5 Classic Must Haves at Your Next Trade Show

For certain businesses trade shows play an integral part of their marketing and sales strategies, but there is a merit in attending and exhibiting at the same time.

A successful trade show, however, isn’t just about showing up, there are certain things which you must have to ensure that you can make the most of your appearance at the show and really get the most out of it for your business. There are some specifics which you will think about at the time – pens, paper, even mints to keep your breath smelling fresh, but looking at the larger picture these are 5 “classic necessities” for businesses that’s not worth going to a trade show without…


Need to make sure that people are in no doubt about who you are and what you do, and a customised banner is the perfect way to show this. You will be able to draw attention to your stand, attracting both people who know you, and those who don’t know you displaying your company name, other basic information and to accentuate your branding.

trade show banner
Tellme’s Trade Show Banner Stand with a perfect message

You should ensure that your banner is good quality and displayed in the best place, as this is often the first thing that people will see about your company, and creating a good first impression is essential in business and marketing.

Promotional Items

It is essential that you don`t forget to take promotional items, such as fliers and brochures or catalogues. This is what people who are genuinely interested in your business will take away with them, remind them of you, and hopefully inspire them to get in touch with you afterwards.

trade show promotional items

You can use fliers to set special trade show promotions, and brochures or catalogs are the ideal way to show all of the products that you have – regardless of whether you took it to the trade show or not. Make sure that the details on your promotional items is clear, and that the image quality is good to ensure that you look sleek and professional.

Business Cards

It is useful to take a good number of business cards with you. This means that people are more likely to get in touch with you personally, which can be an important factor in making a sale. Buyers like to deal directly with people so make sure that they have the chance to speak to you. Other people prefer to take business cards because they are easy to store, or, just because they are more used to them. Business cards are useful for deals which are almost done and just need to be closed, as opposed to promotional items which are more aimed at trying to attract someone to make the deal.

business card for a trade show

Make sure that all of your essential contact information is available, including your name, phone number, email address and social networks (if appropriate). You should also have your company logo, but try to keep the card as un-cluttered as possible.

Merchandising Give-Aways

People always like free stuff, and whether it is a branded pen, key-ring, t-shirt, apron, mug, the point is that people who aren`t necessarily looking to make a deal right now will walk away satisfied that they got something for free, and with you knowing that your brand can be regularly seen by them. When it comes around to the time that they might need your business, the likelihood of them using your business is higher. Merchandising give-aways can give a good sense of professionalism, and remember, the more useful the item is, the better.

Presentation Material

You might be wanting to make presentations about your company, products, means of production, ethics etc. In which case you will need to take the technology required to do so. This can include computer presentations, interactive points, digital displays, or the good old fashioned posters. Each method of presentation has its pros and cons and you need to look at your individual necessities to decide which one is best for you and your business.

promotional items for trade show booth

Exhibiting at a trade show can be an excellent way to market your business and win new customers, but you must be well prepared. By getting this material ready in advance you can really grasp the opportunities that trade shows will throw at you, get your name and your business out there and start bringing the sales in.

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