Best Bird Cages Your Feathery Friend Will Adore

So, you want to buy a home for your feathered friend. And not just any home will do. You’ll need to make sure that the birdcage you buy meets all of the needs of your bird. Does he need room to zip around or stretch his enormous wings?  Can it fit all his toys and feeder? How strong is your bird? Is he likely to break the bars with his beak (we’re looking at you, macaws)? And of course, you want to choose a home that speaks to your bird’s personality. A bird’s home is directly linked to his health and happiness just like what our homes are to us. If you’re looking for the finest home for your feathery pet, you’re going to need to quite a bit of research. But if you haven’t had time, we’d love to help. After a lot of research, we’ve found the best bird cages for the various birds in our lives.

Top 10 Bird Cages Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Prevue Hendryx Iron Flight Cage

Best Bird Cage For Finches

If you’ve got several small birdies like parakeets, canaries, lovebirds, or finches, you’re going to need a large cage. And this flight cage from Prevue is just the thing. It comes in two sizes – large and extra large. The large comes with 4 plastic double cups, three wood perches, a sliding litter tray and grill, two large hinged front doors, and six small spring-loaded access doors. The material is non-toxic and pets safe powder-coated steel mesh with space between bars set at 1/2 inches. The cage comes with a storage shelf at the bottom as well as wheels for easy transport.

Take note that this cage is not for large birds like African greys as they will be able to easily snap the bars with their beak. At most, you can use this cage for medium-sized birds like the sun conure. Also, the spring-loaded access doors don’t lock which means that they aren’t safe from getting manipulated by a clever, determined birdie who wants to get out. Plus, the instructions aren’t clear so you might have slight difficulty in building this cage.Prevue Hendryx Iron Flight Cage


  • Lots of wood perches
  • Plenty of space
  • Storage shelf


  • Not for large birds
  • Unclear instructions
  • Side access doors don’t lock

2. Vision Bird Cage

Best Bird Cage For Canary

The Vision Bird Cage is one of the best in the market because it comes in a variety of sizes, from small to large. The small cage is perfect for lovebirds, finches, budgies, and canaries. It has lots of room for the bird to move around, The perches are designed in a wavy pattern to promote blood circulation in your bird’s feet and prevent foot problems. The base is deep with a debris guard and the feeders positioned low on the cage so your bird won’t be making a mess when he eats.

The cage also comes with wide double doors that also function as a landing pad for the birds after they’re done playing outside. If you just want to reach inside without your bird escaping, you’ll be glad to know that these doors work independently. You can keep one closed and the other open. And for convenient cleaning, just detach the base from the cage. Plus, your bird will find that the horizontal bars are excellent for climbing.

However, the assembly instructions could’ve been written better. Also, owners of larger cages weren’t a fan of the different cleaning system since the cage wasn’t as easy to lift off the base compared to the small model. Also, because of the plastic guard, it can be hard for some birds to reach the bottom of the cage to feed because there are no nearby rungs.

Vision Bird Cage


  • Double doors that can transform into landing pads
  • Horizontal bars
  • Side guard
  • Hard to lift the large cage off the base


  • Assembly instructions weren’t easy to follow
  • Side guard may prevent some birds to climb down to the feeder

3. Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage with Play Top

Best Bird Cage For Cockatiel

This Play Top Bird Cage from Yaheetech is perfect for cockatoos, parrots, and cockatiels. This wrought iron cage features a heavy duty button lock that will keep even the cleverest of birds inside. Inside the cage, you get one wooden perch plus 2 stainless steel bowls that are easily accessible because they come attached to the doors which feature a sliding lock. There’s also a seed guard to prevent messes from reaching your floors and a sliding litter tray for easy cleaning.

Up top, there are two more food bowls, a wooden perch, and a climbing ladder. There’s also a sliding litter tray just in case your bird decides to make a mess while in his play area. The four industrial casters enable you to easily move the cage from one room to another. However, this is not ideal for small birds because the space between the bars is too big. Even the perch would be too big. Also, the bowls are too deep so you’ll need to fill it halfway up for medium birds, all the way to full for smaller sized birds. The instructions with this cage were also pretty awful because it wasn’t specific enough.

Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage with Play Top


  • Easily accessible food dishes
  • Built-in play top
  • Secure button lock


  • Not for small birds
  • Bowls are too deep
  • Unclear instructions

4. Best Choice Products Portable Playtop Iron Bird Cage

Best Bird Cage For Sun Conure

The Best Choice Products Iron Play Top Bird Cage is another top choice for medium to large birds. It’s actually quite similar to the Yaheetech cage, though it is more expensive. It features one wooden perch inside the cage as well as three stainless steel bowls. The cage also comes with a seed guard plus a play area on top that features two more bowls, a wood perch, and a climbing ladder. There are sliding trays for each part of the cage for easy cleanup.

