7 Awesome Ways to Customize Your Cell Phone

With everyone and their cousin having mobile phones, it is a very real possibility that you have the same phone as someone right next to you. It isn’t any wonder that cell phones have become the latest and greatest accessory items, custom phone cases are a popular way to distinguish your phone from others that could be identical.

With so many choices in accessories to choose from your head may be rolling. You just spent ages deciding which phone to upgrade to and now you have even more decisions to make? Well, worry not, because here is a broken-down list of seven options you can consider when trying to decide how to best customize your phone.

1. Phone Cases

Gone are the days where you can protect your phone only will a piece of black plastic that looks exactly the same regardless of the model of phone you have. In fact, if you can’t find a phone case for your phone that you’d like it’s a pretty safe bet you’ve only looked at the small selection your wireless provider’s shop had.

Photography of Brown Bear Iphone Case

With so much more to choose from than thinking about your favorite color, you can choose different materials, personalize cases with family photos, choose cases that are bedazzled or made from completely recycled material you get to figure out which features are the most important to you.

2. Pop Sockets

It’s a handle! It’s a fidget! No, it’s a PopSocket! You’ve probably seen them even if you yourself haven’t quite been swayed enough to try one. The round little button that sticks to a phone and makes it easy to prop up or hold, making selfies a breeze and reducing hand fatigue. (It sounds made up but smartphone users are having serious problems with their hands!)

A pop socket is a fantastic way to express yourself with your phone! You can get them in any number of colors and designs. You can also be true to your school (or work) with branded PopSockets. The point is if you’re looking for something new for your phone to help it stand out from the crowd then a PopSocket is certainly the way to go.

Or if you’d prefer, PopSockets are the new favorite party favor! If you’re planning a wedding and want to be sure your big day is all over Instagram, give your guests a personalized PopSocket as their wedding favor and watch your hashtag trend!

PopSockets can also make driving in your car easier. Of course, cell phone use while driving is a huge no-no but with a PopSocket and their car vent accessory you can prop your phone up for the GPS capabilities and use your voice controls to easily get where you need to go while not risking your safe driving record.

3. Phone Skins

Cases are certainly popular but if they are too bulky for you (and they certainly can be if you love to carry your phone in your pocket) a phone skin is a great way to still offer your phone protection from scratches and fingerprints while keeping the phone still relatively slim. The only downside to phone skins is that they don’t protect a phone from drops particularly well.

Smiling Woman Lying on Bed Talking on Mobile Phone
Woman talking on mobile phone while relaxing on bed. Woman talking on cell phone lying in bed.

Phone skins are essentially large pieces of vinyl with sticker backing you can put onto your phone. You can print your own picture or inspirational quote on one if you’d like or there are many companies with lots of predesigned options as well.

One of the best things about phone skins is that they are incredibly easy to affix to phones and even easier to peel them off cleanly. At a price point that is the fraction of traditional case, phone skins give you the option to change the way your phone looks frequently which can be fun as you decide what your next look will be.

4. Screen Protector

It is so disappointing when after taking care of your phone a single mishap can still result in a cracked screen, luckily they have phone screen protectors to help prevent that from happening. Sometimes they are just pieces of clear strong glass or plastic that stick on top while still allowing the touch screen function to work.

But why settle for boring plain glass when you could have strawberries at the top or bottom of your phone? Or football or the color blue or something personalized? There’s really no reason your phone can’t stand out from all sides including the front because patterned phone screen protectors exist and they look awesome.

If you’re concerned about drawing too much attention to your phone, then consider simply changing your lock screen wallpaper to something you love and investing in a privacy screen protector which will keep your screen safe from cracking and anyone who may be peering over your shoulder.

5. Wallets

When your life is on the go and you don’t want to carry around all the things, consider getting a phone wallet. Available in many colors and designs they stick to a phone (or skin or case) and give you the option of carrying your important cards right with your phone. No longer will you need to keep track of all your things when they’re all combined into one thing.

While stick-on pockets are super useful if that isn’t necessarily the look you’re going for there are also traditional looking wallets actually have a slot for your phone as well. These are bulkier but will keep your phone safe. If you don’t regularly carry a purse or bag with you these cases often have a wrist strap to make bringing it along with easy for you.

6. Headphones

Chances are your phone is more than just your phone. It is probably the keeper of your music among other things and being able to listen to your music without disturbing others is key. But don’t feel limited to the ones that came with your new phone, there are many headphone options to choose from and can make your phone stand out.

Portrait from above of a laughing woman lying on grass with cell phone
Portrait from above of a laughing woman lying on grass with cell phone

Wireless headphones are very popular but don’t feel like you have to get the same white ones everyone has. There are so many choices to choose from and you can coordinate them with how you’ve personalized your phone already.

If you are going with traditional wired headphones there are even more options for how you want them to look. One trick to keep them from getting tangled is wrapping them around your PopSocket when they aren’t being used, which will keep your earbuds close and prevent you from having to keep track of separate cases for them.

7. Phone Stands

One way to make your phone hands free when around the house or office is to get a phone stand. Ranging from inexpensive choices that will get the job done to true works of art that will make your phone fit in with whatever room you’re in, a phone stand is definitely a way to make your phone stand out.

A phone stand is an excellent way to charge your phone but still be able to use it and if you’ve ever had a video call go on for a while you know that being able to be hands-free makes life much more convenient.

Some phone stands are so small that they can fit into your purse or backpack so they can travel along with you, which is especially convenient on long flights where you may want to watch a video on your phone hands-free! You can choose a stand that suits your personality and showcases your customized phone.


With so many different options to choose from you can be certain you will find a way to customize your phone in a way that you love. Whether you want your phone to be sleek or loaded with all the accessories you can get, you can make your phone one of a kind.

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