4 Healthy Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners

Modern problems require modern solutions. Even in cannabis consumption, many individuals find practical and efficient solutions in consuming concentrates. Concentrates or extracts, have gained mainstream popularity over the years. Concentrates are a product of extracting the active ingredients from the actual plant matter. The active ingredients in cannabis is referred to as cannabinoids, they make up the vast system of active compounds that interact with our system. Surprisingly, the human body has natural receptors made specifically for cannabinoids. These receptors are a part of a large and complex structure native to our anatomy and is predominantly involved in significant physiological functions like mood, memory, pain-sensation, and appetite. Playing such a major role in the human biology, our endocannabinoid system is recognized as a crucial component to one’s overall wellbeing.

 CBDistillery Cannabis Oil

Using wax concentrates can boost your endocannabinoid system and restore your physiological balance – why not? Wax concentrates are cannabinoids in pure form. That’s why extracts are used in treating different kinds of medical conditions like nausea, vomiting, as well as appetite loss for people dealing with AIDS and those undergoing chemotherapy.

There are many ways to consume concentrates, oftentimes it varies depending on what type of concentrate is involved. If you’re interested on medicating with concentrates, here are some healthy cannabis concentrate options of beginners.

Cannabis Oils

Arguably one of the most common and widely used cannabis extracts are in the form of oils. For those wanting to reap the therapeutic benefits of consuming cannabis oils might want to look into CBD oils. CBD is the curative proponent of cannabis, it’s one of the main substances of the plant matter that induces relief from pain, muscle strain, protect the brain, prevent symptoms of diabetes, and help with depression and anxiety. Many individuals consume CBD oils for different reasons and one of them is convenience. Many CBD oils come in cartridges that can easily be attached to vape batteries for easy and straightforward use. This is the preferred means of beginners because it requires very little to no preparation at all and yet it delivers fast and solid results.

For people who can’t afford failing drug tests or those that want a productive and a functional body buzz, CBD oils are ideal since they contain very low trace amounts of THC – cannabis’ psychoactive components.

Wax Concentrates

Another form of cannabis concentrate that has seen wide use are wax concentrates. Wax concentrates can also be consumed using a vaporizer, which makes it all the more an easy and an enjoyable experience. Wax concentrates come in various dosages of THC and CBD giving it the sought-after entourage effect. Unlike consuming pure CBD, a mixture of both cannabis’ therapeutic and psychoactive components allows you to get the best of both worlds. You get both the curative benefits and the psychedelic upshots which make it perfect for individuals who look to get lifted and medicated at the same time.

Often used by casual consumers wax concentrates can easily be vaporized via a vape pen or a portable mod vape. These devices are small and compact and are leaps and bounds convenient and straightforward compared to the large and clunky dab rigs that often scare beginners away. Vape pens also use different heating elements and are outfitted with variable voltage settings that allow consumers to customize the results of wax concentrates.

Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are one of the most flexible forms of concentrated cannabis. They go through the process of decarboxylation and are then stored in a container with a high proof solvent, strained after storage and is then consumed. Tinctures are often consumed sublingually which means it can be administered without having to use devices like vaporizers which is why it’s one of the easiest concentrates to use. Although dosing can sometimes be tricky, you’ll get the hang of it once you get used to sublingual consumption.

Cannabis tinctures can also be used on food and on beverages. You can add it on your tea or coffee, or maybe on salad dressings and even on gravy. Tinctures also carry larger doses of THC so it can be used to ward off stress and anxiety as well as pain and spasticity.

Ingestible oil Capsules as Marijuana Concentrate for Beginners

Are you searching for a fast and simple way to get stoned? Avoid the smoke, go to a marijuana dispensary, pop a pill, and off you go.

Ingestible oil capsules or pills allow you to consume marijuana with a precise dosage that is easy to take on the go. Enjoy a predictable experience by making your own concoction from a combination of cannabinoids. Control your own experience by providing specific measurements of compounds that work for you.

No more smoke, smell, coughing, or hacking, just the wondrous benefits of cannabinoids without the drawbacks of combustion. Your lungs will smile and your overall health since you won’t be inhaling strange substances. But before you gulp, you need to know the profile of ingestible oil.

Start low and go slow, begin with 5 mg of cannabinoids and steadily increase until you hit the dosage for you. It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours before the effect kicks in, so be patient and avoid taking an extra dose.


The most basic form of concentrate, kief or pollen can be collected from ground herbs and can be used in a wide array of applications. Normally added on beverages like tea or coffee and also on confectioneries like brownies and cookies. Others vape it by sprinkling it on ground materials to boost the potency of their herbs.

Remember to always be careful when consuming cannabis concentrates for casual use and for medication. A little will always go a long way which is why it’s best to consume concentrates in small doses until you find your sweet spot. Whichever way you choose to use your wax concentrate make sure you always consider the health benefits of your consumption method.

One of the most popular ways of administering concentrates is through the use of vaporizers. By inhaling the vapors from your concentrate vaporizer, you allow the active ingredients to be absorbed by your lungs, shot into your bloodstreams, and sent directly to your brains. This allows for faster results and more convenient means of consumption even when compared to using the actual botanical plant matter.  Furthermore, vaporizers heat your concentrates without having to reach the point of combustion so the concentrates will not burn. Not having to inhale burnt materials means that you’re inhaling clean and pure vapors that contain high doses of cannabinoids. There is a huge collection of wax vaporizers for your concentrate consumption.

Enjoy the advantages of cannabis concentrates and its health benefits. Whether you’re feeling burnt out from too much work, fatigue and muscle spasms from rigorous physical training, lack of appetite after a medical procedure, or maybe you just want to get high in a fly, cannabis concentrates make for the ideal material.