On the Way to Once-in-a-lifetime Investment: How to Choose an Engagement Ring

You’re sure about her. She’s the one. And you’re ready to propose.


Now you’re on the hunt for the best custom engagement ring.

You’re excited. But you’re also terrified.

An engagement ring can be a significant expense. So you want to be sure you’re getting the right one.

Choosing a Perfect Engagement Ring

This once-in-a-lifetime investment doesn’t come easy. There are many things to consider to find the perfect engagement ring. From picking the ring style to getting the right size, this step-by-step guide will make the process so much easier for you.

Pick the Ring’s Style

Picking the ring style is perhaps the most challenging part of the process. That’s because there are so many styles to choose from!

So before you get overwhelmed with your options for planning the perfect proposal, here’s an important tip: choose the ring that reflects her style. Since in most cases, it’s the guy who picks the ring, the trick would be to look at her jewellery to get a sense of the style, shape, and look that your girl fancies.

pick engagement ring style

But if you’re entirely clueless, here are some of the most popular and crazy beautiful engagement ring styles to consider:

Solitaire – Nothing beats the elegance and sophistication of a solitaire ring. This traditional ring style features a beautiful larger diamond mounted on a simple band. The solitaire engagement ring is a timeless piece. With its simplicity and glam, this ring style never goes out of fad.

Cluster – Unlike the solitaire, a cluster ring is composed of smaller diamonds put together to create the effect of having a “larger” diamond. That’s why it’s also called an “illusion ring”. Cluster rings come in so many designs. They’re a great way to maximize the brilliance without going off your budget.

Halo – This ring style boasts of a beautiful gem surrounded by tiny diamonds, creating a “halo” effect. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a custom engagement ring that creates a stunning contrast for a colour gem for the center stone (such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst, etc.)

Split-shank – Many people choose this style of custom engagement ring because there are so many beautiful ways to personalize its design. A split-shank ring has a band that divides into two (either on one side or both sides of the center stone), creating a gap. A larger division creates an antique feel especially if you’re putting smaller gems or diamonds around the band.

Select the Ring’s Metal

Finding the right band type for your ring is just as important as picking the diamond or gemstone. Not so long ago, it was a simple decision between white or yellow. But now, you have literally a myriad of choices such as gold, platinum, rose gold, and alternative metals like titanium and tungsten carbide.

Again, it all boils down to figuring out your fiance’s style and preference. Does she love silver-toned jewellery? If yes, white gold or platinum makes a fine choice. If she prefers yellow-toned tones, custom engagement rings made with yellow or rose gold metals are excellent picks!

Here’s some more info about these metals:

Gold – an extremely versatile metal that comes in classic yellow, white, rose, and green colours. Most gold metal rings are made of 75% gold combined with other alloys (also known as 18K). If you want a ring metal made of pure gold, opt for the 24K.

Platinum – this is considered the most precious of metals and five times as rare and purer than gold. It is more expensive too. Aside from the cool luster that makes the gemstone beautifully shine in brilliance, platinum is also very durable. If your fiance has an active lifestyle, a custom engagement ring made with platinum metal is worth the investment.

Choose the Diamond

Now that you found the perfect style and the perfect metal for your custom engagement ring, it’s time for the most exciting part – choosing the diamond!

Oh well, this is where it gets a little bit more complicated and oh yes – expensive.

chose engagement ring diamond

When choosing a diamond to put on your once-in-a-lifetime investment, here are some important things to consider:


Many people prefer round diamonds as they go well with most ring styles. However, they are also available in other shapes, such as oval and cushion cut. No diamond shape is better than the other. It all comes down to your personal preference.


A carat is a unit of measurement for the weight of the diamond. 1 carat is equal to 200 mg, so a four-carat diamond will weigh 0.8 grams. As with other precious gems, the more carat a diamond has, the higher the price.


While you might be tempted to choose a diamond based on its carat or weight, most gemologists will agree that the cut is far more important. That’s because it determines the brilliance and fire of your stone.

Jewellers use different grading systems for diamond cuts. Always go for “excellent” and “ideal cut” grades especially if you’re buying a round diamond.

For the perfect diamond, strive to balance out all these factors. Remember that a huge diamond with a poor-quality cut and shape will not look good on your custom engagement ring.

Find the Right Ring Size

You’ve put too much hard work into finding the perfect stone, band, and style. Now you want to make sure that the ring fits!

While ring sizes are standardized across different jewellers, some discrepancies are to be expected. Ever bought two pairs of pants of the same size range from two different brands yet still differ in actual sizes? It can happen with engagement rings too.

Also, note that different countries use varying scales for sizing rings. Some use numerical scales while others use alphabetical scales. So if in case you’re planning to buy your engagement ring abroad, keep this in mind.

Good thing, there are printable charts like the mandrel set to easily measure the ring size. Use a string to measure the circumference of the ring finger and compare it to your printed chart.

If you’re keeping the engagement ring a secret, let friends or family do it for you. What is important is that you get the size correctly.

Decide Where to Buy an Engagement Ring

Choose a jeweller who will not just sell you an engagement ring but will educate you throughout the process. Ask referrals from family or friends so you end up finding a reputable jeweller. Check their licences. Also, check if the diamond you’re buying is certified by an accredited laboratory. To be safe, choose a GIA or AGS certified diamond ring.

buy engagement ring

Can you buy a custom engagement ring online? Sure, yes. But with some caveats. Of course, when it comes to high-value investments like this, it’s always more advisable to transact with your jeweller face-to-face. This way, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Always choose a trustworthy vendor. Make sure they have an extensive return policy process and they are backed with permits and accreditations.

Book an Appointment With your Local Jeweller

Once you decide on the vendor, book an appointment. Since you are buying a custom engagement ring, you have to clearly explain to them the style, size, cut, and every other detail you want.

Have a Budget in Mind

How much should you spend on the ring? That’s the big question. Well, there are two points of consideration here:

  • You or your partner’s preferences
  • Your financial situation

In Australia, people spend a little over $6,000 on engagement rings, on average. You don’t have to follow the “three months” rule. It’s important to assess your financial situation before deciding on an engagement ring budget.

You don’t want to put yourself in so much debt just. By taking into account your monthly income, expenses, and savings, you can have a reasonable estimate for how much your custom engagement ring would cost.

Putting it All Together

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task. But if you know what you are looking for, you can significantly reduce the stress, time, and money that come with it and increase the fun of finding the perfect ring.