How To Make Your Skin Shine: 5 Products That Will Do Magic

Healthy skin and healthy hair. That’s a beauty statement that everybody will agree to. That’s the beauty goal that you want for yourself. Lucky you, there are now tons of products that promise you give you shiny, shimmery skin inside and out. Foundations that you use are also very important. They can improve your skin condition or just vice versa.  Which ones really convert and give you the most value for every penny spent? Here’s a quick review — plus, some products that are worth considering:


Exfoliation is a must for every skin type (check the list of best facial scrubs for exfoliation by AW2K), no matter how sensitive or reactive your skin is. Whether you’re 20 or well over 60, exfoliation should be incorporated well into your beauty regimen. Why? Your skin can use all the help that it can get to regenerate new skin and to resurface new skin faster. This makes exfoliation all the more important as you age.

How does exfoliation work? Exfoliating works by deliberately wounding or scrubbing off your skin. To accomplish this, you can use physical exfoliators like a dermal brush or a scrub or, use chemical exfoliators that use specific chemical combinations at certain concentration levels to force your skin to peel off. These mechanisms trick your skin cells to produce collagen fibers much faster, prompting faster skin regeneration and turnover. In simpler terms, that means you see newer, more flawless skin sooner. Two of the products that you should check out are:

ClarityRx Restore Glycolic Exfoliator, $64 for 2 fl. oz

This product uses 7.5% Glycolic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that gently lifts the damaged top layer of your skin then, eliminates it. Use this once up to two times weekly only, depending on how well your skin tolerates the formula. Buy on Amazon.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, $11.95 for 1 fl. oz

For your daily skin exfoliation requirements, this product, made of colloidal oat and sugar, should be mild enough even for the most sensitive skin types. Buy on Amazon.


MaskMasks are a great way to soak your skin in essential vitamins and minerals that your skin needs to radiate a glowing complexion as well as to boost its hydration levels. Masks come in different varieties and preparations. To make your skin shine, brightening masks will be most helpful. Two of the masks worth checking out are the following:

Lasstokki Pink Marine Collagen Clay Mask, $19 for 3.38 fl. oz

From a Korean Skin Care line, this clay mask draws out dirt, excess oils and other impurities stuck in your pores. This product helps rid your skin of blackheads and whiteheads that get in the way of your otherwise flawless complexion. Buy On Amazon

TONYMOLY I’m Real Cherry Blossom Mask Sheet, $3 for a single use sheet

From another well-reputed Korean skincare brand, soaking your skin with the natural ingredients, led by cherry blossom extracts, packed in this mask sheet pampers your skin so well, it glows with health. Revitalize your skin in just 20 minutes. Buy on Amazon

Vitamin C Serum

Skin that is healthy naturally glows. Vitamin C, along with other powerful antioxidants help rejuvenate your skin and re-energize your skin cells. When sluggish skin cells are restored, cellular level functions are also revived, making your skin glow with health. In addition, Vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants, most especially Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) defend your skin from free radicals which can permanently damage your skin cells. Serums that deserve your closer look:

Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum, $23 for 1 fl. oz

This product delivers three key ingredients, each having a special function to deliver glowing skin. Vitamin C protects and revitalizes, glycolic acid helps penetrate your skin and resurface new skin, and ectoin which rehydrates your skin and helps restore its natural ability to capture and lock in moisture. Buy on Amazon.

Obagi Professional-C Serum, $110 for 1 fl. oz

Boosts your skin’s antioxidant protection by delivering two stable derivatives of Vitamin C. This serum helps protect and correct damage caused by UV and free radicals to give you livelier, more radiant, and younger-looking skin. Buy on Amazon.

Skin Brightening Creams

Skin Care

These products work differently and you’ll find a wide variety of formulations in the market. If you prefer all-natural, there are options available. Look for ingredients such as Niacinamide which works as well for yellowish skin, calendula, licorice and chamomile extracts which calm skin redness and inflammation, Vitamin A and papain for hyperpigmentation due to aging skin, and Vitamin C and fruit for reawakening dull and lifeless skin. Below are two top options:

Acure Brilliantly Brightening Day Cream, $8.50 for 1.7 fl. oz

This day cream is packed with antioxidants that help protect your skin from UV. It also brightens, revitalizes, and re-moisturizes your skin. Use with your sunscreen during the day. Buy On Amazon.

Burt’s Bees Brightening Moisturizing Cream, $13 for 1.8 fl. oz

This cream is infused with olive oil, tapioca starch, sunflower seed oil, and grape seed oil which boosts your skin’s antioxidant protection. It makes your skin glow by strengthening skin synthesis and reinforcing its protective barrier. Buy on Amazon.

Shimmery Cosmetics

You can’t say ‘No’ too little bits and pieces of highlights all over your face, neck, and chest. Shimmery cosmetics for your primer, foundation, eye makeup and lip products all add to a more radiantly beautiful you. Below are two products that you will probably love to add to your beauty stash:

La Mer The Brilliance Brightening Mask for $ 356.35

It includes two products: The Brilliance Brightening Mask Gel Cream, 1.7 oz., and The Brilliance Brightening Mask Soothing Primer, 1 oz. Crazy priced though it may sound, this product’s primary ingredients are derived from marine sources activated by sound and light waves to better penetrate your skin and to help restore ideal functioning. Buy On Amazon

Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen and Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $45 for 1.7 oz

 Its active physical sunscreen agent is Zinc Oxide. This ingredient is also well-known to help calm chronically irritated skin, including acne-prone and rosacea-challenged skin types. It preps your skin to receive your cosmetics so that these can blend in well. Simultaneously, it gives your skin a more even-toned finish by relieving skin redness, blotchiness and other signs of irritation.