How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist: The Guide

Professional makeup artist… this words sound so endearing to you as it’s something you’ve been leaning towards for a good amount of time. You’ve made up your mind that you want to become a makeup artist for a while now, but are lost in the web of information on how to realize your plans. This is exactly why we’ve made this guide on how to become a makeup artist, to give you a clear vision of every step of your path towards the makeup industry.


1. Choosing the makeup school

First thing to consider while choosing the makeup school to start your career as a makeup artist is to search for cosmetology schools in your area and see what others are talking about the place. Reviews are very important as you get one on one opinion from the people who’ve been through this before.

The other very important thing to consider is the hours of classes. Try to find the school that offers flexible hours, so you won’t be completely isolated from your day  to day life and will also have a spare time to practice yourself at home as well.

Last, but for sure not the least, a thing that not so many people mention often is to check out if you get the licence after graduating the school, which let’s keep it real, is a 100% deal breaker.

2. Build a neat and practical makeup kit

This seems quite obvious, right? How can you be a makeup artist without a kit? But the key is to build the right kit. You definitely don’t want to work on a client and have something missing as well as you don’t want to spend money on something you’ll never use. So while building a kit try mentally go through a makeup process and write down what you need for each step, for different looks.

Also it’s crucial to keep your kit clean and neat, so  be careful what kind of containers, brush holders you get. Consider the fact that you’ll need to always keep them clean , so  choose something that is easily cleaned.

Makeup Kit for Makeup Artist

3. Assisting to a professional makeup artist with lot of experience

There is no better way to start your career in the makeup industry then assisting already established makeup artist with years of experience. Being so close to a professional and helping them to do the job, you are not only getting private makeup lessons but learn all the small yet important details of the makeup application process as well as the details of artist-client relationships.

After some time you’ll get the full picture of what is waiting for you in the future and you’ll be skilled and trained to overcome the difficulties in your future career.

4. Build a portfolio   

If in past you were creating beautiful printed pages for your portfolios and caring that heavy book with you everywhere, nowadays it’s more light as the portfolio of our times is created online. This may seem easier, but it’s definitely not. With the online community being so creative and unique nowadays, you don’t want to be less than that as well.

Give your mind a freedom and create unique, magnificent and eye catching online portfolio.

Don’t get me wrong, you still can and should have a printed portfolio, especially if you want to work in fashion/celebrity industry, but you definitely can’t go without a digital portfolio!

Let’s also not forget about the social media. There could be no better place to promote you and your work nowadays than social media. Consider your Instagram,Facebook, Pinterest profiles to be a part of your digital portfolio , as well as your business card. Carefully choose the makeup looks you’ve created, that you are posting and don’t forget to add your contact information as well as booking options.

5. Practice

No matter how many classes have you taken, how many times you’ve watched a professional do makeup and no matter how talented you are, you can never reach the high level of professional makeup skills unless you practice doing it in real.   

Have patience, accept as much clients as possible, ask friends and family members even find someone random, but you have to practice to become a true pro makeup artist. Also as many looks you do as many photos for your portfolio.

6. ReEducate yourself

So you got your licence, worked as an assistant, practiced makeup on many different faces and finally you are working as a makeup artist no matter freelancing or working in a beauty studio. You still want to be relevant and have big client list. Though your portfolio and background will definitely help you in that, but there is also another thing to consider. Masterclasses!!! There are so many well known celebrity makeup artists that help Masterclasses for short period of time and you should consider taking parts in that masterclasses where you won’t only get knowledge from the best ones in the makeup industry, you’ll also meet many new people that are makeup artists like you or are somehow connected with the industry. This will help you get your name out there in the makeup world which will eventually help you with the clients.

Also a little bonus, usually this kind of masterclasses have amazing goodie bags, which will be a great addition for your makeup kit.

If you are determined to become a professional makeup artist, this steps will help you to know where to start and what to do to realize your plans. But the most important thing you need to remember is that you should love what you do, and then, only then, you’ll overcome all the difficulties and become a successful pro in the industry.   

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