Things Your Visagiste Doesn’t Tell You: 5 Tips For a Perfect Cat-Eye

The cat eye must be one of the looks that aren’t going anywhere — certainly not now and probably never. It’s not surprising because this special stroke does give your eyes the extra “Oomph!” that it requires.  If you’ve been too afraid to try it, don’t give up. Practice makes perfect and this article will give you 5 simplest tips for a perfect cat-eye. 

The Secret To Perfecting The Cat Eye

Here’s the thing: People talk about “the” cat eye as if there was one particular stroke that fits all. Of all the things that you need to learn about the cat eye, the first tip you have to know is that there is a stroke that fits ladies with larger eyes and there’s a stroke that better suits those with smaller eyes. Now, all you have to do to give yourself that perfect cat eye that suits your eyes is to follow these five tips to get your cat eye done right:

Cleanse your eye area

Cleanse your eyesEven makeup looks better when worn over the clean and clear skin. Cleanse your skin with soap-free cleanser, and always follow up with toner to lock moisture in. Make sure that your eye skin is free from impurities, including product residues before you start layering with another set of cosmetics.

Treat, cover and conceal

 Make your eyeliner glide over and under your eyelids by properly treating, concealing and covering your eye skin imperfections. Get your eye cream and other moisturizers on but, since you will be layering with makeup, make sure to use only those with a sheer and lightweight consistency.

You will agree that cat eyes will hardly look flattering when you have dark under eyes so give yourself more time to perfect your canvas. Use concealers and foundations that match your skin tone. Make sure to exfoliate regularly as well so that your makeup can cling to your skin and blend in more easily. It is highly preferred for you to use your brushes, sponges, and applicators as these tools help you pack in more of your products than just using your bare hands.

Draw a line on your lower eyelid

Some ladies are so accustomed to coloring the waterline of their under eyes which is wrong. This will make your eyes and your eyeliner too watery to stand long hours of wearing eye makeup. This practice makes your eyeliner smudge. Instead, draw just outside your waterline, from the inner corner of your eyelid, towards the outer corner. Once you make it to the end of your natural eye line, extend outwards and upwards. Extend according to your personal preference.

When it comes to what product to use, choose one that is either gel or liquid which will stay longer than powder or pencil. As for the shade to use, it will be smart to use the same color that you will be using for your eyebrows so that both your eye line and your brows will look natural on you.  Pay attention to brushes and eyeliners as well. Your makeup application is only going to be as good as the tools you use.

Remember to start with a thin line as a guide and just thicken this later. If your eyes are small and narrow, do not create a thick eye line as this will further make your eyes appear smaller. When you have large eyes, on the other hand, add more weight to your eyeliner to make your eyes appear smaller.

Draw a line on your upper eyelid

 Again, start with thin strokes. If you have small eyes, it will be wiser to start lining from halfway through your eyelid going outwards rather than starting from all the way from your tear glands. From there, extend the natural line of your upper eyelid to meet the line that you extended from your lower eyelid. When lines on your upper and lower eyelids meet, a triangle should form on the outer corner of your eye.

Fill the triangle with your eyeliner

Cat eye stepsTo complete your cat’s eye look, fill in the triangle that forms after you bring your upper and lower eyelids to meet at the corner of your eyes. Make your finished cat eye look even sharper by passing a nude colored pencil on the outer and inner corners of your cat eye to remove any smudges or excessively drawn product.

Follow the same tips for your other eye.

Other Tips To Flatter Your Cat’s Eye Look

There are other ways to take even a perfectly stroked cat’s eye several notches higher. Use the tips below to go from beginner to pro:

Go smoky eyes with your cat’s eye

Note, however, that this tip is highly recommended for ladies who have larger eyes and may not look as flattering to those who have a smaller set of eyes. For this extra step, you need to choose at least two shades of color — one lighter and another darker — from the same color family. An example would be light brown and dark beige or, dark blue and dark purple. Use the darker color to color from the base of your upper eyelid up to the fold. From the fold up to the underside of your eyebrows, create a gradient using at least one up two more colors of a lighter shade.

Smokey eyesCreate thick, fluttery lashes

Get extra sophisticated with your cat’s eye by adding volume to your eyelashes. You can achieve this with mascara alone but, using false eyelashes will give you added drama to your lash texture, structure and length that a mascara alone simply cannot give you.

Use a finishing spray or powder

You’ve invested plenty of time, talent and products to get your final look. Make sure you can keep wearing your products for the rest of the day and night. Top your makeup with a finishing spray or powder to keep your makeup from slipping off of your skin.

You Look Perfect

Cat’s eye is fun and it’s a great way to amp up or change your go-to look. Remember that makeup takes a little bit of practice to perfect. So, don’t fret if you don’t think you got it right the first time.

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