10 Improvements To Your Break Room To Attract Talent

7 Additions To Your Break Room

The quest for qualified and superb talent is on. One thing which can make the difference is a fully stocked, amenity-driven break room. To use a slightly-changed cliche, the way to an employee’s heart is through their stomach. For an employee who might be grouchy about what is going on out on the floor, the little things in the break room might be what keep them working for you. Here are some great additions to have in your office break room or kitchen.

Ask your Employees

Every workplace is different. The first thing you should do if you have a boring breakroom that gets no use is talk to your employees to find out what they want. Put out a comment box and get some feedback. It’s their break room. Let them have a say!

Pearl / Nugget Ice Machine

Ice MachineAs you know, hydration is one of the most important things that workers need to keep going. Water is invigorating, but with the addition of chewable nugget ice it can become a heavenly experience. Put the tastiest ice in the world with a filtered water dispenser, and you’ll have people forgetting that they’re at work.

Frozen Yogurt Machine

Frozen Yogurt MachineIt’s quite an unusual addition to a break room, but tasty too. Frozen yogurt comes in so many flavors that there are very few people out there who don’t like having a frozen yogurt cone or cup every once a while. Owning and operating a frozen yogurt machine is also quite inexpensive, something to keep in mind when offering perks to your employees. To earn more about this delicious trend that’s sweeping the nation, take a look at the attached Spaceman USA infographic. Firing up the frozen yogurt machine could also be cheaper than having a weekly office pizza lunch.

Fully Stocked Coffee Area With K-Cups

Coffee With K-CupsYou know what makes frozen yogurt taste even better? Keurig Cups have moved from the break rooms of the C-suite into the home, but there is still a sense of high class with a K-Cup machine. Having a good supply of coffee does more than just boost morale. Caffeine has also shown to have work benefits. Everyone who drinks coffee knows that it increases attention span and focus. It is also a highly-rewarding stimulant. We all know at least one coffee addict in the office! Keep them happy by having good coffee on hand. And considering most coffee costs $60-$120 per year when supplied by a coffee service, the price isn’t all that bad for the benefits.

Healthy Food Choices

Not everyone is going to be down with vending machine food, or even frozen yogurt. You should have some healthy snacks as well. Boosting the nutrition of your employees can help them to be much more productive and feel better throughout the day than a soda machine ever will.

Company Chef

We understand that corporate chefs might be a big step for some breakrooms, but having fresh, hot food available during the day can make the difference between having a sketchy presentation and something solid that wins over the multi-million dollar client. Several successful companies like AirBnB and Google have incorporated a chef into their lineup. Another plus is that fewer employees will leave the premises and run the risk of being late in returning to the office.

Frozen Slushy Machine

Frozen Slushy MachineYou can tell that we like our frozen treats, but frozen slushy machines serve two purposes: they incite imagination by letting us remember the great times that we had as children, and they’re excellent at the office parties when you want to have a frozen margarita machine. Dual duty means happier folks.

Comfortable seating

Do you know why they have those hard benches in fast food places? It’s to get people out as quickly as possible. No one wants to sit on a hard chair in their relaxation area. Spring for comfy chairs, sectional sofas, or even bean bags. It will help employees relax more. It will also make them feel more respected.

Stock the Fridge

If the company chef doesn’t provide the things that are necessary, have a section of the fridge which provides company supplied snacks and other items. Sodas, teas, and cheese… everything which helps people satisfy their tummies and go back to working.

Teas and More Teas

Finally, if you want a quick boost in employee happiness, provide good tea. What is the favorite drink of people around the world? Tea. There will be two types of caffeine-loving people in your office: tea people and coffee people. Keep them both happy, lest we fall into the trap that British employees are in.

Remember what the purpose of a break room is. It should provide a place to relax, prepare food and drink, and stimulate collaboration between employees. Find out what your employees need to do these things and you can’t go wrong. Have some good, healthy food that’s coming from a well-stocked break room.