Find The Best CBD Products For You

What Type Of CBD Products Do I Need?

CBD has become a popular therapeutic cannabis-based choice for the public to enjoy without any psychoactive side effects. CBD has become commercially available in multiple platforms ranging from oil droplets, vapor pens, topical creams, tablets, chewing gum, gummies and edibles, lip balm, chocolate, hard boiled sweets, and even coffee beans.

CBD product

Knowing which of the above is best is down to you. It depends on whether you are using CBD product for medicinal or therapeutic reasons, if it is part of a daily diet, or used as a health supplement. The beauty of CBD is that it can be administered as an internal or external application. Oil droplets with CBD inside are designed to be placed under the tongue (known as sublingual administration). Edibles such as CBD infused chocolate, infused honey, and others are meant to be absorbed via the stomach.

Creams and topicals are used for various health reasons, the principal reason being pain relief. CBD has a powerful ability to relieve pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, stiff joints, inflammation of joints and muscles, as well as general posture pain.

What Strength Is Best For Me?

The effects of CBD, when taken at higher strengths, can reduce feelings of anxiety, nausea, sickness and can induce feelings of calmness, relaxation and an overall sense of relief. When using CBD for therapeutic reasons, be sure to follow the guidelines that are printed on the packaging. The potency of the CBD will be written as milligram or stated as a percentage.

PillThe percentage number will always reflect the number of milligrams, so for daily use as a health supplement, a mild strength such as 3% should be taken two times per day. For treating pain, inflammation and general discomfort, CBD oil droplets can be taken at a strength of 10%-20%. Users will feel an immediate relief thanks to the anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and antioxidant properties of CBD.

Start small and build your way up to the optimal comfort level, as you get used to how the oil works and as your tolerance builds. If you are also using CBD as a cream, then rubbing deep into the muscle tissue around the subject can allow for immediate relief. Pet owners are also now able to give their dogs CBD pet-friendly oil, so the diversity of CBD seems to be universal.

The Best Places to Source?

Before investing in the best CBD oil, make sure that the brand you are buying from is a well reputable company, as well as taking note of where the CBD was sourced from. Some companies will offer a crystalline extracted product or a full spectrum extract meaning it contains terpenes, while some will be made from industrial hemp or hemp seed oil.

Brands such as Cannawell, Endoca and Sensi Seeds are industry leaders and can be found on the Seedsman website. These companies are well established with the cannabis industry and will guarantee an excellent product. CBD varieties of cannabis strains can also be found on the website, which allows medical users to produce their own CBD creams and extracts at home if they are permitted to cultivate within their legal jurisdiction.

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