Best Bolt Cutters – The Tool That’s Cut For The Job

If you are looking for the best bolt cutters with cutting edge technology on the market, you are absolutely on the right page. We know how difficult it is to settle for sub-standard tools but equally daunting is the task of finding and choosing the right tool for the job. Our comprehensive list of top-of-the-line bolt cutters aims to save you time, money, and effort in your quest for the most innovative tool in your toolbox for a lucrative investment today.

Bolt cutters are versatile and handy tools, which you must never do without but shopping for one could take much of your time yet leave you still spinning with confusion in the end. Without a useful and wide-ranging guide, looking for the best bolt cutter could be like finding a needle in the haystack. Check out the best bolt cutters on our list and review your choices for a wise and well-thought tool investment.

Top 10 Bolt Cutters Of 2020 Reviewed

1. WORKPRO W017005A

Best Bolt Cutters For Better Grip

Cutting and slicing materials is a difficult task that requires enough strength and precision for quality results and a bolt cutter that delivers better grip is a great tool to invest in. This model by WORKPRO boasts of thick grips to securely and comfortably sit in the hand for better handling especially on thicker materials.

It has forged chrome molybdenum steel jaw materials that ensure quality and durability particularly its corrosion resistant feature. The edge retention is noteworthy even after you have cut several materials multiple times. It works on thick chains, thin cables, and anything in between.



  • Comfortable and quality grip for better handling
  • Good quality for the money
  • Comes in four different sizes


  • The handle may be too thick and stiff

2. Capri Tools Klinge Mini

Best Bolt Cutters For One-Handed Use

The design for this device is for one-handed use or function, thus, it has the right construction and materials in order to do the job. It comes with the CrMo double heated treatment so that the blades could cut through thick and tough materials while the one-handed function allows you to stabilize and shear at the same time.

One of the highlights of this 8-inch bolt cutter model is that it is compact enough to let you store it in smaller toolboxes for safekeeping and travel. The high leverage design lets you cut through thick and tough materials without exerting too much effort while the nicely contoured grips allow you to handle the tool with ease and comfort.

Capri Tools Klinge Mini


  • Ergonomic grips for secure and comfortable handling
  • Double heated blades for seamless cutting
  • Compact and portable for cutting on the go


  • Weak jaw not for heavy-duty use
  • Not wide enough opening for larger materials

3. Knipex 71 32 200

Best Bolt Cutters For The Money

The compact and handy tool is a model that suits your budget as well as your limited toolbox space and that is what gives it a spot in our list. Investing in high-quality tools such as a bolt cutter need not burn the bank and this product is proof of that. Even with a relatively small dimension of eight inches in length, the tool is strong enough to cut through items measuring up to 5.2mm.

One of the highlights of this tool is the locking system for the handles, making it ideal for safer and convenient transport. The comfortable grip handle reduces fatigue as well as makes your work so much easier.

Knipex 71 32 200


  • Best value for your money
  • Small but heavy-duty
  • Cut and bolts at close range


  • Size is too small for bigger cutting jobs
  • Only works for limited bolts or devices

4. Olympia Tools 39-118

Best Bolt Cutters For Convenient Storage

You need this bolt cutter if you are looking for something that you could easily fold down to miniature size for convenient storage. The maximum measurement of the tool in length is only 18 inches but it boasts of its heavy-duty materials and features that allow cutting through standard bolts.

On top of the foldable feature of the Olympia bolt cutter model, it also ensures quality cutting and slicing to make your work easier and faster. The innovative folding technology requires you to press the switch in order to lock the device into a folded or cutting position.

Olympia Tools 39-118


  • Compact and portable for hassle-free storage and handling
  • Ergonomic handles for power cutting and comfort
  • Provides a lot of leverage


  • Not much on the precision side
  • Plastic handles feel stiff

5. HK Porter 00190MCD

Best Bolt Cutters For Power Transmission

Some cutting and slicing tasks require to reach and you need a powerful tool that serves you at this end of the spectrum. The HK Porter model is the ideal choice if you want power transmission with cutting edge technology for superior and seamless results. The 18-inch bolt cutter boasts of the PowerLink technology, allowing you to experience reduced cutting effort by 30% or even higher.

