10 Tips and Tricks on How to Find Out Your Girlfriend

You know you want to pop the question, but you know you want to surprise her with not just any engagement ring, but one that will capture her heart. There’s more to this than just finding out her ring size! Here are some ways on how to find the perfect style of engagement ring that she’ll love.

  1. Look at the Style of Jewelry She Currently Wears – You can tell a lot about a woman’s tastes by really paying attention to the kind of jewelry she chooses for herself. Does she like bigger and more ornate pieces or smaller pieces of jewelry? Even earrings, bracelets and necklaces with pendants can give you a good indication of her personal taste.
  2. Does She Like Gold, Silver, or Something In Between – Keep an eye on the color of jewelry she wears the most. You can learn a lot about someone by the type of metal that they choose to wear with their jewelry, too. Does she wear mostly silver or gold? Of course, sometimes a metal allergy can determine what her choice is.
  3. What Stones Does She Prefer?  It doesn’t have to be a diamond! Does your girlfriend tend to like diamonds or is it emerald, sapphire, ruby or other semi-precious stones that she is drawn to? She may already be wearing these now or eyeing them while you are out shopping. Make a mental note of what they are.Types of Engagement Rings
  4. Size and shape do matter – If there are stones in the jewelry she wears, how big are they? What shape? Does she seem to like a more traditional look of the rings or dramatic pieces that make a one-of-a-kind statement?
  5. Vintage or Modern?  Does she normally wear jewelry that she inherited from her mom or grandmother? Or does she like ultra-modern pieces of jewelry to go with the clothes she wears? Find out what she wears most often and make a note of it.
  6. Consider Her Lifestyle – If your girlfriend is someone who is more outdoorsy or if she is an artist and does a lot of work with her hands, take these factors into consideration as well. Rings that have a large stone or a stone that sits high on the band can take a lot of punishment in her day to day activities. If that’s so, consider settings where the stone is set lower on the band. However, if she likes spending the night on the town and spends a lot of time on her looks or spends a lot of time on outward appearances, a larger stone in a higher setting may be in order.
  7. Check Out Her Pinterest Page – Being attentive can pay off big dividends. See if she’s looking at any rings on Pinterest. If she’s got a public profile, you can look to see what she’s browsing. You could get lucky and stumble onto a wedding album!
  8. Be On the Lookout for Subtle Hints  If you’re out for a walk and she suddenly notices a piece of jewelry in a shop window, this can also provide clues as to the perfect engagement band to get for her. Bridal-themed publications around the house are a dead giveaway. Look for dog-eared pages, bookmarks or tape flags. If there is a ring on one of them, chances are there’s a style in there that suits her taste. Of course, this can work both ways. It is quite possible that your girlfriend may be leaving you little hints as to what she wants by leaving webpages open, magazines stashed with marked pages, or sticky notes in strategic places just so you will find them! Rings in a Shop Window
  9. Make Her Best Friend or Her Sister Your Best Friend – Your girlfriend’s bestie or sister may be just the person who can provide you with the insights you need as to what ring would be best. You could try to swear her sister or best friend to secrecy and let them in on the surprise. That may or may not work. Even if you are aware that they’re the kind of person to go straight to your girlfriend and tell her what you have in mind, sometimes this indirect approach is a great way to get the exact answer that you need.
  10. You Could Just Simply Ask – There is the option of proposing to your girlfriend first before you have a ring to show her. Sometimes going straight to the source and asking what she likes best in terms of not just an engagement ring, but also wedding bands is the best way to go. By simply asking your fiancé directly, you can really get an idea of what appeals to her straight from the source. Who best can give you an idea as to what her tastes are?

No matter which of these ways in finding out the engagement ring that you choose, we hope that you can find just the ring she wants so your engagement goes off successfully.


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