Best Cake Slicers – Perfect Slices Without Any Mess

If you love baking, then you know that a perfect cake doesn’t stop at sliding the mixed ingredients inside the oven; cutting the cake into attractive slices later also matters a big deal.

While there’s no harm in eating irregular pieces at home, you really don’t want to sell crumbled slices of cake in your pastry shop. Actually, expert pastry chefs agree that awfully cut pieces of cake tend to take away some of the flavors even at home- literally.

You could simply cut the cake using your everyday bread knife, by the way. The only issue is that knives- especially those with a thick blade- are very easy to destroy the sponge and even take chunks out with them- something that you don’t want if you value excellent cake presentation.

If you are looking for something to perfectly bake or cut your cakes with, our top 10 best cake slicers reviews might be the right place to start.

Top 10 Cake Slicers Of 2020 Reviewed

1. MarxHousehold Adjustable Stainless Steel Layer Cake Slicer

Best Cake Slicer For 12’’ Cakes

One of the best slicers for cake in 2019, the Marxhousehold is a versatile model that will come in handy for cake hobbyists at home and even in small pastry shops.

Although it is not designed for cutting the cake per se, it will make the entire process very easy when using a slicing knife. The Marxhousehold is meant to help you cut the cake into even slices through its rings that are big enough to accommodate knives of all sizes.

Something that our review team like about this layer cake slicer is its adjustability from 9’’ to 12’’. This expandability coupled with its 3-inch depth design means that whether you are making birthday or wedding cakes, you’ll rarely need separate slicers for the job.

This model is very easy to use too- you’ll hardly require any form of training. And since it’s made of stainless steel, it can comfortably go into the dishwasher alongside other baking tools.

MarxHousehold Steel Layer Cake Slicer


  • Works as expected
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • Sharp rings can easily cut users

2. Yorwe 2PC DIY Cake Slicer

Best Cake Slicer For 10-inch Cakes

If you love adding thoughtfully engineered items to your kitchen and baking arsenal, we highly suggest that you check out the Yorwe.

This is a 2-piece gadget that basically aims at making it easy to slice your cakes into several even layers using a serrated knife.

Each piece of this slicer has a stainless steel spring-loaded clamp with a release button at the top, and a total of 5 adjustable layers.

Cutting any 10-inch size or below cake using this slicer should be an easy process provided you have a sharp serrated knife. What’s even more impressive is that’s unlike the Marxhousehold above, this one has no limitations regarding the widths of your cakes- as long your knife is long enough, the Yorwe is ready.

We also like its compact size- each of these pieces measures a mere 2.3 by 2.3 x 1.2 inches and will barely take any space on your shelves. They are also very easy to clean in warm soapy water.

Yorwe 2PC DIY Cake Slicer


  • Durable
  • No cake width limitations
  • Compact


  • You’ll need a long serrated knife

3. ForeverSmooth 12’’ Cake Turntable w/Leveler

Best Cake Slicer Deal

Are you just starting into baking cakes or could you be planning to add new tools to your baking arsenal? Cakes of Eden has a deal you might not resist.

This package brings you a nicely constructed wire cake cutter with flat feet for anti-slip cutting and a large ergonomic plastic handle for precision.

But that’s just one of the items here. Perhaps what you’ll really like here especially if you are just building up your collection of baking gadgets is the 12-inch turntable. Yes, this is one of those tools that you can’t do without as a baker.

You’ll also get a 4-sided icing comb and a 12-inch silver cake board to make transferring your cakes much easier.

ForeverSmooth 12’’ Cake Turntable w/Leveler


  • Large ergonomic handle
  • Easily adjustable scale
  • Built to last


  • Pricey as a package

3. Prokitchen 2-Wire Cake Slicer and Leveler

Best Cake Slicer With Wire

Another one of the best cake slicers in 2019, this tool by Prokitchen is for bakers who want to cut their cakes into as many layers as possible while each giving each layer a super smooth and professional cut.

The Prokitchen is a 2-in-1 tool with a leveler and cutter. It consists of a bow and 2 strings that attach to the levelers on the sides of the box structure.

Designed to offer you precise results, the levelers have nicely labeled scales for accuracy. This scale also allows you to determine the thickness of your layers and what’s even more interesting is that unlike the other options that we’ve seen so far, the Prokitchen allows you to cut the cake into up to 8 layers.

Other impressive features of this affordable cake slicer include flat and anti-skid feet and an ergonomic handle for total control of your cuts.

Prokitchen 2-Wire Cake Slicer and Leveler


  • Precise cuts
  • Anti-slide flat feet
  • Allows lots of levels


  • Wires could be sharper

4. Premium Food Grade Stainless Steel Double Wire Cake Slicer

Best Double Wires Cake Cutter

Manufactured by Kootips, the Stainless Steel Double Wire Cake Slicer is your answer to dividing your baking masterpiece into multiple layers. This 30 cm long (11.81”) by 16 cm wide (6.3”) cutter has the same shape as a hacksaw and is just as lethal (to cakes). The wire used is ultrathin to ensure your cake slices don’t end up looking like bread slices. The handles and other smaller plastic parts are made from food-grade material

The structure is a bow with strings attached to the levelers. These levelers are scaled to determine how thick your cake slices will have to be. The cake scale goes from 1 to 9. The strings used are made of stainless steel, meaning washing them after use with water will not result in rust stains. It comes in an attractive design of purple and silver colors.

Cake Cutter Slicer Leveler


  • Quite affordable
  • Makes for even layers
  • Can be used to create multiple levels


  • Weakly made
  • Some models arrived damaged
  • The wires could have been finer

5. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking 43688

Best Wire Cake Slicer For Affordability

For those who are looking for the best cheap cake slicer, we bet it never gets cheaper than the price that the Mrs. Anderson’s Baking 43688 comes at.

