Summer Guide: 6 Unexpected Ways To Feel Comfy In Hot Summer

Everybody has countless reasons to look forward to summer. Whatever your plans for summer are, it must bring a smile to your face and positive vibes. What many fail to realize is that a sunburn, mosquito bite, even the sticky sweat that the warmer climate brings can all too easily spoil the fun. Just when you thought you’re ready to hit the road or head to the beach, take note of this summer guide – these 6 tips to stay cool and comfy even in the midst of a heat wave:

Follow a skincare routine suitable for summer

You cannot possibly stick to the skincare regimen that you followed in winter and expect your skin to look and feel its finest in summer. Any form of inconvenience caused to your skin condition can be a major deal breaker. Don’t end the fun long before summer has begun. This is how your summer skincare regimen should look like:

Keep your skin cleansed and toned

Cleansers that leave your skin with a cooling sensation, such as those formulated with mint, must make the first step in your routine. Use a scrub at least once daily or, as your skin can tolerate. If you have sensitive skin, you’re better off using products that are infused with mild exfoliants like alpha and polyhydroxy acids to help your skin shed the gooey stuff off your face regularly. If your skin is acne-challenged, use products that contain salicylic acid to help regulate your skin oils.

Treat and moisturize

Keep treatments like acne creams as close to your skin as possible. Otherwise, immediately follow through Step 1 with a sheer, lightweight moisturizer. BB (Beauty Balm) creams make for an excellent alternative to layering on products which can feel thick, humid and sticky on your skin. The best performing BB creams are those that already combines moisturizer, concealer, foundation, and sunscreen.

Clean skinUse a broad-spectrum sunscreen

Some sunscreens protect only from UVB which causes sunburn but, miss out on UVA protection. UVA damages deeper layers of your skin. To get protection from both UVA and UVB, make sure you’re using the broad-spectrum sunscreen. Make sure you are using a sunscreen that suits your day’s activities. If you’ll be spending the day in the beach, it will be best to get hold of sunscreen that is both sweat-proof and water resistant. Antioxidants in sunscreen will also help instantly reverse UV-inflicted damage on your skin’s matrix.

Exfoliate your skin regularly

The humid weather will leave oil, dirt, and dead skin stuck in your pores. To feel cooler and lighter, you have to exfoliate regularly depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Don’t exfoliate sunburned skin.

Regulate your sun time

It’s alright to have fun but, not at the expense of your skin and health. The World Health Organization reports that two to three million people are diagnosed with non-melanoma cancers every year. In the US, skin cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer according to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. Don’t be another statistic and you’ll have better chances of spending more summers having more fun out in the sun.

Here are some tips to consider for your sun care strategy:

  • Hit the shade at midday.
  • Make sure to put on sunscreen and reapply throughout the day without fail.
  • Use protective clothing and gears to create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun’s harmful UV.

Stay cool indoors to avoid heat rash

Other than skin cancer, you should also be concerned with heat rash. The most effective way to avoid this uncomfortable skin condition is by staying indoors where you can turn up the thermostat and stay dry. When you do get a heat rash, you can relieve the itchiness by combining the baby powder with cornstarch or baking soda to cool off your skin.

Protect your skin from insect bites

Just when the weather is perfectly dry for an outdoor adventure, the insects also come in swarms for the breeding season. An insect repellant will often provide ample protection. Use appropriate clothing to cover most of your arms and legs. When you do get itchy and inflamed insect bites, eucalyptus oil or peppermint ointment will help relieve the itchiness and level the bumps caused by bug bites to your skin.

Keep in mind that insects, mosquitoes most especially, can carry diseases. It will be best for you to ask about public health concerns, including insect-borne diseases like malaria and zika virus, where you will be spending your summer vacation to get proper orientation and perhaps be vaccinated prior to your trip.

Install a humidifier in your indoor spaces

Do not permit the prevailing heat dry out your skin. Fight back by releasing more water droplets into your living spaces and your office. This will help your skin retain more moisture and, using the right kind of humidifier, also promote your general health.

You must be aware, however, that there are many types of humidifiers in the market. Some of which have been reported to pose health risks. The safest are the ones that simply boil clean water and release it to the air. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of your humidifier so it does not do you more harm than good. Ceiling fans can keep you cool as well. Choose one according to your budget, room design, and size, and cool down.

Manage sunburned skin

Sunburnt skin

One of the most painful and most uncomfortable skin condition you can develop during summer is sunburn. The inflamed skin that follows will surely spoil the rest of your vacation. Prevent sunburn as much as possible but, in case your skin has already succumbed to the heat, take a cold shower then, apply dry, rolled oats all over the affected skin.

Rolled oats have natural anti-inflammatory properties, owing mostly to avenanthramides, antioxidants exclusively found in oats that help calm and soothe your sunburned skin. In case you encounter swimmer’s itch, use rolled oats to relieve irritated skin as well.


Keep summer cool by staying dry and comfortable. Don’t waste this wonderful season dealing with inconveniences and discomforts or, nursing broken skin. Years from now, you want to look back at this summer’s glorious highlights — and you don’t want to frown at mishaps that you may encounter on the road, on the beach or, where ever you are spending your summer escapade. Follow these six tips to make sure that you get more time for fun, laughter, and adventure all summer long.