Best Commercial/High Velocity Industrial Fans – For Natural Breeze and Continuous Flow of Cool Air

If your workplace needs a bit of natural breeze or that cool air to improve the productivity of the employees, you have a few options you can consider. One, you can ask everyone to drink a lot of water and wear fewer clothes to reduce their body temperatures; or two, simply install one of the best commercial/high-velocity industrial fans. You see, the first option isn’t practical and may not work for busy workplaces. The second option, however, is ideal as it provides a continuous flow of cool air and counters heat waves.

If you are looking for the best commercial/high-velocity industrial fans, we are going to offer you a helping hand, giving you 10 cool options you can consider today, as well as some tips to help you in your shopping.

Top 10 Commercial/High-Velocity Industrial Fans Of 2020 Reviewed 

1. Tornado – 24 Inch High-Velocity Air Movement Heavy Duty Metal Drum Fan

Best 3 Speed Commercial Fan

When you decide to have an upgrade for your workshop, warehouse, garage or your damp garage, think no further. With the Tornado Drum, you stand to benefit from its CFM speed, which deliveries of up to 4700 at the highest to low speeds of 3400. What makes this fan the strongest in the market is its thermal-protected motor that has high, medium and low-speed options. Amazingly, the noise that comes from rotating has been significantly reduced by 40%!

Just as the name suggests, this fan has a strong metal drum and a grille that will not rust for a very long time. To ease its movement, the fan has two handles at the top that make it easy to move. At the bottom, its affixed with nonskid legs that ensure that it remains very stable and the casted wheels allow you to move the fan as you wish.

Tornado - 24 Inch High-Velocity Air Movement Heavy Duty Metal Drum Fan


  • Powerful PSC motor that makes it powerful
  • Low noise
  • Full 360 degrees tilting


  • May use more power
  • Does not oscillate
  • Cannot be mounted on the wall

2. Lasko 20″ High-Velocity QuickMount, Silver

Best High-Velocity Fan for Floor and Wall Mount

Flexibility, convenience, and energy saving are the things that stand out with the Lasko 20″ High-Velocity Quick Mount. This fan is large enough for your industrial, warehouse or even the store. With three powerful speed options, this fan will cool your workspace off at high velocity. Additionally, the metallic fan blades and powerful motor guarantee that the breeze around you is changed forever. The pivoting head ensures that you can easily manipulate the circulation and airflow to a specific point.

Surprisingly, the fan can be transformed from a floor fan to being mounted on the wall by the bracket that it comes with. Assembling the fan is as simple as 123- you only need to follow the instructions and require no tool for this! For its durability, the fan has a metallic cage for the fan that will endure any form of hardship at the workspace. And what’s more- the fan’s control system is at the front for convenience in control. The rubber pads at the bottom will protect your surfaces.

Lasko 20″ High-Velocity QuickMount, Silver


  • Amazing air moving ability
  • Long lasting build
  • Can be used on the floor or be mounted on the wall or ceiling


  • Quite loud
  • Consumes a lot of space
  • A bit heavy to move around

3. Hurricane Wall Mount Fan – 20 Inch

Best Wall-Mount Industrial Fan

Thinking of installing a fan but space just won’t allow? The Hurricane Wall Mount Fan 20” is all you need. The fan is easy to mount and will stick to your wall as it comes with wall mount hardware that is heavy duty. You not only get 4500 CFM, but also rest assured that the fan will allow you up to 1400 RPM and at the same time tilt to achieve that perfect tilt of your choice.

The fan can be used at your warehouse, industry, garage, workshop or even at the greenhouse to ensure that your farm attains the desired temperatures. The fan has aluminum blades and steel made guards that will enhance safety. The fan comes with a powder- coated black finish that will make it rust free at the same time looking amazing on your wall.

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan - 20 Inch


  • Comes with thermally protected motor that shuts in case of overheat
  • Does not need a lot of space
  • Highly efficient blades blow a lot of air well


  • May overheat if used for a long time
  • Bracket screw is quite short to get the perfect mount
  • May loose oscillation with a time

4. MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS 24-Inch High-Velocity Drum Fan

Best Portable High-Velocity Fan

The MaxxAir Drum Fan can tilt up to 180 degrees allowing you to direct it to where you want the air moved. You can select to have it at a high of 4000 or low of 2800, two settings that are ideal for optimum result. The mega fan comes with four blades that will move swiftly minimizing the noise and allowing you the peace of mind you need while working or relaxing.