This cake slicer works in a similar manner to the Prokitchen Slicer and Leveler, only that this one is much smaller in size and relatively more affordable too.

The 43688 can be used to cut and level cakes of all shapes and with widths of up to 13 inches and depths of up to 6.5 inches.

This slicer is made of stainless steel to eliminate all possibilities of rusting and the wires are much easier to adjust compared to those of the Prokitchen.

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking 43688


  • Simple to use
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Cheap


  • Limited height
  • Handle too slim

6. Update International, 8-Slice Pie Cutter Press

Best Cake Slicer For 8 Pies

The Update International falls in the same category with the Debbie Meyer’s Kake Kut’r in that the 2 are designed to help you slice your cakes into nicely cut pies.

The single most difference, however, is that the Update International slices your cakes into 8 pieces in one thrust- a really good thing if you are purchasing it for a small cake shop.

This model is compatible with pies ranging from 7’’ to 12’’ and has 2 decently sized handles to make slicing your pies a breeze.

This pie cutter press comes at a really good price for its performance and its seemingly sturdy construction design. And it gets even much cheaper if you are purchasing more than 3 units.

Update International, 8-Slice Pie Cutter Press


  • Great for large pies
  • Even slices
  • Saves time


  • Perfect for pies

7. Bonviee Adjustable Cake Leveler

Best Cake Slicer 3 Wire

The Bonviee is considerably pricier than the 2 wire slicers that we’ve seen so far- but that’s because this is one of the best cake slicers for professionals. And it has a plentitude of features to fall for.

Unlike other models that use a plain wire to do the cutting, the Bonviee is fitted with 3 slim and serrated blades that not only make the cutting process speedier, but they also reduce the risk of tearing the cake.

Another great feature that you won’t find on other wire cake slicers is the ability to adjust the tightness of the blades simply by twisting the butterfly nuts on the scale.

Bonviee Adjustable Cake Leveler


  • Professionally labeled scale
  • Lightweight
  • Serrated blades


  • Pricey
  • Adjusting takes time

8. Cade Cake Leveler and Slicer

Best Cake Slicer For Versatility

The Cade Cake Leveler and Slicer is pretty much similar to the MarxHousehold that we saw earlier. It will make a really good purchase if you feel that only a serrated knife can help you make those perfect cuts provided there is a guide to help you make even cuts.

This cut slicer is made of stainless steel and its width can be adjusted to accommodate cakes with different sizes from 9.8 inches to 12 inches. The process of adjusting the width is fairly easy and almost everybody including your kids can do.

The Cade works on cakes 9 inches high and will give you a total of 7 slices. The manufacturer says that it will ship with a knife although a few buyers report that they didn’t get one.

Cade Cake Leveler and Slicer


  • Adjustable size
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile usage


  • Uneven layers

9. Ateco 1327 Cake Portion Maker

Best Cake Slicer For Portioning Cakes

Our last recommendation in these best cake slicers for 2019 might interest you especially if you make bridal shower, engagement, wedding, and birthday party cakes.

The best part about this slicer is that it can be adjusted to let you slice the cake into 10-12 pieces. There’s also an option to get a slicer that allows you to cut the cake into 14-16 portions depending on your personal needs. Mind you, you could also simply mark your cake with this portion maker to make it easy to cut the pieces evenly when you need to.

These cake portion makers are relatively affordable and are made of hard plastic that speaks volumes about their durability.

Ateco 1327 Cake Portion Maker


  • Sturdy plastics
  • Portioning cake is easy
  • Durable


  • Has no blade

How To Choose Best Cake Slicers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As you may have realized from our best cake slicer reviews, these kitchen tools come in all types. What you need to know, however, is each model’s contribution to the process of slicing the cake.

For instance, the Ateco 1327 above as well as the Cade and Marxhousehold that we saw earlier on are designed to guide you on cutting the cake into even portions, but they don’t have blades on themselves.

On the other hand, others including the Bonviee and Mrs. Anderson’s have an onboard guide and slicer.

Construction Materials

Depending on the type, the best cake slicers to buy may be made of all sorts of materials from wood to plastics and from stainless steel to aluminum. Be careful with stainless steel and aluminum models as the cheaper ones are often flimsy and may bend easily.

Ease of Use  

A cake slicer should be generally easy and straightforward to use more so if it will be used by your youngsters. You don’t want something that will crumble your cakes or tear them.

On the same note, while a slicer is generally an additional too that will need to be washed at the end of the day, it should not be so complicated. Preferably, get something without nooks and crevices that may hide food debris.


Cake slicers come at all prices depending on the model and construction materials. You could spend as little as $4 or even as high as $20 depending on your budget. The price is not always a sure telltale of the performance of the slicer, though. So, be sure to check out how a particular model works in real life. Other people’s feedback on the reliability and ease of use of the slicer may prove invaluable here too.  


A cake slicer is just as important as a turntable in your baking arsenal.  Although you could still do without one, it will make your life very easy especially if you work in a cake shop and also if you generally pride yourself in perfectly cut cake slices at home.

We don’t know what your take is having gone through our 10 best cake slicers reviews above, but we think that the Bonviee carries the day on our list. This is a high-quality thoughtfully crafted piece of art that uses 3 serrated and sharp blades.

The advantage that the Bonviee offers compared to other cake slicers of its design is the ability to adjust the tightness of the cutting blades so they never sag and lead to uneven slices or a crumbled cake altogether.

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