wrinkled. Once it happened, it is already a guarantee that your skin has lost its elasticity already. 

Luckily, there are specific remedies for this problem. One is through the use of facial massage. The other one is through a healthy lifestyle. You need to quit smoking and taking too much sugar.  

Wrapping it Up

Your immune system weakens the more you skip sleeping. This means that you get sickly and morbid from time to time. Furthermore, a person that doesn’t sleep well is prone to mood swings and other emotional stresses. 

Luckily, There are many ways to improve your evening rest. Having a healthy habit and lifestyle are among the most efficient things to help you back on track.

Moreover, you need to fix your sleeping environment, too. You can get the different types of quality pillows that can provide more comfort to your bed. Once you sleep better, you will never have to worry about these scary predicaments.  

That’s it for now. For more questions and suggestions, just drop them in the comment section.