The motor is thermally protected and will work even at the harshest conditions as its build to last. It is easy to set up and use and comes with brackets that allow you to suspend it on the ceiling or wall. The machine is perfect for your industry, factory and will ensure that you get the best circulation experience.

MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS 24-Inch High-Velocity Drum Fan


  • Can be used on the floor, wall or on the ceiling
  • Minimum noise output with its four blades
  • Very efficient for heavy industrial usage


  • Only used indoors
  • Wheels may slid to the axel or tubing with time
  • May shake and vibrate at high speed

5. Master PROFESSIONAL Master MAC-24DCT-EP Fan

Best High-Velocity Fan with Tiltable Barrel

The name of this fan sums it all; it’s a professional “master fan” capable of delivering impeccable results. With its 4000 CFM, the airflow from this fan is one to reckon with. It comes with a steel construction drum housing that ensures it is durable and at the same time ensuring the workspace is safe for all those around the fan. The 24 inch blades are large and are spun by a powerful industrial motor that consumes less power. And this beast is one that will work outdoors and indoors perfectly; from the garage and industries to the warehouse and barns.

The Master MAC-24DCT-EP will tilt in its barrel ensuring that you achieve the desirable angular orientation. The grille is quite firm and is OSHA compliant on top of it being durable. To ease movements, the fan is mounted on a swivel cart that has cast wheels and rubber stoppers to ensure stability.



  • Great airflow of up to 4000CFM
  • Strong and durable metal construction
  • Cast wheels enhance mobility


  • Cannot be mounted on wall
  • Quite expensive
  • Noisy

6. MaxxAir BF42BDRED BF42BD High-Velocity 2-Speed Belt Drive Drum

Best Heavy-Duty, Portable Industrial Fan

Let’s talk about big size fan. The MaxxAir Belt Drive Drum is one of a kind. The fan is 42 inch that is best described as a workhorse as it gives you a CFM of maximum 10,200 and a minimum of 7,300! With its velocity fan, you are assured that the air in your industry, greenhouse, workshop or any other space will circulate like never before. You can choose the speed of the fan from its 2-speed selector and easily select where you want it placed as it comes with a very convenient handle. The fan is belt driven which ensures that the you don’t have to worry about the noise.

Designed to move large volumes of air, the fan comes with a powder coated steel housing of 22 gauge. The grille is powder coated, rust free and OSHA compliant. The motor is ½ HP PSC that will not blow up even at high temperatures as its thermal protected. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your power bills skyrocketing- the power consumption is very economical.

MaxxAir BF42BDRED BF42BD High-Velocity 2-Speed Belt Drive Drum


  • Moves huge volumes of air
  • Energy saver and thermally protected motor
  • Comes with 2-year warranty


  • Consumes a lot of space
  • Does not oscillate
  • Bulky to assemble and transport

7. GeekAire Rechargeable Outdoor High-Velocity Floor Fan

Best Rechargeable Outdoor Commercial Fan

When you think about portability, convenience, and digital life, think of the GeekAire Rechargeable Outdoor High-Velocity Floor Fan. This fan comes with a metallic 12-inch fan blade that allows airflow of up to 2000CFM. The fan comes with a 15600mAh portable battery that can run between 4-24 hours, depending on the speed. It ensures that you are able to enjoy the coolest airflow at any place you want as its tilt-able head can be adjusted to up 12 degrees.

What’s more; the powerful motor is built with the latest DC technology that ensures it saves you energy and electricity costs. The fan can be used in any industry – from the garage to the factory to your own home. With the speed control setting allows you to attain the best battery life and low noise. The structure is water resistant and IPX4 which allows it to be an indoor and outdoor favorite. Phone running low on charge? This fan has a USB port that allows you to charge your phone while out there!

GeekAire Rechargeable Outdoor High-Velocity Floor Fan


  • Rechargeable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Quiet powerful motor
  • Durable water-resistant build


  • Battery life reduces with time
  • May overheat if used for long
  • Quite complicated to assemble

8. Master PROFESSIONAL MAC-12F Floor Fan, 12 Inch, Black

The Master PROFESSIONAL MAC-12F is an excellent floor fan for not only commercial places but also home use. It is made from premium all-steel material. Moreover, the head tilts vertically, which makes it aim and direct the airflow to where it’s most convenient. This floor fan features 12-inch fan blades which have three-speed settings for flexibility. It comes with a 6-foot power cord that is great long reach plugin. 

What you will love about this floor fan is that it is absolutely lightweight. It also has handles this means that you will be able to move it from place to place with ease. It is also very user-friendly; you can control the settings by just a click of the button. If you are not into the installation, you will love it’s out of the box use as it comes already assembled.



