Best Air Dancers/Inflatables That Will Surely Get People’s Attention

In business, they say that visibility is key. Customers have a way of being drawn to catchy and engaging advertising content. But how many business people have the resources to pay for advertising in the local dailies or even have an ad appear on TV? In all honesty, such visibility doesn’t come cheap.

So, what to do when you want an affordable and fun way to have customers flocking into your business enterprise? Air Dancers! Am sure you must have seen these tall and colorful inflatables bouncing in the wind outside an event or a business enterprise. Doesn’t it catch your attention? Aren’t you drawn to their amazing and funny movements?

However, it can be overwhelming to pick one of these inflatable men and even have them customized to fit your business idea or the theme of your event. Therefore, it’s important to pick a sky dancer that will not only last you a couple of years but also won’t be hectic to put up. We have looked at some of the best air dancers/inflatables around that will give you value for your buck and help your business revenue blow out of the roof. Let’s air dance away!

Top 7 Air Dancers/Inflatables Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Skyerz 20′ ft  Inflatable Air Puppet Tube Man

Best For Sky Advertising

Skyerz has been around for 10 years perfecting the art of creating the ideal air dancer. Made by a team dedicated to meeting your advertising needs, this sky dancer stands tall at twenty feet with bright colors that will light up the sky. This air puppet has been designed with your advertising needs in mind and the attention to detail is incredible.

Made of quality nylon material, this sky dancer is light in weight and easily dances without much effort. The material is also durable and you can use it many times and will be worth the huge foot traffic that will flock your enterprise. You can choose from the seven available colors; pink, blue, orange, green, red, purple and yellow.

However, some of the users have complained that the fan is a bit loud which may raise complaints from your neighbors.

Skyerz 20' ft  Inflatable Air Puppet Tube Man


  • Lightweight material
  • Attractive design
  • Variety of color options


  • The fan is a bit loud
  • The material isn’t strong enough

2.  Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy (RP Minis)

The Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy is a small-sized product that can easily sit anywhere onto a table. It is a great marketing tool that comes in a variety of colors including red and blue. If you aren’t buying it for use in your business, then it should because you intend to offer it as a gift to someone you love. With this product, what you get is a cheerful dancing tube man.

It runs on a 9-volt battery, which lasts for long. Once you turn it on, the dancing tube man will spring into action to entertain you and your visitors. However, if you run it continuously, the battery will quickly get depleted. So, anything close to a few hours of continuous runtime is perfect. You may also connect it to an electrical outlet using the right adapter. Avoid using just about any adapter you come across. Read the included instructions to know what kind of adapter you need to use.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Can use a battery or an adapter
  • Comes with instructions about how to use it


  • Not meant for continuous running
  • Makes noise when you turn it on
  • Has a seemingly weak fan

3. LookOurWay 10ft Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man

Best For Event Marketing

Just like the brand name, this inflatable tube man will have everyone looking your way with its 10 feet length of catchy elegance. Its highly durable material of polyamide nylon silk will ensure years of use due to its light weight yet durable nature. It’s also been reinforced with parachute-like tarpaulin material which doesn’t rip easily.

Even better, this eye-catching sky dancer comes with a 12 inch, weather resistant blower with one-speed power. Basically, all you need is to fix the tube on the blower and you are good to go. The blower has 110V/60Hz wall plug standardized to most people’s requirements and its energy efficiency is to die for.

With over 9 colors to choose from, many users are spoilt of choice when it comes to this inflatable man. Whether you are having a birthday party or an event in the park, this air dancer will sure draw people’s attention.

However, you need to be careful as you order this item since the market is flooded with a lot of imitations from this brand.

LookOurWay 10ft Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man


  • Easy to assemble
  • Variety of colors
  • Comes with a blower


  • Limited designs
  • Lots of imitations
  • Price is on the higher side

4. MOUNTO 20ft Air Sky Puppet Dancing Dancer

Best For a Party

How about a 20 foot smiley face sky dancer to welcome your customers or guests to an event? Well, this very tall inflatable smiling man will be blowing up in the air outside your party or business and will definitely draw people in. Made of durable nylon material, this air dancer is very easy to assemble and will be floating away in a matter of minutes once you connect it to the blower.

Speaking of a blower, the package comes complete with an 18’’ diameter inflator that has three adjustable speeds to suit your needs. The blower also has lockable wheels with a standard power of 110v/60Hz.

You can choose from 8 different colors of which the first 6 plain colors come at a cheaper price. However, to get the printed air dancer, you will have to cough up a few more bucks.

MOUNTO 20ft Air Sky Puppet Dancing Dancer


  • Durable
  • Has blower with adjustable speeds
  • Good height


  • Printed option is pricier
  • Limited color range

5. Mkevi 20ft Sky Air Puppet Dancer Inflatable arm Flailing Tube Man

Best Sky Air Puppet Dancer

Standing at 20ft, the Mkevi Sky Air Puppet dancer is an inflatable, replaceable tube that quickly turns into the form of a man. It is perfect for use by those who want to attract people who might find them a little more interesting. The inflatable arm man might be generic but it is also easy to add any more styles you might want. It is suitable for use with all blowers with an 18-inch diameter. It is also compatible with most of the Velcro mounts.

If you are looking for the best sky air puppet dancer, this is the product you should consider buying. It features a wavy, wacky man you can use to promote your business in an innovative way. It can also be used at a party, event, blowout sale, grand opening, sporting event, trade show, and so on. Made from high-strength nylon silk, this sky air puppet is strong and durable. If anything unusual happens, you can easily reach the manufacturer’s customer support.

