How To Plan A Landscape Design

Landscape design is essential if you are going to make the most of your outside space. Some people neglect their yard, and this can lead to much more work in the future.

Instead, make sure you have a landscape design plan for your home’s outdoor space, and you can make sure it has the flexibility and impressive design that will suit your own unique needs. All of us want something different, and some spend loads of time in the garden, happily doing work on it, while others do virtually no work and choose a low-maintenance garden.

Ask professional landscape designers and they will tell you that the key to getting a functional outdoor space is making a proper plan beforehand. Our tips can help you to do exactly that.

Choose The Right Plants

Even if you choose to take the approach of hardscaping in your garden, and not worrying too much about big bulky plants, you are going to want some green in your yard to break up big spaces like patios. Here are some patio ideas that will add tropical note to your backyard.

planning landscape design

In smaller yards and courtyard-style gardens, you might want to opt for something like hangers and potted plants. This has another big benefit too, as they don’t tend to overgrow too badly. Some plants require a lot of maintenance and can fill large spaces (even if you don’t want them to). Make sure you think about this beforehand.

If you are a gardener, then you may be happy to take on the summer and winter maintenance required. You also need to make sure that any plants you buy can actually survive in the climate of your yard.

Use The Space Wisely

Time to be clever about space. By planning ahead, you can make sure you optimize every little bit of your yard. Otherwise, you might end up with furniture and plants that take up too much space.

Just because you see some garden furniture on sale and it represents an amazing deal, doesn’t mean you should buy it. It may take up too much space.

You might have an amazing yard, but it might not be the best use of space for you. Do you want to be able to entertain guests, exercise in the garden, or do you have other specific plans for the space? Plan ahead to make the best use.

Understand The Climate You Live In

It’s not always possible to replicate someone else’s design in your yard, especially if you are using plants that need specific weather conditions. For instance, in hotter areas without as much water, you might find that you have to make use of plants like succulents which can be a bit hardier and less likely to die after you have planted them.

how to plan a landscape design

Also, understand that your maintenance may also depend on the climate. If it rains a lot, you might find that some designs are better than others at guiding and draining the water away.

Who Will Be Using The Yard The Most?

Your planning simply must account for whoever is going to use the yard most. If you are designing a landscape with elderly people or young children in mind, you should ensure that there are no places where it is easy to fall.

Do you have pets? You need to make sure there are no hazards for these potential pets, such as plants and trees that they could be allergic to, or that might make them ill if they ingest the fruit. Your pets may also need an area to run around. On top of this, make sure there aren’t areas for a dog to escape.

Like the other areas of your home, the outdoor space should be designed with the residents (and regular guests) in mind. You need to make sure this space is functional for you. If you’re the sort of person who loves to do exercise in the yard, for instance, it doesn’t make sense to fill it with furniture and water features as you will need the space for other things.

On the other hand, you might prefer to create a relaxing outdoor space. In this case, the choice of design and decoration will be very different.

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Consult With A Professional Landscape Designer

We always recommend working with professionals. Landscape designers are likely to have new ideas that you can implement and this means that there are plenty of opportunities for you to embrace their expertise and put it to good use.

You can usually work very closely with the landscape designer, too, which is a way to ensure that you are communicating your design ideas. The chances are, they will want to know what you are looking for from your outdoor space before getting started anyway.

Professional landscape designers will have the cutting-edge techniques you need in order to make the best use of the outdoor space, and their knowledge of trees and plants can make your maintenance schedule a breeze afterward.