  • Comes already assembled
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use


  • Not powerful enough for large commercial areas
  • A bit small for some uses
  • A little noisy

9. Air King 9518 18-Inch Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan, 1/6-Horsepower

Best Wall Mount Industrial-Grade Fan

The Air-King 9518 18-Inch Industrial Grade is the perfect wall mount fan for warehouses, plants, large offices and other industrial places that need strong air circulation. This multi-purpose has an 18-inch three-blade design that is constructed with premium powder-coated steel. It produces an impressive 7450 CFM airflow. Besides, with the aid of permanently lubricated 1/6 horsepower, the cooling unit provides a discreet performance with massive airflow. 

The fan construction is heavy duty and durable. Moreover, whisper-quiet technology is not only perfect for household use, but also commercial places such as manufacturing plants, offices, hospitals and schools. Air King 9518 comes along with a 9-foot, three conductor type SPT power cord that is perfect for extended reach. Additionally, the fan supports the smooth pull chain operation.

Air King


  • Durable with a classic design
  • Safe and powerful motor
  • Has a superior conductor type cord


  • May vibrate a bit when on low settings
  • The angled bracket on the fan does not allow you to rotate the fan
  • The design may limit the position of the mounting

10. TPI Corporation Single Phase Wall Mount Commercial Circulator

Best Commercial Extractor Fan

Having bad odors in your workplace, home or factory? The TPI Corporation Single Phase Wall Mount will help you solve that. With its over 6000 CFM airflow speed, the fan stands out to expel all stale air, bad smell, and dampness from your space. The fan comes with a 1/4 HP motor that is permanently lubricated and enclosed to ensure it stands all forms of debris, liquids or environmental threats. This 30-inch diameter fan comes with 3 aluminum blades, designed to move a lot of air.

It is easy to mount in the wall and allows you to easily turn on and off by chain switch hanging from the bottom. The blades are covered with a steel hub that ensures your safety and its durability. The installation is an easy DIY procedure- just attach the fan base to the enclosure with screws and there you have the fan running!

TPI Corporation Single Phase Wall Mount Commercial Circulator


  • Moves a lot of stale air
  • Permanently sealed and the lubricated motor is very durable
  • Easy to set mount


  • Mounting hardware bought separately
  • A bit noisy
  • Quite pricey

Choosing Best Commercial/High-Velocity Industrial Fans: The Ultimate Buying Guide 

Now that you have a glimpse of the best industrial/commercial high-velocity fans in a variety of different fans (misting fans, pedestal fans, ceiling fans) in the market, let us look at what you need to keep in mind before you dive deep into your pockets.

Air Flow Speed

Let’s say you want to cool your garage, or perhaps your shop. You will need a fan with a high velocity. This is because; some of these spaces are hotter than normal rooms. High-velocity fans are particularly good in circulating air while at the same time keeping the adjacent spaces cool.


Where are you going to place your fan? Fans come in a few basic setups. Wall mounted, rack mounted and also floor based. The good thing about these fans is that they come with mounting kits which means you get to position the fan exactly how you want. This does not come cheap either. Before you go into purchasing one, be sure to plan the layout of your fan so that you avoid unnecessary costs.

Noise Reduction

Most commercial/industrial high-velocity fans emit a lot of noise. This gravely affects the activities of the space being used. For example, you may not be able to hear someone else talking, or even concentrate on your work. To avoid these circumstances, many companies have now ventured into noiseless high-velocity fans.  To be sure whether what you are getting what you actually want, be sure to do a review check.

Motor Protection

Imagine you will be using the fan in your garage! This place is probably filled with grime and other contaminants. Motors are usually very susceptible to contaminants on various surfaces and may easily fail. So, even with a lifetime warranty, be sure that the motor is well sheltered. It will save you both time, and money.


Cost is a big factor when thinking of acquiring a high-velocity fan. The price ranges are different based on the amount of power output as well as the number of fans required. The most expensive ones aren’t necessarily always the best, rather the actual features. Be sure to budget well and pay keen attention to the descriptions. You will get what you pay for.


The best fans are those that can be adjusted for different air directions and also different speeds. When looking for the best industrial fan, go for the one that can be adjusted to face different directions in case you may want to direct the airflow to a different position in the room.


That’s it! 10 cool commercial industrial fans you can consider today as well as things you should keep in mind as you embark your shopping. Remember, although there’s so much to keep in mind when sourcing the best commercial fans, we cannot exhaust all the points, but we have chosen the most important factors. With that said, you can confidently get out there and get a good industrial fan that will keep your workplace well ventilated and cool!