Why Is Aircraft Landing Gear Overhaul Necessary?

The landing gear serves a critical role in ensuring the safe landing and takeoff of an airplane. It is frequently exposed to harsh working conditions and is subjected to tremendous stress during each landing and takeoff. As a consequence, routine maintenance and overhaul are essential for preserving the landing gear’s durability and security.

The landing gear is exposed to corrosion, friction, and temperature variations, which may cause damage or wear and ultimately jeopardize the safety of the aircraft.

What Is Landing Gear Overhaul?

Aircraft landing gear overhaul is a critical maintenance procedure that comprises removing, inspecting, repairing, and reassembling the landing gear components. The landing gear overhaul is required to detect any wear, damage, or defects that may endanger the aircraft’s safety and to guarantee that the landing gear matches the manufacturer’s requirements as well as regulatory criteria.

Overhaul Process

The overhaul process typically begins with the disassembly of the landing gear into its individual components. The disassembly process is essential to enable a thorough inspection of each component for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. The inspection process involves non-destructive testing techniques, such as magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection, and X-ray inspection, to identify any defects that could cause the landing gear to fail during operation.

Once the inspection is complete, any damaged or worn components are repaired or replaced as necessary. The repair process may involve repairing or replacing seals, bearings, bushings, and other parts. The replacement parts must meet the manufacturer’s specifications and regulatory requirements to ensure the proper functioning of the landing gear.

After the repairs and replacements, the landing gear components are reassembled, following the manufacturer’s specifications. Proper alignment, torque, and clearances must be ensured during the reassembly process to ensure the landing gear’s proper operation.


The final step in the landing gear overhaul process involves functional testing. The functional testing ensures that the landing gear operates correctly and meets the manufacturer’s specifications and regulatory standards. The testing involves hydraulic pressure testing, shock absorber testing, and load testing, among others, to verify the landing gear’s airworthiness and safe operation.

Why Is It Necessary?

There are several benefits of aircraft landing gear overhaul. 

  • Firstly, a landing gear overhaul enhances the safety of the aircraft. Regular maintenance and overhaul ensure that the landing gear is operating correctly, reducing the risk of accidents or incidents that could result from landing gear failure.
  • Secondly, landing gear overhaul prolongs the landing gear’s lifespan. Regular maintenance and overhaul can detect and address any wear or damage early, preventing the damage from worsening and resulting in more severe damage or failure that could require more extensive repairs or replacement.
  • Thirdly, landing gear overhaul improves aircraft performance. A well-maintained landing gear can improve aircraft performance, reducing the aircraft’s fuel consumption, and increasing its overall efficiency.
  • Lastly, landing gear overhaul increases aircraft value. Aircraft that have undergone regular maintenance and overhaul, including the landing gear, is more valuable and attract a higher resale value than those that have not undergone maintenance and overhaul.
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