Causes of Tooth Yellowing: Tips To Have White Teeth

Power Of Smile

Power of smileWe believe in the power of a smile. So here is why teeth turn yellow and what you can do about it. White teeth are your title for a beautiful smile and an attractive look, but unfortunately because of some wrong habits including diet, can cause teeth yellowing.

Teeth Yellowing

The change in the color of the teeth may be obvious, and this change from white to yellow may sometimes be inevitable.  Teeth change in their color to more yellow due to a number of factors that will be mentioned.

What Causes Tooth Color To Change Into More Yellowish?

Teeth change their color for different reasons:

  • Frequent drinking of coffee, tea or fizzy drinks.
  • Some antibiotics may darken your teeth. Tetracycline, an antibiotic that has the ability to form compounds with calcium in the bones and teeth, which in turn cause discoloration. Since permanent teeth extend to the age of 12 years, this antibiotic should not be used for children under the age of 12, as well as for nursing mothers and pregnant women.
  • Aging, lead to a reduction in the thickness of enamel as a result of erosion and cracking, resulting in the emergence of the layer of ivory dentin.
  • Usage of tobacco products.
  • Traumatic injuries causing hemorrhage inside the tooth and staining of the teeth.
  • After processing the root canal therapy, the tooth due to devitalization and some root canal products will turn into more yellow.
  • Some types of mouthwashes, for example, the ones containing chlorohexidine leads to the yellowing of the teeth if used for long periods due to dentinal tubules penetration.
  • Some food, such as soy sauce, Indian spices as curry, or tomato sauce, lead to yellowing of the teeth from inside by penetrating the protective layer of enamel.
  • Poor oral and dental hygiene, the plaque on teeth leads to yellowing. The lack of cleanliness of the mouth and teeth leads to the growth of some bacteria in the layer of plaque, which have the ability to produce dyes that lead to the discoloration of teeth.
  • Consumption of large amounts of fluoride, especially in drinking water, during the stages of tooth formation for children.

Whatever the cause of your teeth turning yellowish, there are solutions that can help. The most common ones would be going to the dentist or buying a home teeth whitening kit. However, some of these can get quite expensive and there are some slower more natural ways of whitening your teeth.

The list below will help you with some ideas as well as the most common ways to whiten your teeth.

How To Whiten Your Yellow Teeth


Toothpaste regular use is a must to avoid teeth decay and cavities. Now, some kinds of toothpaste contain teeth whitening agents but in a very small percentage that gives you a very limited degree of whitening. Yet it is effective in superficial stains and prevents plaque accumulation that causes yellow teeth.

Bleaching Strips

Bleaching strips

These strips are used after brushing the teeth; so that the dry gel over the strips enters between the teeth and slightly whitens them and remove superficial stains. The package contains two strips, one for the upper teeth along its arch curvature and one for the lower teeth.

Bleach Pen

The bleach pen contains whitening gel, but it is not effective in teeth whitening compared to other whitening systems which contain a high concentration of the bleaching agent. Apply on the teeth while trying to avoid Gums, do not eat or drink for 30-45 minutes, and repeat the use of the bleach pen three times a day, the results appear after four weeks.

Dental Clinic Teeth Whitening

Bleaching occurs during one or two sessions depending on the degree of teeth whitening. It gives fast and immediate results that may last for a long time due to the high concentration and the very powerful bleaching hydrogen peroxide. Yet, a very high degree of sensitivity and a high possibility of gum injury and burn if the dentist didn’t cover the gums with a protective agent or used higher concentrations. It has the highest cost among all methods.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth bleaching

They remove external pigments from the surfaces of the teeth and also lightens the color of the original teeth. The concentration of bleach is usually less than the concentration used in the dentist’s office. The bleaching process is done by putting the bleaching substance in a mold or a tray for the person’s teeth to wear it. These kits have it all, fast satisfactory results, safe method, minimal side effects, very convenient and comes with a desensitization gel which prevents any pain that people with sensitive teeth usually suffer from.

Billionaire Teeth Whitening Kit

is an example of home teeth whitening techniques with a professional outcome and results, with its 18% carbamide peroxide whitening formula, effective white pearly teeth are in reach of your hands in only seven days.


Thin layers made of Porcelain to cover the front surfaces of the teeth, and these thin veneers change the shape, size, length, and color of the teeth. Porcelain is more resistant to discoloration and gives the teeth a shine similar to natural teeth shine, yet it is not a conservative method as teeth whitening with bleaching agents, and some of the tooth structure is in most cases reduced.

Home Remedies For Treating Minimal Yellowing Of Teeth

  • Banana peel: contains whitening minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and manganese. Bananas can be used to whiten teeth by rubbing the bananas on the teeth for 2-3 minutes, focusing on the yellowing areas.

Banana Peel Whitening

  • Active charcoal: which differs from ordinary charcoal used for barbecue, it is used as a medicine to absorb chemicals, to treat gases, to remove stains from teeth, and to reduce the acidity of the mouth, preventing decay. Rub the teeth in a gentle circular motion for 2 minutes using a new soft brush bristles after dipping it in a little charcoal in a cup, then rinse well several times, until the coal is completely rinsed from the mouth.
  • Apple vinegar: dip the toothbrush into apple cider vinegar which is acidic in nature, and then brush your teeth as usual. Should be used in a small amount and for a short period of time to avoid the side effects that may result from the acid.
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