Mkevi 2oft Sky Air Puppet Dancer



  • A 20 feet inflatable tube
  • Made from high-strength, nylon silk
  • Reusable for maximum benefit


  • Comes in limited designs
  • Does not come with a dedicated blower
  • Comes in limited colors

6. Tangkula Air Inflatable Dancer

Best For Business Advertising

If you are looking for a multi-functional sky dancer then this is the perfect product for you. It comes in two heights; 10 feet or 20 feet whose choice will depend on how high you want to go as far as air dancing is concerned. It’s ideal for advertising and comes with two detachable balloons where one has an ‘OPEN’ label and the other ‘SALE’ option. The two attachments make this inflatable man ideal for promotional events in a business, trade show or sporting event.

The product also comes complete with a powerful blower that’s adjustable and can operate in most weather conditions. The weather-resistant blower comes in two different measurements whose choice will depend on the height that you choose. Made of 210T polyester, this sky dancer is durable and can easily withstand harsh elements such as debris while up in the air.

However, you can only choose between red or green for this air dancer. More to that, its powerful blower doesn’t have wheels which makes transportation rather difficult.

Tangkula Air Inflatable Dancer


  • Multi-functional
  • Removable advertising attachments
  • Weather resistant


  • Blower doesn’t have wheels
  • Only two colors
  • Weak material

7. Inflatable HQ 20 ft. Inflatable Dancer Tube Puppet

Best For Trade Show

If you have an upcoming event, trade show or even social gathering, then this 20 foot will for sure keep your guests entertained. If you love a wavy arms sky puppet, you will find this inflatable dancer a match made in heaven. With over eight colors to choose from, you are spoilt of choice with this sky puppet.

Some of those that have bought this item have gone back and bought it in every color. Imagine that! Made from puncture-resistant rip-stop nylon, this inflatable man has been UV treated to prevent fading and make it more durable. Better yet, the package includes a nylon bag for easier and convenient storage.

The product includes a powerful blower which can be adjusted to three speeds depending on your needs. The blower’s fan has a powerful 1HP motor while its composite housing is reinforced to withstand any heavy impacts. The blower also has 4 non-marring wheels which make movement easy.

Inflatable HQ 20 ft. Inflatable Dancer Tube Puppet


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable material
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Easily transportable
  • Includes powerful blower


  • Some say the fan is too loud
  • Can’t withstand harsh weather
  • Blower maybe too heavy

How to Choose the Best Air Dancers / Inflatables: tHe Ultimate Buying Guide

Ever been to an event and people are flocking into everyone’s stalls but yours?  Are you in business and all the customers are flooding to your competition’s enterprise? Do you have a party coming up and wondering how to keep your guests entertained? Then the answer to all these queries is an air dancer!

A wavy arms man sky dancing outside your premises is just what you need. These colorful air puppets are known not only to attract people’s attention but have been proven to increase human traffic to an enterprise. You may be wondering, why should I go for a glee-looking sky puppet rather than place an advert on the local daily? Well, for one, inflatable men are way cheaper compared to other forms of advertising. Who doesn’t love saving a buck or two in business?

Specific messages detailing what your business offers can be designed into the air dancer and are usually visible from miles away. These happy go luck inflatable men have a way of turning around a business or bringing life to any event. But what should you look out for when shopping around for an inflatable tall man? Here’s a number of items to keep in mind:


The color composition of your sky puppet is a very important element when settling for a particular product. The more screaming the color of your air dancer the better since that colorful nature is what draws the crowds. Nothing as boring as a dull and grumpy air dancer swinging from side to side outside your business! Better yet, go for that sky balloon that has a smile plastered on it. Don’t just pick a tall, plain man without any design on the face because such effects are what attract people to your establishment.

Blower or No Blower

Well, an inflatable tall man can’t function without a blower which is responsible for blowing in the air up the air dancer to keep it afloat up there. Some air dancers come complete with a blower that’s usually easy to set up and have the tall man up and running in minutes. In the event that the air dancer you settle for doesn’t come with a blower, don’t worry since the market is filled with standard blowers that will work well with your sky dancer.

Fans are a critical component of a blower since they essentially fuel the whole set up. When it comes to fans, you have to ensure that the horsepower is enough to keep the blower going for hours since it going off will have your air dancer tumbling down in a matter of seconds. Still on fans, please go for a quiet fan. In some cases, users have complained that the fans were too loud which didn’t go done well with their neighbors.

How Tall Should the Air Dancer be?

The taller your sky dancer, the better the more the attention it attracts. You will find that most air dancers are between 6 feet and 20 feet tall. Going for a short sky puppet may not have the same dramatic effect as a 20 feet tall man floating away up in the sky. However, in case you have a message attached to your inflatable tall man, you may want it not to be too tall in such that people won’t easily read the message.

Weather Elements

Most air dancers are designed to be placed outside. For this reason,  you have to ensure that your preferred inflatable tube man has been reinforced to withstand harsh weather elements such as direct sunlight and strong winds. In some instances, you will find that inflatable dancer is made of poor material that easily fades when out in the sun for too long. Others just can’t function in wet weather which limits their use to specific weather conditions.

The material used to make the inflatable dancer should be strong enough such that it doesn’t rip when the wind is too strong. Usually, the common material is nylon but you will find polyamide nylon or even OXFORD material in the market. Make sure that the material used is waterproof since any leakages may end damaging your sky dancer.

Parting Shot…

You will come across all manner of air dancers out there. By the way, whether it’s an air dancer, sky dancer, inflatable tube man, sky balloon, sky puppet, air puppet or wavy arms man, all are the same thing. Bottom line is, air dancers will have a special effect on your business, trade show, event, birthday party or any other activity you want people entertained. Try one colorful air dancer today and you will be amazed at the effect they bring!