On top of the cutting precision and superiority, the bolt cutter comes with a computer-generated design offering better efficiency for its geometry. It is the preference for handymen for a tool that delivers middle-of-the-road functionality with good quality and lightweight construction to prevent hand fatigue.

HK Porter 00190MCD


  • Requires less cutting strength and effort
  • Induction-hardened blades for sharpness and toughness
  • Heavy-duty tubular steel handles


  • A bit stiff action
  • Not effective in cutting thicker materials
  • Prone to slippage

6. Fiskars PowerGear

Best Bolt Cutters For Leverage

The PowerGear technology for this bolt cutter model by Fiskars is what gave it a cutting edge because of its leverage-boosting feature, offering more than 30% more cutting power for the hardened rod. It has adjustable eccentric bolts for optimizing jaw and superior cut performance over time with a hassle-free operation.

You get 100% sharpness with the heat-treated and forged blades even with heavy-duty tasks while the ergonomic handles ensure soft grip for controlled yet comfortable handling. It has a well-made construction for daily use and its durability ensures usage for years.

Fiskars PowerGear


  • Retain edge well
  • Designed for enhanced leverage
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • A bit shorter cutting or teeth part
  • Takes force to cut through thicker materials
  • Easily rust

7. Maxilla FB-24 Folding Bolt Cutter with Ergonomic Handles

Best Folding Bolt Cutter

Looking for an effective way to cut bottles? The Maxilla FB-24 Folding Bottle Cutter is meant for bottles with a 3/8-inch diameter or less. It can cut a maximum hardness of up to 42 HRC. This is the best folding bolt cutter, given that it features a black-oxide finish making it rust-resistant. Additionally, the steel construction features drop-forged Cr-Mo, which together with the case-hardened jaws make it perfect for the toughest jobs.

This bottle cutter is suitable for use by virtually anyone, given the wide, ergonomically designed handles. The handles are also non-slip and will remain intact as you go about the bottle cutting task. It is possible to fine-tune the alignment of the cutting blade thanks to the presence of wrench-adjusted bolts. To enable you easily carry and store it, the bottle cutter comes with a dedicated locking mechanism. This is a high-quality tool as evidenced by the lifetime warranty.

Maxilla FB-24 Folding Bolt


  • A rust-resistant bottle cutter
  • Cutting blade alignment can be fine-tuned
  • Has a locking mechanism


  • Some had issues with the locking mechanism
  • Not for cutting larger bottles
  • May not be as precise as expected

8. GreatNeck BC30

Best Bolt Cutters For Flexibility

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to this bolt cutter brand and model as it comes in five different sizes and capacities. Getting this collection is diversifying your tool wardrobe exponentially because you have a different item for a specific use and purpose. The crisp cutting control and strength of the tool come from its hardened forged steel blade construction to cut through the thickest and toughest chain links.

The 30-inch bolt cutter has high chrome forged vanadium steel jaws for cutting precision while it gives a wide 3/8 inch open capacity for better cutting access and reach. It comes in 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 3.5mm capacity with jaw opening ranging from 5/32 to 3/16 inches.

GreatNeck BC30


  • Flexible jaw action style for multiple capacities
  • Ergonomic rubber grips
  • Chrome vanadium steel heat treatment


  • Jaws chipped when cutting bigger padlocks
  • Durability not tested

9. Neiko 00563A

Best Bolt Cutters For Heavy-Duty Use

Some cutting and slicing tasks are just too tough and heavy than others, thus, you also need a tool that would rise to the occasion such as this bolt cutter model by Neiko. It boasts of the chrome moly steel jaws and the 36-inch material could cut through materials and objects that are harder than chrome.

The heavy-duty bolt cutter has durable blades, thanks to its heat-treated and high-frequency property, which could resist dents and damages especially in touch applications. With enhanced leverage, you need not exert too much effort in order to get more power through its classic lever-fulcrum design.

Neiko 00563A


  • Innovative blade alignment for precision
  • Heavy-duty blade and cutting capacity
  • Ergonomic handles with non-slip plastic covering


  • Too heavy for some users
  • Edges susceptible to damage

10. Klein Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutter

Best Bolt Cutters With Costly Price Tags

There are reasons why this Klein bolt cutter model is overkill for average buyers as well as those in a tight budget. The investment is worth it despite it being on top of the costlier price scale because of its innovative design and cutting edge technology, to mention a few. For instance, it boasts of the ratcheting mechanism that delivers all the advantage you need to cut through the thickest bolts with swift and precision.

