Best Beach Blankets For A Lovely Summer Afternoon

There’s just something about summer that makes you want to step outside and chill in the warm afternoons and have some outdoor fun. For some, this is the perfect time to go on a picnic or just sit on the beach soaking up some sun. Some of the essentials to have for an ultimate summer vacation is a cool pair of sunglasses, sun screen, beach wagon, folding chair, beach umbrella, swimming goggles, snorkeling masks, cool swimming gear and a beach blanket.

You will agree with me that chilling out by the beach is heavenly but the fun can be hampered by the sand that sticks on your body by the end of the day. Bringing a beach blanket with you when out on the sandy beach will not only provide you with a smooth surface to lay your head but will also prevent sand from sticking to your body.  You will have a great time lying on a soft fabric as you soak up all the sun that summer has to offer.

A beach blanket is just not your ordinary home blanket. It’s specially designed to withstand the outdoors while keeping sand at bay. While out shopping for a functional beach blanket there are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind such as the size of the blanket and its resistance to sand. Allow us to indulge you in a review of the best beach blankets that will provide you with cool company this summer.

Top 10 Beach Blankets of 2020 Reviewed

1. WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket

Best Oversized Beach Blanket

Measuring 10 by 9’, this oversized beach blanket from WEKAPO is just what you need for a lovely summer afternoon at the beach. It can comfortably sit 5 -7 adults which makes it a great piece to sit the whole family. It weighs only 14oz which is just enough weight for easy portability. You will also get four anchor stakes and an extra two to hold it in place on windy days.

It comes in a simple design that is a major improvement from the previous model that had five bulky pockets. This one comes with 4 corner pockets conveniently placed for easy storage. It’s made of high grade ripstop nylon that’s water proof and sand resistance. The breathable fabric is also fast drying and will ensure that you don’t drag sand along. The mat is also triple stitched to ensure maximum strength and durability. It’s available in three warm colors; blue, green and purple.


WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket


  • Sits up to 7 people
  • Made of ripstop nylon
  • Sand resistant


  • Can get a little hot
  • Tears easily
  • Some sand may stick on it

2. WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket

Best Oversized Beach Blanket

WELLAX brings you this oversized but compact beach blanket that will provide you with ample space to soak up some sun while out on the beach. It measures 10 by 9’ which can comfortably fit your entire family or group of friends. It’s made of 100% parachute nylon which is lightweight, quick drying and waterproof. The material is also heat resistant and can withstand high outdoor temperatures.

This multifunctional beach blanket comes with four storage pockets and a waterproof carrying case that will provide you with good storage. You can use this mat at the beach, for picnics, hikes and any outdoor family trip.

WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket



  • Quick drying and waterproof
  • Oversized
  • Heat resistant


  • Tears easily
  • Some sand may stick
  • Difficult to clean

3. ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat

Best Sand Free Beach Blanket

Say goodbye to sticky sand as you soak up at the beach with this stylish mat from ABETER. It’s light in weight, durable and folds up into a pocket allowing for easy transportation. You can quickly brush sand off and wash it since its quick drying. It boasts of a dual layer mesh technology that completely repels sand. The top layer allows sand to fall through while the bottom layer keeps off sand from below.

Included in the package is a useful shoulder bag to carry the beach blanket around. It also comes with four durable ABS anchors that help hold the beach mat in place even on a windy day. The beach blanket comes in two sizes; 79’’ by 57’’ which can fit 2-4 people and 79’’ by 79’’ that can fit 4-6 people.

ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat



  • Dual mesh technology to keep off sand
  • Available in two sizes
  • Waterproof and quick drying


  • Quite small
  • Not very comfortable
  • Some sand may come from the bottom

4. Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach mat

Best for a Large Group

Get to appreciate the white sandy beaches as you lay on this sand free beach blanket from Mumu Sugar.  It will provide you with a perfect place to lie as you soak up the sun without letting sand get to you. It’s made of durable and 100% breathable nylon which is light in weight and not a hustle to carry down to the beach. The material is also water proof and quick drying which is a perfect combination for the outdoors.

