3 Effective Tips for Losing Weight Before Your Wedding Day

Everybody has their reasons for losing weight before their wedding day. Some women would obviously prefer it if their wedding dress fit a lot better on their big day, plus they want to look great for the camera and their amazing audience of family members and friends. Guys obviously want to fit in their tuxedo so it isn’t tight and uncomfortable throughout the wedding and the entire reception.

Are you having a tough time dropping those unwanted pounds? Or maybe you haven’t started yet and you’re looking for a great place to begin? We’ll share some effective tips that’ll have you losing weight in no time at all before your big wedding day. If you use our tips and advice, you’ll achieve your weight loss hopes and dreams and have an amazing wedding that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Tip 1. Start Eating Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions is an excellent way to cut back on your calorie intake, which will ultimately lead to greater weight loss. If you typically eat 2000 calories a day, as an example, you can cut down to 1200 calories or even 1500 calories a day and do so very easily by eating smaller portions with every meal.

Some people like to eat huge servings of food when they sit down for meals. This is obviously going to lead to unwanted weight gain, bloating, and you’ll form a habit the overeating, which will not help you drop those unwanted pounds. Instead of eating so much at every meal, you can even switch up the way you eat meals by having four or five meals a day with smaller portions.

Believe it or not, eating smaller portions is very effective for weight loss. You aren’t going to be full all day long so you’ll feel better and lighter, plus you’ll be able to graze throughout the day, which will make it seem like you’re eating all the time even though you’re going to ingest fewer calories.

So give more meals and smaller portions a try and see if you like it. You never know, you may discover that this is the ideal way for you to eat to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Tips for Losing Weight

Tip 2. Make Fruits and Veggies Your New Best Friends

Those serious about losing weight before their wedding need to start eating fruits and vegetables more often. In fact, they need to make fruits and vegetables the biggest portions of their meals and snacks during the day.

Why eat more fruits and veggies? For starters, on the calorie density scale, fruits and veggies are very low. You can eat tons of the broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, kale, corn, beans, rice, and potatoes all day long and never have to worry about gaining weight. Some of the starch based vegetables have more calories than others, but in the long run you can eat plentiful amounts of them throughout the day and still lose massive amounts of weight. We’ve seen it time and time again with many of the whole food, plant-based weight loss success stories.

No one is saying you have to become a vegan forever. But if you want to safely and quickly lose weight for your wedding, it’s definitely a good idea to consider this option. Then again, you can modify the plan to your liking. Maybe cut out meat and processed junk food for the majority of the day but then eat some at dinnertime. Just set up a plan that works for you and remember that you should be eating mostly fruits and vegetables if you want your weight to start melting off.

Tip 3. Limit Your Alcohol Intake While Losing Weight

This may seem impossible to some of you reading this, but cutting back on alcohol is a great way to kick start the weight loss process. You may not realize this, but many alcoholic beverages contain lots of sugar and empty calories. A small celebratory drink could have as much as 150 calories in it. Obviously this would set back your weight loss big time if you had 2 or 3 in a day, so limit your alcohol intake and if a special occasion comes up in the meantime, drink water instead.

Losing Weight Before Your Wedding Day


Please use these three weight loss tips to your advantage. If you do, you’ll lose all those unwanted pounds and look absolutely amazing on your wedding day.

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