Best Corded Drills – Necessary Tool For Your Garage

When dealing with household renovations and repairs, you are going to need to drive holes and screws somewhere, at some point. Having a good, reliable drill for this can mean all the difference in the world. Yet, despite all the recent advancements in power and weight of cordless tools, a corded drill still stands as the most powerful machine for this. Here’s why.

First of all, corded drills hold more power, torque, and speed. This makes them highly capable of handling any job you throw at them. With a corded drill, you can handle all the dirtier, demanding jobs, without the juice running out midway. Their cords are made to be especially long as well, so they offer more flexibility in reaching far places. So, even if you already have a cordless drill in your arsenal, a corded one can act as a nice, stronger substitute.

Of the tons of corded drills today, it can be hard to know if your drill of choice is really good from its description alone; for this reason, we have done our research and made our top pick of the best corded drills in 2020.

Top 10 Corded Drills Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Hammer Drill Meterk 7.0 Amp ½-Inch Corded Drill 850W

Impact Drill and Electric Drill

The Hammer Drill Meterk is a ½-inch corded drill featuring an 850W motor that is capable of producing 3000RPM for the ultimate drilling experience. In fact, it is 30 percent more powerful than most of the other devices on the market. This is the best impact drill and an electric drill, given its ability to deliver a powerful hammer strength that produces overload for chipping and drilling on concrete, wood, steel, stones, and other hard materials. The dual-mode selector makes it possible for you to easily switch from the drill to the hammer and vice versa.

It comes with a convenient knob to set the speed to a level that’s convenient for you. You may choose to work at any speed between 0 and 3000 RPM. The forward and reverse switches are separate from each other for easy loosening and tightening of screws. It can be used when working on any fixture that needs screwing in the home. To vouch for its quality, the manufacturers are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty.


  • Comes with a powerful 850W motor
  • A dual-function electric drill
  • Easy to switch from the one-speed level or another


  • Complaints about the depth gauge bar
  • Some complained about a short cord
  • Bulky for some people


Best Corded Drill For Driving Screws

If the DEWALT DWD112 is too much drill for you, the Black & Decker DR260C is the next best thing. This is also a 3/8″ corded drill that has a keyless chuck and variable speed. The difference is in the motor and range of speed. This tool features a 5.2-amp motor, still sufficient enough for most home projects. The variable speed ranges from 0 to 1,500 rpm. What makes this particular drill stand out is the onboard bit storage which ensures you always have the necessary bits on hand.

It also comes with a double-ended screwdriver bit. Plus, it comes with a trigger lock. However, the cord is pretty short – only 6 feet long – so you’ll be needing an extension cord. Also, this is not a drill for heavy duty applications so if don’t buy this unless you only plan to use it for light duty work.



  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Onboard storage


  • Short cord
  • Not for heavy-duty applications

3.SKIL 6335-02 7.0 Amp 1/2–Inch Corded Drill

Best High Power Cordless Drill

Tough applications are better handled using a drill with a powerful motor. With its 7-amp motor, the SKIL 6335-02 is the perfect drill for applications that may seem impossible for other devices to handle. The ½-inch chuck is capable of accepting bits with larger than the average diameter. It is the best drill for all kinds of cutting and woodworking tasks. You can use it to prepare holes and fasten screws when installing appliances and other pieces of furniture in the home.

It is considered the best high power cordless drill, given its capability to drill more accurately. In ensuring this, the side assist handle comes in handy. With this machine, you will be able to control the drilling speed to a level that is perfect for your needs. Given its immense power, the drill is capable of boring into soft as well as hardwood. At only 5 pounds, this lightweight corded drill is portable enough to be used by virtually anyone.

SKIL 6335-02 7.0 Amp


  • Has a powerful 7-amp motor
  • Ability to control drilling speeds
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Complaints about a loose-fitting assist handle
  • Not for one-hand use
  • Reports of the chuck falling off while drilling


Best Corded Drill Driver With Clutch

Yes, it’s another Black + Decker. This time it’s the BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill. One of the features of this drill is the Matrix Quick Connect System which means you can switch out different tool attachments easily, no tools or chuck keys required. You can switch the base drilling/driver matrix attachment with an impact driver attachment, a jigsaw attachment, a detail sander attachment, and a trim saw attachment.

What all that means is that you can transform this corded drill to other essential tools you’ll need to stock up on anyway. This drill has a lightweight and compact design, making it perfect for those tasks that are located in tight spaces. Plus, the 11-position clutch gives you a lot of control over the amount of torque produced by the tool. Any flaws? Well, it can be difficult at times to “detach” the tool attachments when you want to switch out. And it only has a 4-amp motor which isn’t powerful enough for some users. You’ll have to stick to light duty work when using this drill.



