Making it Safe For Older Employees

The typical career path for an older individual is to move into management, but there are many older workers who choose to stay in less prestigious positions. In some industries, this means that they are choosing a physical position (moving boxes) over a mental position (sales and management). The retirement age in America is now 67, but that age is expected to rise once more within the coming years. This means Americans are working longer than ever before.

Age-related problems could cause job performance to suffer. How can you take care of your health and safety in a physically demanding job as you get older?

  • The main thing is to recognize your limitations and bring them up with your supervisor. Your long-term health isn’t worth damaging for the sake of your job. There is always the temptation to push too hard, but doing so can bring hardship down everyone involved, from the individual to the family.
  • Consider proposing a different set of duties for your position that match your capacities. Since is it likely you have a lot of seniority in your job and know your position well, you can make a good argument for how you can productively contribute without damaging your health.
  • Another thing that can help is using gear to assist you. Back belts, lifting straps, motorized transports, and other gear can make the job much easier. Ask your employer if they could provide these for you or reimburse you. If you do get gear, don’t forget to use it! A talk with an orthopedist or gerontologist could be helpful in choosing the right gear.
  • Many workplaces are recognizing that older workers are increasing and are instituting workplace safety and health programs. These programs can reduce absenteeism, a major problem for older workers who have to see the doctor more often. They can also reduce health care costs for companies. Take advantage of these opportunities to improve your health.

Remember, you may live quite a long time after your retirement. Don’t take risks that could damage your health. Advocate for your safety. Many other people are going to be in your position in the future as the Boomer generation ages, so you’ll have plenty of support.

Article provided by Medical Care Alert

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