How To Keep Your Home Clean With Pets

We all dream of coming home to a clean and tidy house. While general laziness aside, it’s difficult for pet owners to experience that satisfaction.

Yes, a loving pet is a source of joy and an absolute delight to have around. In fact, studies show that pet owners have greater emotional wellbeing than non-pet owners.

However, having pets means you may have to work twice as hard to keep your home clean. Pets are unhygienic and can transmit diseases to family members if they aren’t properly cleaned after.

If you are a pet owner and your home feels like a mess no matter how often you clean, don’t worry, we have got your back! Follow these tips below to help make your cleaning duties easier and hassle-free.

Use a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Pet hairs can be a drag to clean. This why you need a specialized vacuum cleaner or a pet carpet cleaner which has powerful suction, great brush action, and good quality filter to help get rid of even the smallest bits of hair and bad stench.

Before buying, consider what kind of floor and furniture you have. If your pets love getting on the furniture a little too much, get a vacuum cleaner with a separate brush for upholstery.

Vacuum every day to keep your home free of pet hair especially if your pet sheds a lot. Remember to clean out the filter bags so you don’t leave a trail of pet hair stink every time you clean.

Train Pets Properly

Dogs, in particular, will defecate anywhere if they believe that no one is watching them. They also have a tendency to sleep wherever they find comfortable and sofas are their favorite.

Without proper training, they will continue to act as they wish and you’ll never have a clean home.

Train Pets Properly

Set aside a specific area of your house and set up well-ventilated pet beds to provide comfortable living quarters for your pet. In this way, your pet will know where it can sleep.

Unfortunately, cats are stubborn and might need to chased off the sofa several times for them to get the message.

Remember to train your pet in the areas it can and can’t visit. You might want to put up a separate feeding station to prevent your pet from rifling through the kitchen.

Use Powerful Detergents for Cleaning Purposes

Dog living quarters can get dirty and smelly very quickly. It is advisable to use powerful enzyme based detergents to clean these areas. Clean during the morning and afternoon to ensure that any disease-causing microbes don’t spread.

Try using pet shampoo to clean pet pens to keep the place smelling nice. Remember to regularly wash beddings and pet toys as well since these also breed a lot of germs.

Save these tasks for a sunny day so when the bedding is hung up, sunlight can kill bacteria and any odor.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to purchase heaps of fancy cleaning supplies, you can also use stuff found from your kitchen cupboard. Spray vodka on the furniture, or spread baking soda on carpets to get rid of bad odors.

Vinegar works just as well and can be used to wash toys and bedding.

Buy Appropriate Furniture

Our furnishings are often in danger of being scratched by pet claws. Opt for tightly woven pet-friendly furniture. They do not attract hair or retain odor and are far easier to clean. Investing in such furniture is also good for your wallet since these won’t need frequent maintenance.

If you can’t afford furniture at the moment and are reluctant to shoo away your furry friend from the couch, buy a pet-friendly throw pillow.

When buying pet beds, remember design doesn’t mean superiority. Quilted fabric, fluffy lining etc. look very pretty but are incredibly hard to clean. Buy water resistant pet beds which can be easily wiped down when they need cleaning.

Brush Your Pet’s Coat Daily

Shedding is a process that is natural to furry animals. Unfortunately, pet hairs can attract infectious microbes. It is thus recommended to brush your pet’s coat twice every week.

Use a newspaper or a sheet to prevent hair from falling on the carpet. Stay away from the kitchen or young children, when doing this.

Give them a Bath

Give your pet a bath

Extremely furry pets are prone to developing bad body odors if they have poor hygiene. If a walk through the park is enough to get your pet very dirty, set up a cleaning station near the entranceway of your house. Place a heavy duty rug near the front door to prevent the floors from getting dirty.

Although you shouldn’t wash your pet with pet shampoo too often, do wash them with plain water to get any dirt out. Use towels to dry your pet’s damp fur. Additionally, you can spray your pets and their living quarters with disinfectant to prevent the growth of microbes or any fleas.

Keep Your Home Well Ventilated

Smells can become stronger and persistent if your home has very little ventilation. Open the windows and air out your house every day to deodorize, and keep the air fresh and healthy.


Cleanliness is crucial for a healthy and happy home. With pets, it can get harder to keep your home clean. If you were struggling with achieving a perfectly clean house, now you know how!

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