And the locking casters are perfect for easily moving the cage around. The bar spacing, in case you’re wondering, is 3/4 inches. So, what sets this apart? Well, we like the door latch better because it’s more secure. And the company has good customer service. However, like the Yaheetech cage, the bowls here are too deep. Also, there’s this gap between the bottom of the cage and litter tray which is not protected by any wire or the seed guard which still leaves room for some seeds to fall through. Plus, little kids can easily reach in and touch the poop (you know how curious they are).

Best Choice Products Portable Playtop Iron Bird Cage


  • Built-in play area
  • Secure door latch
  • Good customer service


  • The gap between the bottom grill and litter tray
  • Not for really large birds
  • Bowls are too deep

5. Mcage Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Best Bird Cage For Parakeet

The Mcage Wrought Iron Flight Cage is the perfect home for multiple small birds like finches, canaries, lovebirds, and parakeets. It features a large front door with a safety lock, 4 wooden perches with plastic feeder cups, 2 metal platforms, and 2 metal ladders. The slide-out litter tray makes it easy to clean.

And the entire cage can be lifted up from the rolling stand which, by the way, features a storage shelf for your bird’s food, extra toys, and what-not’s. And it has 1/2 inch bar spacing. However, some clever birds can easily figure out how to open the access doors for the feeding birds. Because the cage isn’t attached to the rolling base, it seems as if it will slide off easily. And some users reported receiving cages with bent bars

Mcage Wrought Iron Flight Cage


  • Comes with platforms and climbing ladders
  • Rolling cart with shelf for storage


  • The cage can slide off the cart
  • The door latch isn’t that secure
  • May come damaged through shipping

6. Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

Best Bird Cage For Budgies

This brightly colored birdcage from Prevue certainly caught our eye. It is uniquely designed with three roofs, two short wooden perches under the two side roofs, and two long perches in the middle of the cage. It comes with 2 plastic cups for food and water. And the bottom grill is removable along with the pullout tray to make it easy to clean. This cage is ideal for small birds like parakeets, not for medium-sized ones.

And there are access doors from the roofs! However, there are walls separating the space right under the three roofs which can hinder the bird’s flight from one side to another. Also, the door slides up instead of swings open which could be harmful to the bird if it suddenly closes (gravity, of course) while he is still passing through.

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage


  • Unique and brightly designed
  • Lots of perches
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for cockatiels as recommended
  • Walls between the roofs interrupt flying from side to side
  • Sliding door could be dangerous to the bird

7. Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage

Best 2-Bird Cage

The Hagen Vision 2-Bird Cage is a durable, highly functional product made from wires. Its sturdy frame means it can last for a long time without the need for you to replace it. If you are looking for a cage in which you can keep finches, lovebirds, canaries, and budgies, this is the best possible choice. The cage has a door that opens in both directions for easy operation. Thus, a bird can fly in or out without needing your help.

It comes with a detachable base so that you can easily clean and keep it in great shape. The waste won’t come out of the cage, thanks to the dedicated debris guard. Because of that, you get to decide when to clean the cage. Inside, there are food & water dishes as well as green perches on which the bird can relax. It is suitable for hanging outside your window so that you can have a glimpse of your favorite birds when you want to.

Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage


  • Easy and fast to clean
  • Can be used to accommodate several bird species
  • Comes with food and water dishes as well as perches


  • Comes with unclear instructions
  • Some users had issues with the plastic bottom
  • Some arrived with a damaged packaging material

8. Prevue Hendryx Dometop Bird Cage

Best Bird Cage For Macaw

There’s no question that dome top bird cages are attractive to look at. But this Silverado cage from Prevue takes it to a whole ‘another level. This is cage designed specifically for macaws. It comes with three stainless steel, non-tip bowls as well as one hardwood perch. The front door is double-locking and extra large. The seed guard prevents birds from making a mess while eating. And the feeder doos ensure that the bowls are easily cleaned and refilled when necessary.

This is the largest cage you’ll find at this price point so if you’re on a limited budget but want something big for your bird, then this is the cage for you. Just take note that clever birds have been able to easily figure out how to open the access doors and use that as an escape route. We did note that the perch that came with the cage was a bit on the small side for a macaw but good enough for an Amazon parrot and cockatoo. Also, a lot of users report bent bars due to shipping.

Prevue Hendryx Dometop Bird Cage


  • Very large cage
  • Double-locking front door
  • Very affordable


  • May arrive banged up
  • Access doors can be easily manipulated by clever birds
  • Perch is too small for macaws

9. PawHut Bird Cage

Best Bird Cage For Lovebirds

This 63-inch tall bird cage from PawHut that comes with a removable rolling base that features 4 universal wheels for easy transport. There’s also a handle at the top of the cage to make carrying the cage easier. The cage is made of solid powder-coated steel wire with 2 large doors at the front, 4 wooden perches, and 4 plastic food dishes. The slide-out litter tray makes cleaning the cage easy though it is made of plastic. The bar spacing is 1/2 inches which are ideal for small to medium-sized birds.