The oversized beach mat measures 82’’ by 79’’ which comfortably sits 4 people but even six people can squeeze in. The package includes one water proof carrier bag that is designed to store your beach mat, hold valuables such as a phone, sunglasses and sunscreen. It also comes with four anchor stakes to hold the mat firmly in place on a windy day. The beach mat is multifunctional and can also be used for picnics, a lunch at the park or any other outdoor setup.

Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach mat



  • 100% breathable and waterproof nylon
  • Carrier bag with storage pockets
  • Can sit 4 -6 people


  • Fitting it into duffel bag takes time
  • Some sand may stick to it
  • Not quick drying

5. ZOMAKE Picnic Blanket

Best Portable Beach Blanket

The ZOMAKE is a uniquely designed blanket that folds up to form a stylish, compact bag making transportation easy. It has a waterproofing layer that prevents moisture from getting in. It’s a multifunctional blanket ideal for the beach, picnics, camping and other outdoor activities.

It has an EPE backing that prevent sand and other debris from getting in. It has a soft fleece surface which is about 2mm thick that provides a soft place to lay down. It measures 1.7 pounds and can be easily folded up after a day out. It’s available in three unique and eye catching designs.

ZOMAKE Picnic Blanket



  • Warm and thick
  • Has a waterproofing layer
  • Easy to carry around


  • Can’t be machine washed
  • Sand may stick
  • Not quick drying

6. Angemay Outdoor & Picnic Blanket

Best Foldable Beach Blanket

The Angemay as this product is popularly known is designed to provide you with a memorable outdoor experience. It’s made of a combination of PVC and polyester which have great properties for outdoor activities. The underside has a waterproof backing that prevents water, sand or debris from getting in while the top has a soft fabric making it comfortable to lay on all day.

It easily folds into a simple but classy carrier bag making transportation a breeze. It’s also easy to clean where you wipe off the sand using your hands. It comes in a convenient size that can sit four adults and tightly squeeze in six adults. It’s also well stitched to prevent it from tearing or easily getting damage.

Angemay Outdoor & Picnic Blanket




  • Folds up into a highly portable tote bag
  • Expertly crafted
  • Waterproof underside and soft top


  • Easily pierced by sharp objects
  • May have a smell after long storage
  • Not machine washable

7. Gamegie Outdoor Beach Blanket

Best Multipurpose Beach Blanket

This multipurpose outdoor blanket is ideal for you and your loved ones to spend a wonderful afternoon at the beach soaking up in the sun. Measuring 75’’ by 79’’, this beach mat can comfortably sit three and squeeze in up to six people. The beach blanket is waterproof, sandproof and windproof. It has four stakes that help hold the blanket firmly in place as you relax. The beach blanket is expertly crafted and boasts of a one year warranty.


Gamegie Outdoor Beach Blanket


  • Multifunctional
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Large size


  • Reduced breathability
  • May have a smell after storing for long
  • Too plastic

8. OCOOPA Sandfree Beach Blanket

Best Colorful Beach Blanket

Get your loved ones and relax on the beach by investing in this oversized beach blanket from OCOOPA. It measures 10’ by 9’ which can sit up to eight adults at a go. It’s made of a 100% parachute nylon material which is light in weight and waterproof. It’s sandproof and all you have is shake off the sand after a day at the beach.

It also comes with a unique storage design with pockets to keep your keys, phones and other accessories while out on the beach. It also comes with 4 ground stakes for ultimate protection from the wind. Available in four beach friendly colors; blue, pink, aqua blue and white pink.

OCOOPA Sandfree Beach Blanket



  • Made of high quality parachute nylon
  • Unique storage design
  • 4 ground stakes for wind protection


  • Limited for use at the beach
  • May take time to remove all the sand
  • Gets dirty easily

9. FYLINA Sand Free Beach Blanket

Best Water Resistant Beach Blanket

Brighten up your summer with this oversized beach blanket from FYLINA which can sit between four and six people. It’s water resistant and keeps away sand as you soak up sun on the beach. On purchase, you will get four free aluminum anchors that will help hold it firmly so that it’s not blown away by the wind. The blanket can be folded to fit in a duffle bag that’s included in the package. It also has a metallic clip that allows you to hook it to your backpack. The beach blanket is multifunctional. The material used is fast drying and waterproof.

