10 Websites That You Can Use to Relax

We all need a way to relieve stress, especially after a hard day at the office. If you spend your day in front of a computer monitor, spending more time might be the last thing you want to do in order to unwind. There are websites, however, that can help you unwind. Here are just a few of the many places online that can help you destress and relax.

  1. Headspace Headspace is a site dedicated to helping you meditate no matter how your day is going. It doesn’t matter if you have meditated before or have quite a bit of experience; Headspace will walk you through the process of setting aside ten minutes a day to unwind your brain.
  2. Calm This site is also geared toward getting you to relax through meditation. It features nature sights and sounds and offers meditation times of anywhere between 2 – 20 minutes. You can sign up for free either through your email or your Facebook account. Their Daily Calm meditation has become one of the most popular features on the site.
  3.  calm 

  4. 750Words.comFor some, writing in a stream of consciousness and just letting it all go is very relaxing. 750Words.com is a free website that is designed to get you into the writing habit. The site allows you to just let it all out by putting whatever is on your mind on the page. Who knows? You may discover you have a few stories to tell!
  5. PinterestPinterest has become one of the most popular sites on the internet and everyone is using it. It serves as an online corkboard for millions of users who use the site to exchange ideas.
  6. BingomaniaPlaying bingo online is not only a great way to relax, it’s also a way to earn a little cash along the way. Bingomania is one of the top online gaming sites and has been around since 1996. They feature daily and weekly specials and bonuses for players of not just bingo but roulette, blackjack, and other favorite casino games.
  7. ScribdFor many, reading is one of the best ways to relax and unwind at any time of the day. Scribd has worked with many writers and publishers and offers millions of books, periodicals, magazine articles, and other materials – and the collection gets bigger every day.
  8. HomestylerYou can design your dream home using Homestyler’s 3D Floor Planner. Not only can you draw the floor plan you can choose floor coverings, where you put doors and windows. It’s fun for trying out ideas for your existing home or for one you plan to build in the future. Or just making a crazy house design and letting your imagination fly!
  9. Daily Goodif watching the news gives you the jitters, give the Daily Good news website to get a dose of good news for a change! This website is free and run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to the idea of being the good that they want to see in the world.
  10. Weave SilkExpress your artistic side with this fun, interactive generative website. Simply drag your mouse over the screen and draw in beautiful colors and designs. You can save screenshots of your art to save for later.
  11.  Relaxing Snow 

  12. Relaxing SnowOne of the most relaxing things in the world is to watch snow coming down on a winter day. At this site, you can watch it in silence or turn on the sound to listen to soft relaxing music to go with the scene.
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