Best Barrel Planters For a Rustic Look

For ages, barrel planters have been a favorite in outdoor space decoration. Not only are they built to last but their rustic look aesthetically enhances your backyard, patio or deck. Barrel planters are made of wood and resemble a bucket filled with soil. Barrel planters are often made of wood but manufacturers have been using alternative materials such as heavy plastic and resin. You can grow a variety of plants, shrubs, and flowers on a barrel planter.

Also known as whiskey or wine barrel planters, these gardening option adds a country look to your yard. You can use these rustic looking containers for several outdoor décor designs such as tumbling flower beds, tiered barrel planter, half barrel planter, and even an umbrella stand planter. There’s no limit to the options available for this type of gardening.

While barrel planters are readily available in stores, it’s important to keep a number of things before you add one into your shopping cart. Choosing a poor quality may not give you value for your money especially because most of them are prone to rotting. In here, we have compiled a list of some of the best barrel planters that will add a rustic look to your outdoor space.

Top 10 Barrel Planters Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027 DisOak

Best Whiskey Barrel

Let’s start off with this exquisitely finished whiskey barrel planter that has a diameter of 20.5 inches and a height of 12.5 inches that will add a classic look to your backyard. The exterior has a distressed oak finish with the round bands spotting a pewter color giving it an antique look. The barrel is made of high-density resin making it durable and light in weight.

It’s also UV coated to prevent fading even when placed under direct sunlight. To fill it up, you will need up to 12.5 gallons of soil. This barrel planter comes with pre-drilled holes at the bottom but the Kentucky variation of this whiskey barrel planter doesn’t come ready with holes. You can get this barrel in smaller diameters such as 9 inches and 15 inches.

Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027 DisOak


  • Exquisite finish
  • Pre-drilled holes at the bottom
  • UV coated to prevent fading


  • Not made of real wood
  • Not stackable
  • Small in size

2. Vtete Wooden Barrel Planters

Fill your outdoor space with these beautiful wooden barrels from Vtete that come in a set of three so that you can plant a number of plants at the same time. The trough-style planter pots are made of antiseptic wood which gives your space a rustic look. The top and bottom have metallic bands that with handles attached to help keep it strong and make lifting easy. The three pots have varying top diameters of 7.5 inches, 5.9 inches and 4. 7 inches for the large, medium and small respectively.

Vtete Wooden Barrel Planters


  • Natural wooden construction
  • Comes in a set of three
  • Add a rustic look


  • Not for large scale planting
  • No drainage holes
  • Need a saucer to catch water

3. Best Choice Products  Indoor/Outdoor Wood Barrel Planter

Best Set Of 3

Add a rustic look to your outdoor space with this set of 3 planting containers designed to allow you to customize your plants and flowers. These planting buckets are made of natural wood giving them a brown, rustic look that will bring ambiance to your space. They have a black metal band at the top and bottom which holds everything firmly in place and prevents damage from shrinking.

Each of the three barrel planters comes with pre-drilled holes at the bottom to help with drainage and make planting easy. The planters can be used for both indoors and outdoors without making much of a mess. The planters also come with firm handles on the sides that make lifting and transportation easy. Better yet, no assembly is needed.

Best Choice Products  Indoor/Outdoor Wood Barrel Planter


  • Comes in a set of three
  • Rustic wooden look
  • Pre-drilled holes


  • Handles may be flimsy
  • Not ideal for tall plants
  • Not coated

4. VegTrug Barrel Planter Large 55cm Burnt Oak Finish

Best Large Burnt Oak Barrel Planter

Are you looking for a wooden planter to use in your patio, doorway or walkway? What you should get is the best large burnt oak barrel planter. We are talking about the VegTrug Barrel Planter. It is a large planter with a diameter of up to 55cm. it is made from timber with a burnt oak finish. It comes with a breathable plastic base, which helps to prevent root rotting. The breathable base lets air into the soil, which reaches the roots and refreshes them.

When you buy this product, you will receive a total of three barrel planters. It is designed to be weather resistant and is made from long-lasting 100 percent FSC sustainable timber. The rustic oak finish is effective when it comes to complimenting the ornament tree and plants grown in it. The largest size measures 55cm by 44cm by 55cm. Additionally, there are two smaller sizes you may want to pick.

VegTrug Barrel Planter Large 55cm Burnt Oak


  • Has a breathable base that aerates the roots
  • The weather-resistant planter is long-lasting
  • Available in a large size


  • Some said their planters arrived broken
  • The wooden panels fit loosely
  • Not made from an actual beer barrel

5. HakkaGirl Wooden Barrel Planter

Best Craftsmanship

To add a rustic look to your yard or garden, you can invest in these set of 3 wooden barrel planters from HakkaGirl. The barrels have been expertly crafted to give you a long and efficient gardening experience. The eye-catching vintage look and the water bucket like design is something to behold. To add to the strength of this plant holder, the top and bottom are reinforced using black metal bands.  It also features two twin side handles that make transporting the barrel planters easy. The handmade wooden construction will help show off your elegant style.

HakkaGirl Wooden Barrel Planter


  • Expertly crafted
  • Two side handles for easy lifting
  • Wooden rustic look


  • No drainage holes
  • Small in size
  • No instructions

6. Master Garden Products Wooden Planter

Best Urn Planter

If you are looking to plant deep-rooted plants, then this urn will provide you with the extra depth for such plants. With a width and height of 27 inches, this barrel planter is deep enough for tall plants. The brand converts old wine barrels into planters creating a beautiful urn style planter. The body of the urn is made of oak wood while the bottom is made of cedar. Having a number of these unique barrel planters will spice up your outdoor space.

