Hair care: 5 Tips For Making Your Hair Straight In Some Minutes

Bad hair day? If you get yours just once in a while then, you’re lucky. If you suffer from unruly tresses most days, however, then you may not be as fortunate but, you should never give up on your hair. Having natural waves or curls on your hair can make busy mornings tough and your hair, even tougher to manage.

What can you do to get that hard-to-manage strands of your under control? You probably wouldn’t believe it but, there have always been many ways to keep natural curls looking naturally straight. Below are just five of these methods, and you probably wouldn’t require more than 20 minutes to claim the straight hair that you’ve been bleeding to get.

Use a straightening iron

straightening iron

If you have hair that’s perfectly healthy but appears dry due to frizz and uncontrollable static then, you probably don’t enjoy too many days just letting your hair down. In which case, you should get acquainted with a straightening iron because this little tool is the best friend that rescues you from wearing lackluster hair day after day.To use properly and take care not to damage your hair, simply follow these tips:

  • Make sure to use conditioner to help keep more moisture locked in your strands.
  • Use keratin treatments to make your hair shiny, silky, straight, frizz-free
  • Air dry or blow dry your hair in a cool setting. Take care not to toss and turn your tresses too vigorously so as not to create static
  • Apply heat protecting product to coat your hair strands with.
  • Heat your flat iron to your desired level
  • Start ironing your hair, dividing it into small sections from the bottom then all the way to your crown
  • Start from the tip without touching your scalp then, squeeze tightly as you move down the strand, making sure to heat the tips.
  • Allow your hair to cool

What if you don’t have a straightening iron? Well, if you have a curling iron or a blow dryer then, you’re still set to heat treat for straighter hair. To use your curling iron, work in sections. Start from the roots closest to your scalp. Take care not to touch your scalp with the hot rod. As for the blow dryer, simply dry your strands until it’s only slightly damp. Using your hair dryer’s hot setting, run through smaller sections of your hair until all strands have been covered. Cool and hold in place with a hairstyling product.

Apply leave-in conditioner

When your hair is neither kinky nor laden with natural waves, using a good leave-on product from a reputable brand should be enough to rid your hair of frizz. The trick is knowing when you should put on your leave-in conditioner. Below is some useful advice on how to make the most out of this product:

  • Use leave-on with or without in-shower hair conditioning.
  • Do not apply to hair that is dripping wet. Use on hair that is damp only. The perfect time to use these products is when your hair is just about to dry.
  • Feel free to top with styling products like a hairstyling gel or mousse.
  • Once or twice weekly, use a hair treatment mask to enhance your hair health.

Fan Dry

Fan DryWhether you have thin strands or volumized hair, there is one thing that all types of hair do not like and that is leaving your tresses to dry out in the wind. It makes your hair unmanageable for the rest of the day. Letting your hair dry out in an air-conditioned room or ride is another deal breaker. It makes your hair strands limp and sticky.

Before you dash out, blow dry your hair in a cold setting. Or, turn on the fan, steady in one direction, and alternate your fingers and a brush when running down your strands. You can stop when your strands are only slightly damp. Use a leave-in conditioner or other styling products to hold your hair up to your preferred style.

Use the right combs and brushes

When you suffer from persistent bad hair day, don’t blame your genes. Your hair problem is most likely caused by things you do to your hair every day. Even the seemingly harmless brush can be the root cause of your hair woes. Most brushes, in fact, thicken and add volume to your hair. That’s not what you want to achieve at all when you want your hair straight, long and bouncy.

Invest in a high-quality double-toothed comb and a boar bristle round brush. What makes these special? The double-toothed comb is the more ideal tool for you to achieve shine, straight and volume with every stroke. On the other hand, the boar bristle round brush is the perfect companion to your blow dryer. In addition, this brush helps remove the static in your hair and runs through your strands finely, leaving your hair straighter, shinier and more full of life.

Cleanse your hair of impurities and product residues

Use a clarifying shampoo to clear your strands of buildup that makes its texture and structure feel rough, dry and frizzy. Take out the debris so that more of your hair treatments can penetrate each strand. If you can’t get hold of clarifying shampoo, you can always try a DIY that uses only carbonated water. Spread it over damp hair. Use your fingertips to massage the product around, making sure to rub on your scalp as well.

When you have a few more minutes to spare, splurge on a moisturizing solution made only from the most hydrating natural ingredients that are probably already sitting in your kitchen:

  • honey
  • milk
  • coconut oil

Your newly clarified hair and scalp soaked in the moisturizing goodness of these three ingredients will leave your hair satisfied with moisture which makes it shine. Leave on the DIY solution for no less than 30 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. No need to shampoo again.These haircare techniques, when practiced regularly, should make wonderful straightened hair results last beyond one wash. Keep doing these and soon, even memories of your bad hair days will be blown away.

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