FYLINA Sand Free Beach Blanket



  • 4 bonus stakes for wind protection
  • Fast drying
  • Can be hooked on your backpack


  • Anchors are weak
  • May smell after washing
  • Not stain resistant

10. WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket

Best Water Resistant Beach Blanket

Escape to the beach and soak up some sun with a group of friends by laying on the sand using this oversized beach blanket from Wildhorn Outfitters. It’s made of parachute nylon material that’s fast drying. Measuring 63 square feet, this oversized blanket can fit a small crowd for a lovely afternoon at the beach. It can easily fit in the provided compression sack and secured using the drawstrings.

It also comes with four sand anchors that weigh the blanket down against the wind. It also has a unique patented design that has pockets to keep your valuables as you relax at the beach.

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Blanket



  • Oversized blanket
  • Easy to store
  • High quality nylon material


  • May rip easily
  • Not comfortable
  • May stick some sand

How to Choose a Beach Blanket – Ultimate Buying Guide

The picture that comes to mind when you think of summer is a chilled out afternoon, having a barbecue in the backyard or laying out in the beach soaking up some sun. Not only is chilling at the beach relaxing but it also helps improve your skin and give you that much need tan. When going for an afternoon at the beach, you need to carry essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses and a beach towel. However, most people lay on their towels after a dip in the water and end up carrying so much sand home. To prevent such, you need to invest in a beach blanket.

Why Invest in a Beach Blanket?

Here are three reasons why having a beach blanket is a must this summer;

  • Wicking sweat – It’s common for you to sweat as you bask in the sun. Beach blankets will absorb this sweat efficiently especially those made of a breathable fabric leaving your body dry and less stick.
  • Sand proofing – When out in the beach, you will collect a lot of sand and other debris which are a nuisance to remove. However, beach blankets are specially designed to keep sand out and the sand easily falls off once you are done basking. You can shake it off or wipe it easily with a cloth.
  • Comfort – Most beach blankets come in an oversized capacity which can comfortably sit a number of people at a go. Basking in the sun requires you to be comfortable and what better way than to lay on a large mat that has adequate space and keeps your body comfortable as you soak up the sun rays.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Beach Blanket

Most people look at the aesthetic look of a beach blanket rather than more crucial factors. While aesthetics are what first draw you to a particular product, there are many more factors that contribute to a great beach blanket. They include;

  • Size – It’s important to pick a beach blanket with a capacity to sit above two people because anything smaller than that is more of a beach towel. Blankets are designed to have outdoor fun as a group and you will find some that can fit up to six adults comfortably. If you have a large group of loved ones, go for a bigger blanket so that you don’t end up too squeezed at the beach.
  • Material – The most common material that you will come across when it comes to beach blankets is nylon which is loved for its outdoor friendly properties. Parachute nylon or ripstop nylon is light in weight, waterproof and fast drying which are all great features when outdoors. Another common fabric used on beach blankets is polyester which has great breathability and is comfortable to lie on.
  • Functionality – While most people buy a beach blanket for use only at the beach, you will find that these blankets can be multipurpose. You can also use them for family picnics, outings, for a day at the pack, camping, music festivals and other outdoor activities.
  • Accessories – The beach can get very windy at times and beach blankets come with ground stakes that help anchor the blanket and prevent from being blown away. Some of the blankets also have pockets where you can store your valuables such as keys, phones, sunglasses and other personal items.
  • Portability – Carrying the blanket around should be easy and convenient. Beach blankets often come with carrier or duffel bags where you can quickly squeeze your blanket after a day at the beach. Some easily fold up and convert into a tote bag for better transportation.

No more laying down on your beach towel when at the beach when there are so many varieties of beach blankets out there. Better yet, you don’t have to carry home sand with you which can be a or your nuisance to remove. Hope you have spotted the best beach blanket from our list that will help you relax and get tanned this summer. Don’t forget to bring your favorite book, a pair of sunglasses and some snacks for a lovely afternoon at the beach.

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