Tips on How to Groom Your Dog like a Pro. Yes! It is possible!

Did you know that the average amount you need to shell out when you hire pet groomers is $80? That would also adjust depending on the breed of the dog, on where you would like to have your pooches groomed (home service, mobile grooming, or in-store), which services will you include, and the size of your dog. That’s a whole lot of money, isn’t it? But neglecting is hard to do since a pleasant looking and good smelling owner does not match up to a filthy dog.

With $30, you can only get one-time a la carte services such as toothbrush, nail cutting, or ear cleaning only. Multiply that amount to the frequency of services you need to get. You can check the table below for some clues. You’ll be spending more or less $150 in a week. You can already invest that amount of money to launch your own business! Or you could get your own tools and use them to groom your dogs repeatedly! Yes! It is possible and that is why this article was written for you – so that you can learn how to groom your dog like a pro.

Importance of Grooming 101

  • Practical
  • Health for the dog

What are the possible medical consequences when you do not regularly groom your pals? Primarily, you get rid of a bacterial infection. Long mats can get damp (when they pee or when they simply walk into a wet patch) and the moisture can attract bacteria and germs causing bad odors.

Ungroomed eyes and ears can cause irritation, blockages, and infection. Untrimmed nails lead to wounds on the dog, you, and your family. Lack of dental hygiene will give your pooches carries or gum problems.

Last but not the least, grooming allows you to have time to physically assess your dogs. This can give you signals to bring your dog to a natural pet hospital.

  • Grooming improves the bond between you and your pooch.

Interaction, cuddling or skin contact – are well-known techniques to show affection. Grooming your own pet could mean more than hygienic measures for them; it could be interpreted as a sign of love and care.

How to Groom Your Dog like a Pro

Understand Your Dog

Watching the Dog Whisperer helps us get oriented with different dog breeds. In this regard, we understand that different breed equals different strategies for taking good care of them. Some are highly active (ex. Terriers and Dalmatians), while Pugs and Shih Tzus loves a sedentary lifestyle. What’s the significance? Well, it will give you an idea of how common should you bathe them! Playful pups like Golden Retrievers and huge breeds such as Great Dane will necessitate a longer grooming time compared to more behaved and little ones.

How to Groom Your Dog

Please note as well that some types have highly sensitive skin. This should make you conscious about the soaps and shampoos you use to groom them.


Although this may vary from one dog to another as what was discussed previously, here are some general rules:

Activity How Often Should You Do It? Tricks
Bathing At least once every 3 months according to the American Society for the Cruelty of Animals Please take into consideration the activity of your animal. If he is very playful and loves the outdoors, this should happen more often.
Brushing Hair As needed
Brushing Teeth Once to thrice a week It is highly suggested for you to start brushing the moment you see teeth.
Cleaning Ears At least once a month Start as early as 1 month.
Cutting Hair Once a week to once a month Depending on the breed – some may necessitate hair cutting on a shorter interval
Cutting Nails Once a week. If you hear your dog’s nail clicking as they walk around the house, that’s actually a signal to trim

Your Dog’s Mindset/Importance of Treats

Grooming your pet could be very time-consuming and trivial (to both of you). That is why it is very important for you to help your pooches associate these activities with fun and pleasure. Playing with them a little or giving them treats during the process can make things less stressful as time goes by.

Choosing Materials

Buying and using the right tools can make the task less daunting. You do not necessarily need to purchase the most expensive ones.  A good advice to people would be to go after the durability of the item. Check the features and recognize when you should use them and what for. You can ask suggestion from friends, family, and even online community but do not forget that every pup is unique – the brush that one is using may not be suitable for your dog.

Doing Things Right


Find a comb that is not tightly toothed; using this will hurt your pet. Start from the head and move your way to the body and tail while giving extra care at the belly part. Should you encounter any tangle, do not force to remove the mesh.

Brushing Dog

Unfortunately, there would be instances wherein the hairs are impossible to comb. And the tangle can get so close to the skin. You can gently apply detangler when bathing your dogs. If worse comes to worst, you can chop/shave them off or just take them to a veterinary hospital in Las Vegas.

Dental Hygiene

Did you know that chew toys are also created to care for your dog’s teeth and gums as they can clean the surface? Ensure that the toothpaste is safe for accidental swallowing. You may wrap gauze around your finger or use a toothbrush. Make sure you clean all the parts of his pearly whites and tongue.

Never attempt to force oral cleaning to your dogs as they can get agitated and bite you.

Eye and Ear Care

Expose the inner parts of the ear without pulling them too much. Using a damp cloth with ear cleaning solution, gently wipe the auricle ensuring that you do not miss any fold. Under no circumstances should you attempt to use cleaning buds as this may damage the internal parts of your pooch’s ear or stack earwax.

Dog hygiene

Moisten another cloth with water and gently wipe the eyes from inner to outer canthus. Do not apply too much strength to remove any crusts. Instead, try to wet and soak the area with a few drops of water before cleaning. If that does not help either, take your pet to a holistic animal hospital where pets doctors and specialists would meticulously take care them.

Closing Remarks

Remember that your priority is your dog’s wellbeing. We groom because we want them to look good and become healthy. Should you believe that you cannot perform the tasks safely, it is still best to bring them to the expert.

Do you have other strategies and reliable tips on how to groom your dog like a Pro? Tell us through the comment box below!