What a Good Rehabilitation Center Should Offer

Patients healing from an injury, recovering from surgery, being treated for a disabling medical condition or healing from an injury get physical rehabilitation.  It’s an important part of a treatment for a speedy recovery and return of function. If you need treatment at a rehabilitation center, how do you choose one with the plenty of options out there?

Remember, it’s an important part of your treatment for a condition affecting your muscles, bones, nerves or brain. You also need it to recover from a permanent or a temporary disability that stops you from performing your daily functions or tasks. In the following, let’s walk you through what you need to know about what a good rehabilitation center can offer.


Rehabilitation Care

The employees must be understanding and show care to patients. It is never enough that they are experts in rehab treatment. There is more than just the expertise needed to assist patients.

The medical doctor does not only plan for your treatment but also shows sincere care to patients.  It is not only the doctor, though, that should be caring but also the rest of the team working in the rehab facility.

A few of these experts include other medical professionals such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and social workers.

Overall, the rehab facility must be able to offer more than just therapy but also understanding and care.


Choosing a rehab center, you should check that they have well-educated employees that can understand the patients’ situation.   

For example, the therapy should be progressive while you’re gaining strength during your stay or therapy, which varies based upon the specialists and therapists assigned to you.

Employees working at the rehab are certified and trained in rehabilitation care.     

A good rehab with knowledgeable employees can offer specialized programs, such as stroke, brain injury, cardiac rehabilitation programs and orthopedic because they have staffs that are trained in these areas.


The doctors should be ready to cooperate with additional medical professionals if the patient’s situation requires it.  The rehab facility has trained experts who are board-certified medical staff and available round-the-clock.

But if the patient’s situation requires a specialist not working in the facility, the rehab is cooperative with other experts from another institution.

Nevertheless, a good rehab has 24/7 physician and internist that has critical care training.  

But while they may also have comprehensive therapy, such as home care and supplemental services on offer that can include pet therapy, relaxation, music, art, and horticulture, they are ready to cooperate with other medical professionals if the patient’s situation requires so.

Developing A Treatment Plan For Each Patient Requirements

Developing A Treatment Plan For Each Patient Requirements

When choosing a facility, you should find out how a treatment plan is developed.  

How it works: At the hospital, you and your physiatrist will examine you and then order special tests.

He/she will also look at your medical records before coming up with a special plan that fits your needs. A physical therapist may also carry out the plan in terms of restoring your function and mobility following surgery or injury.  For instance, nerve stimulation by a tens unit can be used to make sore muscles feel better 

Part of devising a specific plan based on a patient’s unique needs, other professionals may also be involved, including psychologists and speech therapists.  Nevertheless, a team made up of the patient, your caregivers and therapists will develop the treatment plan, which is tailored to your individual situation.

The Ratio of Qualified Nurses to Patients

Are there enough professionals to care for each patient and are they available 24 hours a day? An ideal ratio of nurses to patients should be 1:5 or six during the day, and 1:6 or seven in the evening.

Summing up, there must be enough qualified nurses to take care of patients in a rehab center.  Quality medical care must be available 24 hours a day to ensure of optimum care and fast recovery of patients.

The facility must be clean, appealing and well equipped

There are several requirements that every health care facility must meet. Visit several rehab facilities and compare each of them.  Here is how:

  1. When you walk into the rehab, feel and notice its surroundings. Does it look clean and smell good?  You must stay away from facilities that smell bad or with urine odor.
  2. The building should also be easily accessible indoors and outdoors.
  3. In terms of the decoration, it must be functional and appealing.
  4. Ask a walkthrough and check a patient’s room.  See if it has a bath, bath/shower, telephone or television.  You should also check outdoor space that a patient can use.
  5. Check if the grounds are well maintained. This factor is a priority.  Note that a healthy, organized and clean facility and grounds will have an impact on the patient’s well-being especially on his mood and stress level. A home-like living will have an overall significant effect on his recovery.

Final Thoughts

A good rehabilitation center offers more than just therapy but also understanding and care. It has employees that are not only certified and trained but also sympathetic towards a patient’s needs. Nevertheless, a good facility can help in the sooner recovery of a patient. So when choosing one, remember the tips above and pick the right rehabilitation center.

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