How to Involve Kids in your Wedding

Marriage and families today are a lot different than even just a few years ago. Children used to be seen as a bit of a burden in a marriage ceremony, but these days it is encouraged to include them in the proceedings. Including kids in your wedding ceremony can go a long way to making them feel included and involved in the family’s life decisions. Here are just some of the ways you can include kids of nearly any age in your wedding.

Kids in your Wedding

  • Make them a part of the bride/groom party – In addition to making your closest friends or siblings as part of the bridal party or groomsmen, if your child is over the age of 10 why not give your child one of those very important roles? It may be your day, but giving them a part in the ceremony can make them feel like a star even in a supporting role. Children under this age could fill the more traditional role of ring bearers to carry your wedding bands or flower girls.
  • Let your son be the one to give away the bride – It isn’t unusual for sons to be very protective of their mother. If you are getting re-married, getting the approval of the younger ‘man of the house’ can give him a sense of respect and maturity.  For men who have sons, making him your best man can also make him feel not only like a kid but as a valued friend you want by your side for such an important life event.
  • Let your child give the blessing or sing during the ceremony – If your child is particularly gifted as a writer or actor, ask them to write or read the blessing during the ceremony. If they are particularly good at singing or playing guitar, for example, letting them play the solo can give them a chance to put those talents on display.
  • Give your child a speaking part – Wedding ceremonies are not just two people – especially if there are children. Giving them things to say in the ceremony makes them feel special and included in the plans of your new united family.Kids in Wedding
  • Let them help you light the unity candle – The tradition of the unity candle is included in many wedding ceremonies today. Allowing your child or children to help light the candle along with the two of you can affirm the idea that the family is coming together into a single cohesive unit.
  • Let your children help with the décor – Children love to be creative. They can be a great help in putting together wedding décor such as centerpieces, invitations, place cards, or by helping put together or hand out guest goodie bags and party favors. In a recent example cited at the Brides website, one son with his sights set on being a chef was invited to design the cake, select the flavor and then give his vision to the bakers who would make the cake.
  • Let them help plan the entertainment for the reception – Letting your child help pick the songs that will be played at the reception or even letting them act as an assistant DJ can be a whole lot of fun for them and for others in attendance, too! Musical tastes can vary, but some pop or country music can get the people up on the dance floor to celebrate along with you.
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