Break Rooms and Ice Machines

As Americans, we have the distinction of loving to have ice in our drinks, but for long years that ice has been missing from our workplace. We have long suffered with the huge crippling 5-gallon bottles of water, but neglected the easiest solution: place a countertop ice and water dispenser right in the break room.  We’re seeing a thawing from the no-ice managers, however, as they’re realizing the benefits of having an ice machine in the office.

The origins of the bottle

In some municipalities, unfiltered tap water tastes like it’s been transported directly to your lips from a cool, clear stream.  In many places, however, the mineral content of the water is high enough to go mining.  Offices around the country realized that by providing purified water in the office they were displaying that they had the coworker’s hydration and well-being in mind.

A cottage industry

More entrepreneurial businesses decided to turn their water supply into a cottage industry by giving their coworkers an endless deluge of bottled water, each container available for 50 cents to a dollar.  While an ingenious way to receive money back from employees, this method also produces waste and takes up valuable refrigerator space.

Ice Machine

An icy proposition

Those two solutions are great for water, but there are some employees who prefer to have ice in their sodas, water, and other drinks that they have in the office.  After all, we all know the positive effects of being properly hydrated.  Making ice cubes in the freezer just won’t work because of the possibility of contamination – nobody wants that bug that Edna from accounting has, do they? – and ice trays are rife with that sort of contamination.

In an office, having ice on hand is extremely valuable in the case of accidents where there has been bruising and swelling. Traditional offices without ice machines are forced to clumsily dispense their ice from ice cube trays into a bag – and if someone forgot to fill the trays, they’re out of luck.  That problem doesn’t exist with ice on demand.

In fact, none of the traditional problems exist with ice on demand. The water is pulled in from existing lines, filtered, and the unused cubes are recycled as necessary.  These machines are extremely easy to clean and sanitize as a result, meaning the one who takes care of the office break room will not be overwhelmed with cleaning work.

With the touchfree system of ice retrieval, the worries about catching the office bug are diminished. There are no hassles with blowing out one’s back with the huge bottles and constant deliveries, and the best part is that an ice and water machine lasts for years.

Countertop ice and water machines are also sleek additions to the break room. With their appearance, they cheer up the same old, leaving employees with better morale because clean water is being delivered to them.

With the safety and reliability of these machines, it’s no wonder that they’re slated to become hits in offices all over the country.

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