For the amount of cage you get, the price is pretty affordable. And it’s so easy to put together. However, some owners reported getting units with rust spots. Also, there are plastic parts such as the feeding dishes and the bottom tray. Fortunately, small birds don’t have the beak strength to make a dent in these parts.

PawHut Bird Cage


  • Affordable
  • Very spacious for small birds
  • Easy to assemble


  • Plastic parts
  • Some buyers received units with rust spots

10. King’s Cages 9004030 Dome Top Bird Cage

Best Bird Cage For Amazon Parrot

If you’re going to splurge on a cage for your bird, then the King’s Cages 9004030 Dome Top Bird Cage is just the thing. This ginormous cage is made in the US and has a high-quality powder coating that won’t get scratched easily. It features a large front door that has a bird resistant lock as well as a dome top door that will enable your bird to come and go as he pleases when it’s play time.

The seed guard helps prevent messes from staining your floors while the slide-out litter tray makes cleaning the cage easy. Inside the cage, there’s a wooden perch as well as three swing-out stainless steel bowls. And if black is not your color, this cage comes in 4 other colors – white, Coppertone, gray, and sandstone. However, it is incredibly expensive. It’s smaller than the Silverado which costs a fraction of this one. And the bowl does not have locks to keep the bird from knocking them down during a tantrum.

King's Cages 9004030 Dome Top Bird Cage


  • Durable construction
  • Bird-resistant lock
  • Dome top door


  • Very expensive
  • Smaller than the Silverado
  • No locks on the bowls to keep them from getting knocked over by the bird

How to Choose the Best Bird Cage: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you feel the most secure, comfortable, and happy. Well, the same goes for any pet, including birds. If you have a pet bird – cockatoo, macaw, finch, canary, parakeet, etc., chances are that you consider him as part of your family. And the only way to ensure his health and happiness is to give him a space to call his own.

Of course, nothing is simple about choosing a bird cage. Just like our homes, what works for one type of bird won’t necessarily work for another. And with so many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from, finding the right bird cage can ruffle the feathers of most pet owners. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. In our quest to find the best bird cages in the market, we learned what and what not to do when picking a home for your feathered friend. And we’re sharing our knowledge with you.

Types of Bird Cages

Though it may not occur to the average Joe or Jane, there are actually several types of bird cages that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of specific bird species. We discuss the four basic ones you’ll encounter in any pet shop.

Classic Cages

This cage is generally rectangular or square in shape, exactly what you’d think a bird cage would be. The sizes of classic bird cages will vary; some will be short and wide while others will be tall and narrow. These are often more affordable compared to other types or styles and will comfortably suit almost any pet bird.

Flight Cages

Also called aviaries, these are very large cages that provide birds with room to move around. The largeness of a cage can be in either height, width, or both, depending on the bird you’re going to place inside. Some birds like the macaw will need a tall cage to allow room for their long tails. Some birds like the finch will need a large width because they tend to fly from side to side. And then there are some that will require enough room for them to spread their wings, climb, and exercise. In general, flight cages like the Prevue Hendryx Iron Flight Cage are bigger than classic cages, though the latter is more proportionate in size.

Dometop Cages

As you’ve probably already guessed due to the name, this type of cage features a curved top section instead of a regular flat one. Having a curved top provides extra room for your bird to climb and exercise without requiring more floor space. Also, it’s a lot more attractive that classic bird cages. One good example of this type of cage is the Prevue Hendryx Dometop Bird Cage.

Playtop Cages

Some birds are pretty active and will need some time out of the cage. Playtop cages, as the name suggests, are bird cages with a play area built on top of the cage’s roof. This “playground” often consists of perches, toy hangers, and feeders like what you see in the Best Choice Products Portable Playtop Iron Bird Cage. This is an excellent choice if you want bonding time with your bird and you trust him not to fly out the window.

What Size Should the Cage Be?

As we’ve already mentioned, your bird needs room to move around, stretch his wings, and play in order to be healthy and happy. You’ll also need to consider room for food dishes, toys, and perches. Another important factor in choosing cage size is available space. What would you do with a large bird cage if you can’t fit it inside your home?

Obviously, the larger the bird, the larger your cage should be. A small cage will only cause distress and may result in screeching, refusal to eat, and feather plucking. In fact, no matter what size your bird is, no cage is ever going to be too big. For them, bigger is always better. In short, buy the biggest bird cage you can afford. What’s important is the bar size.

What’s the Appropriate Bar Size?

