Fun Ways To Decorate Your Kids’ Birthday Party Candy Buffet

Every child wants a special birthday party that they would love. You will need a great variety of accessories, like baby high chairs, balloons, party hats, poppers, etc. for having success but the essential part is the birthday candy buffet, made just for your children. But, the department stores are lacking. They have over-priced pre-made candy baskets for children. But the baskets and the toys inside are usually cheaply made and not even close to being super cool.

CandyCandy selections in the retail stores are limited. The bags are either huge with way more candy than you need, or too small for more than one basket. The selections get picked over quickly, so you end up with candy that may not be your child’s favorite or you go over budget to buy individual packages.

Before we get into the decorations, let us solve these issues for you. Sweet Services is an online candy distributor. They carry all the name brands and have a huge selection of traditional and specialty candy. They will ship the candy directly to you, and the prices are reasonable. So place your order and let’s get down to making your candy buffet special.

Fun Ideas for Birthday Party Treats

Sweet Umbrella

Sweet UmbrellaThis is a fun and adorable way of decorating a candy buffet for celebrating your children’s’ birthday. Purchase a child size umbrella. Open the umbrella and place it on the table with the handle standing up and the umbrella forming a bowl. Place multi-colored confetti in the bottom of the umbrella and then add your birthday treats. There is plenty of room for their favorite candy, and even a toy or two. By arranging the candy a little to one side, the umbrella will tilt forward enough to make a stunning presentation. You can also add rain boots that are filled with candy to complete the theme.

More ideas for candy holders for kids’ birthday parties

You probably have plenty of baskets around the house that you can fill with candy for the party. If you do not, you can let your kids color paper lunch sacks to use or use shopping bags with tissue in the bottom. It can also be a lovely decorative item and all the kids attending the birthday party will surely like it and take a candy out of it. Here are some other ideas for the candy holders:

  • Baseball caps
  • Cowboy hats
  • Football helmets
  • A purse or backpack
  • A treasure or music box
  • Sand buckets

Baskets you can eat

Birthday CandleKids love rice crispy treats. They are easy to make and the best thing about them (besides the taste) is they while they are still warm, you can mold them. Use Fruity Pebbles cereal if you want the eatable basket to be colorful. Make your batch of rice crispy treats. Spray the inside of a large bowl with cooking spray. Pour the mixture into the bowl, leaving out enough to roll into a handle. Now with wet or buttered hands begin to press the mixture against the sides of the bowl.

Press until the bowl is covered and even, and the center is an empty crater. Take the remaining mixture and roll it on an oiled cooking board until it is long enough to form the handle. When the mixture is cooled, turn the bowl over, and your basket will slide from the bowl. Turn the basket over and attach the handle. Do not make the handle too long or it will sag in the middle. Press the handle inside the basket, against the sides. Let this cool overnight. Now the editable bowl is ready to fill with candy, and it can be eaten when it is empty.

Use your imagination and some great candy selections and your kids will be thrilled at their birthday party.  Remember, you’ve carried your little munchkin for a cool 9 months, you’ve raised them to a point of celebrating their birthday. They deserve the best. A happy baby is a happy mummy!