Master Garden Products Wooden Planter


  • Good depth for tall plants
  • Beautiful wooden construction
  • Has drainage holes


  • Assembly is a headache
  • Requires a lot of soil to fill
  • Pricey

7. Southern Patio HDR-007197 Whiskey Barrel

Create a country style atmosphere in your outdoor space with this simple yet elegant whiskey barrel planter from Southern Patio. It’s made of strong resin which means it doesn’t rot which is common with other wooden planters. It can be used indoors or outdoors and will transform your space with its beautiful construction. The heavy-duty plastic construction has been reinforced using UV coating which prevents wear and tears from exposure to direct sunlight.

This lightweight planter has a diameter of 15 inches which allows you to plant large and medium-sized plants such as tomatoes. However, the planter isn’t ideal for organic farming since the inside coating may flake off and slowly contaminate the soil.

Southern Patio HDR-007197 Whiskey Barrel


  • Strong and durable resin construction
  • Wide space for large plants
  • Doesn’t fade or crack


  • Not  ideal for organic farming
  • Not deep
  • No drainage holes

8. Gardenised Whiskey Barrel Planter

To add a rustic look to your garden, invest in this whiskey barrel planter with a burnt look that will help transform your backyard. With a diameter of 15 inches and a height of 12 inches, the planters are spacious enough to plant a wide variety of crops. It also features two steel bands at the top and bottom which help strengthen the barrel.

For easy lifting and transportation, you can use the two metallic handles on the sides. The planter also has drainage holes at the bottom to help prevent overwatering. You can choose between large, medium or small size and even go for a set of all three depending on your needs.Gardenised Whiskey Barrel Planter


  • Two side handles for easy lifting
  • Strengthened using steel bands
  • Has drainage holes


  • Not for deep-rooted plants
  • Not ideal for organic farming
  • Handles may be flimsy

9. Leigh Country Half Barrel Planter

Leigh Country has expertly crafted these half barrel planters to provide you with ample planting space while adding elegance to your yard. Made of charred and burnt wood, the planters have a beautiful rustic look that is a site to behold. The half barrel planters come in a set of three with each planter with pre-drilled holes at the bottom to allow for proper drainage and prevent overwatering.

For stability, the barrel planters have an individual stand that provides support for the soil and the plants. The planter comes ready to use and doesn’t require any assembly.Leigh Country Half Barrel Planter


  • Beautiful wooden design
  • Individual stand for stability
  • Drainage holes to prevent overwatering


  • Metal bands rust quickly
  • Not ideal for outdoors
  • Too light in weight

10. Good Ideas Imp-L50-TC Impressions Palm Rain Barrel

Best Rain Barrel

To harvest water and channel it into your flower planter, then you need to have the Good Ideas Imp-L50-TC Impressions Palm Rain Barrel. With an impressive 50 gallon capacity, the planter is great for collecting rainwater. Designed with palm trunk finishes that add class and beauty to water harvesting. The palm sides have two spigots at the top and bottom that allow connecting a hose pipe or channel water into a bucket.

The self-draining planter has a built-in overflow to prevent any damage from excess water and an anti-bug and debris screen to keep your water safe. The plastic planter-top is made of BPA-free material. It is made to withstand harsh outdoor elements and will last for many years.Good Ideas Imp-L50-TC Impressions Palm Rain Barrel


  • Comes with two spigots
  • Large 50-gallon capacity
  • Beautiful palm like design


  • Top lid doesn’t come off
  • Design needs modification
  • No overflow drainage hole

How to Choose the Best Barrel Planters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

For many years, gardeners have opted to use barrel planters to plant flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and other plants. Not only do barrel planters have a unique look but you can use a number of them when space is small. Traditionally, barrel planters were mostly made of wood or designed from old whiskey or wine barrels.  These planters come in a variety of designs but lately, manufacturers are using synthetic materials to make them since wood is prone to rotting.

Types of Barrel Planters

The common types of barrel planters include;

  • Classic Planter – This is a half barrel filled with soil and features mostly flowers which gives your space a rustic look.
  • Tumbling Flower Bed – The barrel doesn’t require much modification and is tipped to the side where the plants flow out like a liquid.
  • Half Barrel Planter – It’s basically a barrel that has been cut into two and has individual stands to improve stability.
  • Umbrella Stand Barrel – An umbrella stand is placed in the middle of the barrel where the soil is filled proving shade and an elegant look to your space.
  • Bamboo Barrels – You can use it to create a green scenery in your backyard by planting bamboo which grows quickly to a great height.

Pointers to Have in Mind When Picking a Barrel Planter

Before settling on a particular barrel planter, please consider the following:

  • Material – Most barrel planters are made of wood making them ideal for organic farming. However, you will find synthetic ones with a wood-like look that are built to last long.
  • Drainage – Barrel planters come with pre-drilled holes at the bottom which helps with drainage and prevents overwatering.
  • Size – To plant deep-rooted plants, you need to pick a barrel planter with good depth for better root growth.
  • Transportation – Some are fitted with handles to help with lifting and easy transportation.


All in all, having a barrel planter will enhance your outdoor space and bring a rustic look to your flower garden. We hope that this review has shed some light on the best barrel planters that will bring out your elegant style and help you enjoy your gardening journey.

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