It comes with a spring-loaded retention hook, which maintains the bolt or cable between cutting blades while the lock plate reinforcement ensures that the jaws are in proper alignment at all times. The long handle with comfortable grip offers leverage when cutting while providing comfort and control especially on heavy-duty and tougher cutting and slicing tasks.

Klein Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutter


  • The seamless open and close mechanism
  • Precision slicing and cutting through industry grade 5 bolts
  • Spring-loaded retention hook for quality and hassle-free cut


  • Too expensive

How To Choose Best Bolt Cutters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A bolt cutter is one of the machine tools that offer approximately thousand pounds of pressure to your hands and helps you easily chop, slice, or chop tough and thick materials that an average able-bodied person could not possibly do. The most common purpose for this tool is to cut through chain-linked metals, padlocks, rods, and bolts.

It could be a simple tool but bolt cutters are too essential for every day handy work that modern models and brands now come up with different features and selections. Shopping for the best item for your toolbox update is a challenging and sometimes confusing task. We let you narrow down your choices so that you can make a lucrative and well-thought investment.

The first step to choosing the best tool for your bolt cutter selection is to know the things to consider such as the following features or criteria:

Blade Quality

The cutting blade of the bolt cutter is an essential part of the tool and the material used for its construction determines its overall quality and what you can do with such tool. Steel blade is a highly preferred choice in this category because of its resistance to rusting and corrosion, factors that hasten the damage of the tool. The most ideal blade is the forged steel, which underwent heat treatment to ensure a hardened edge for superior cutting, precision, and seamless results. These blades also require low or no maintenance at all because they do not need sharpening or they are extremely easy to clean. Most importantly, the best quality blades could last for a long time while doing heavy-duty tasks practically on a daily basis.


Bolt cutters are tools for handymen and contractors who are dealing with heavy tasks day in and day out but their tools need not add to their burden. Thus, it is essential to choose a lightweight tool especially if you are new to the trade or an average user. The good news is that modern and well-designed bolt cutters are now compact and portable with lightweight construction. Some short handle tools are solid with heavy design in order to add force to the task motion while their long handle counterparts are lighter in weight. When it comes to weight, everything boils down to comfort and ease of use, boosting leverage along the way.

Material Type to Cut

It is imperative that you choose a cutting device that caters to the occasion particularly the type of material that you need to cut or work on. Assess the strength and thickness of the metal that you need to cut and use the ideal bolt cutter with features that match or exceed the material they would need to cut or slice. You can lengthen the lifespan of your tool by using it with the appropriate material to cut. Know the specifications of the tool specifically their strengths and limitations and compare it with the material hardness scales.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a bolt cutter for your toolbox upgrade is the price range.  You need to be 100% sure that you can afford the tool in the first place because a good purchase caters to your needs without breaking the bank. Investing in quality tools is a lucrative project but it should start with a wise and practical choice. You can find affordable tools with cheaper price tags while others are on top of the price scale. It is best to compare the products along with their features and pricing and come up with the match that balances quality and affordability in one.


Comfort and ease of use are possible with the right tool that has a quality handle for better grip especially if you intend to use it for long stretches. Quality handles should also have a non-slip grip while long handles are ideal for cutting strength and leverage. Some handles have plastic covering for steel handles while others have aluminum grips, which are lighter but absolutely more expensive.

Final Words

We hope this quick yet comprehensive guide would help you come up with a quality and lucrative investment for your toolbox update today. Compare the products in our list and see which of these tools cater best to your needs and other important preferences such as budget, ease of use, and quality, among many others.

The best bolt cutters do not fit just one category because you would discover that different needs and categories have a specific brand or model that fits the job. Making thorough pre-purchase research is the first step for you to come up with a wise and informed decision. Save yourself a lot of worries and waste of money with the wrong item simply because you did not think your purchase through. Review the items on our list and see which bolt cutter is the best tool that you should keep handy and within reach at all times!

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