Naturally, the space between the bars of your bird cage should be narrow enough that the bird’s head will not fit but not narrow enough that he could get his foot stuck between the bars. Below are recommended cage sizes and bar spaces for different sized birds.

Small birds: these include canaries, finches, and lovebirds. Minimum cage size is 24″ (wide) x 24″ (deep) x 24″ (high). The bar space should be no bigger than 1/4 inches to 1/2 inches like the Mcage Wrought Iron Flight Cage.

Medium birds: these include Senegal parrots, conures, and cockatiels. The minimum cage size is 24″ (wide) x 24″ (deep) x 36″ (high). The bar space should be no bigger than 1/2 inches. One of our picks, the Best Choice Products Portable Playtop Iron Bird Cage, is a good choice for medium-sized birds.

Medium-large birds: these include red-fronted parrots, Jardines, and caiques. The minimum cage size is 24″ (wide) x 24″ (deep) x 36″ (high). The bar space should be no bigger than 5/8 inches to 3/4 inches.

Large birds: these include African grey parrots, macaws, and cockatoos. The minimum cage size is 36″ (wide) x 36″ (deep) x 48″ (high). The bar space should be no bigger than 1 to 1 1/2 inches. A good option for large birds is the Prevue Hendryx Dometop Bird Cage.

Consider These Safety Features

While you’re going to be spending time with your bird outside the cage, most of his day will still be spent inside, especially when you’re out of the house. That means that he’ll probably go about his day playing on the bars, fiddling with the latch, chewing on any exposed nuts/bolts, or whatever else takes his fancy. To prevent your bird from getting hurt and/or getting out, you’ll need to make sure that the following safety features are included in the cage of your choice.

Solid construction: No matter what your bird does – chewing, pecking, flapping, etc., a cage made of welded stainless steel will not break. If you don’t want stainless steel, go for any bird cage made with metal to ensure that it can withstand any abuse from your bird. Wooden and plastic bird cages can be chewed on which means your bird will likely set herself free after some time.

Strong Latch: Birds are very clever and can learn how to pick the cage lock. Make sure that you choose a latch that is beyond your bird’s capabilities to manipulate. There are three basic types of latches you can choose from. The sliding door typically uses gravity to close the door and ensure it remains closed. The swing-out door usually utilizes a tension closure while hinged doors typically feature a deadbolt type of latch like what you see with the Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage with Play Top. If your bird is incredibly clever, you can add a cage lock to the door for added insurance.

Access door: You’ll need to make sure that the door not only allows you to place your entire arm through it but also that your bird can freely pass through the door if he wishes to. Why? Well, you’ll need to clean the cage and may have to reach for your bird while he’s in it. Also, you don’t want your bird to be unwilling to leave the cage on his own because his feathers get caught on the door or his wings get bumped.

What Other Features Should I Consider?

Feeder doors: you’ll want the feeder doors to be easily accessible so you can provide clean water and food quickly.

Slide-out litter trays: most cages have this feature but it still bears repeating. You need to clean your pet’s cage daily so you want to make sure it’s hassle-free. This is especially important if you want your bird to remain in is cage while you do this chore.

Seed guard: unfortunately, birds are never neat eaters. You’ll need this shield to ensure that your pet’s food (as well as his poop) stays within the confines of the cage, not on your floor, wall, or furniture. Some seed guards are plastic like the Vision Bird Cage while others are made of metal like what is featured in the Giantex Play Top Bird Cage.

Perch: you’ll naturally have at least one perch inside the cage but it’s better to have two or more. You’ll want to make sure that the perches are of different diameters and materials to exercise your bird’s feet. Those made with natural wood are perfect, just make sure that the wood is parasite-free. The Mcage Wrought Iron Flight Cage, for example, comes with 4 wooden perches for your birdies to use.

Bowls: you need to make sure that the food and water bowls are wide and shallow. Also, they should be chew-proof (stainless steel or ceramic), especially if you have a large bird. Plastic is fine with small birds as long as it is sturdily built and can withstand pecking and chewing.

Do I Need to Add Toys?

Yes! Just like you have your sources of entertainment inside your home, your bird will want the same. Toys can help stimulate your pet’s curiosity, instinct, and needs. These can be blocks of wood, rope toys, mirrors, and/or bells. Make sure that the cage will accommodate the toys that you plan on placing inside.

Anything Else I Should Know About?

Before you click on that “buy now” button or put cash in the cashier’s hand, we want to make sure that you have the ideal location for the cage. He should be located in an area that is neither too hot or cold which means away from windows, air conditioners, radiators, fireplaces, and doors going outside. Because cooking fumes and fluctuating temps can be bad for your pet, don’t place his home in the kitchen. Your bird’s home should be near enough to observe family activities but not in the middle of said activities. In general, a bird cage’s ideal location is in the living room or family room.

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