Great Reasons To Bring Cats Home [Infographic]

While dogs are well known to be man’s best friend, cats should also be labeled the same thing. In terms of number, it is interesting to note that cats dominate the households in the U.S. Simply put it as; there are more cat owners than dog owners, which is a clear indication of how popular cats are as pets. Taking care of them can be not so hard if you have the right items for them.

 In the recent statistics by Statista, the number of U.S. households that have cats is around 95.6 million. On the other hand, there are 89.7 million households that have dogs as pets. You can say that the difference is not that big, but it is still significant. However, the figure for cat ownership isn’t the only basis of cats’ popularity as pets. And this is not only in the United States, but cats are amongst the best pet choices all over the world. Aside from their cuddly, cute features, one of the best reasons why it’s great to bring cats home is that they reduce anxiety and stress, decreasing the chances of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, owning a cat lowers the risk of heart attacks by 40 percent.

Additionally, also suggested that cats make great home companions because of their natural healing abilities. They are able to enhance bone growth through their purr, which produces a frequency that many physicians consider to be therapeutic. A lot of medical studies have proven the benefits of 25 to 150 Hertz of purring vibration. It’s surprising, right?

But there’s more to a cat than meets the eye. The following graphic will give you more reasons to turn your home into a cat’s refuge.

Great Reasons To Bring Cats Home [Infographic]

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