  • 11-position clutch
  • Matrix Quick Connect System
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Hard to take off some tool attachments
  • Low amp motor
  • Light duty applications only


Best Corded Drill Under $100

The Dewalt DWD115K is one of our favorites because of the mid-handle grip which isn’t something you usually see in corded drills. With this design, you have the right amount of balance and comfort which reduces the chances of hand fatigue. Other things we love about this drill is that it features an 8-amp motor, a 3/8-inch all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck, a forward/reverse switch, and a variable speed of 0-2,500 RPM. Aside from all those great features, the drill comes with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

If that’s not enough, it even comes with a case so you don’t need to look for a place to store it. So, what’s the catch? The trigger is sensitive, much like the DWD112. It’s a bit bulky so this won’t fit when you need to work in confined spaces. And while we loved that they included the case, it seemed a bit flimsy.



  • Mid-handle grip design
  • Variable speed of 0-2,500 RPM
  • Excellent warranty + money-back guarantee


  • Hairline trigger
  • Bulky
  • The case is a bit flimsy


Best Corded Drill For Steel

Professionals will tell you that any tough job will require a tough drill. And the Dewalt DWD210G is the toughest there is. With a 10-amp motor and a reversible, variable speed of 0-1200 RPM, you have enough power and speed to work with a variety of materials from wood to steel. And it has a LOT of torque that you won’t normally need in home improvement projects.

One thing that we love about this drill is the built-in overload protection that shuts off the motor when used too long to prevent it from overheating. The 360-degree side handle feels really comfortable in your hand and doesn’t slip like one drill we tested. However, it is too much power for light duty applications. Also, it doesn’t have great low-end control; it seems to jump quickly from 0 to 600 rpm, not a slow increase. The drill also does not have a trigger lock.



  • Incredibly powerful
  • Reversible, variable speed of 0-1200 RPM
  • Includes one-sided handle


  • Starts too fast
  • No trigger lock
  • Not for light duty applications such as building furniture


Best Corded Drill For Woodworking

The PORTER-CABLE PC600D features a 6.5-amp motor, a keyless 3/8-inch chuck, and a variable speed of 0 to 2500 RPM. There’s a lock-on button to keep your finger from cramping and allow the drill to continue working. Unlike the other corded drills we’ve reviewed, this one comes with a belt clip so you can secure it while you’re working and still keep it easily accessible.

The company provides a 3-year limited warranty and a one-year free service with this drill. So, what does this tool actually offer? It definitely has a lot of power, enough that you can easily work with a variety of materials like steel and wood. However, the lock-on button will only allow you to hold at full speed. Also, it is quite loud and the chuck doesn’t grip the bits as tight as we’d like.



  • A variable speed of 0 to 2500 RPM
  • Lock-on button
  • Comes with a belt clip


  • Lock-on button is only at full speed
  • Quite loud
  • The chuck doesn’t grip the bits tight enough

8. Milwaukee 0234-6

The Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum is one of the best tools for drilling and driving in a variety of materials. It’s not called the hole shooter for anything. This 1/2-inch drill that comes with a 5.5-amp motor encased in a plastic body. Along with the aluminum/magnesium alloy gear case and soft glass-reinforced nylon handle, this heavy duty drill doesn’t feel heavy at all. The reversible, variable speed is 0-850 rpm and it even comes with a removable brush cartridge.

For added stability, the drill comes with a detachable side handle. It also comes with a kit which includes a chuck key and a rubber flex key holder. What we absolutely love about this drill is the Quick-Lok cord. Not only is it long and flexible, you can easily replace it if it gets damaged because it’s detachable. This is an issue with a lot of corded tools; but with this feature, you don’t need to buy an entirely new tool, just the cord will do. However, it is made in China. Also, the handle is a bit on the small side so large hands may have a hard time finding a comfortable grip

Milwaukee 0234-6


  • Lightweight
  • Detachable cord
  • Includes a rubber flex key holder


  • Made in China
  • Small handle

9. Bosch 1006VSR

Best Basic Corded Drill

The Bosch 1006VSR is a 3/8-inch keyless chuck drill that features a 6.3 amp variable-speed motor. Its range of speed is 0 to 2,600 RPM which is impressive especially at this price point. The 2-finger trigger makes using this drill very comfortable to use. The drill comes with a lock-on switch for continued power but it won’t engage unless the drill is at max speed.

The keyless chuck makes changing from one bit to another easy. And it seems to be very sturdily built. One thing we did notice is that it doesn’t seem to do intermediate speeds well. You start at low speed then suddenly jumps to fast; it’s definitely not ideal for fine drilling.

Bosch 1006VSR


  • Solid construction
  • 0-2600 RPM
  • Keyless Chuck


  • Lock-on switch for full speed only
  • Doesn’t transition slowly between speeds

10. Milwaukee 0240-20

The Milwaukee 0240-20 is another 3/8-inch drill with an 8-amp motor. However, its variable speed ranges from 0-2800 RPM, the highest on our list. It features an all-metal gear case and a 2-finger trigger which is sensitive enough that you’ll rarely get trigger fatigue. The cord is long enough at 8 feet so you won’t need an extension cord. The drill comes with a 5-year warranty, the longest we’ve seen.

However, it does not have a trigger lock. Also, it’s quite heavy which can lead to hand fatigue. It also lacks a clutch which could help you control the torque and prevent it from stripping screws or driving it too deep. It’s too powerful for light duty work like placing hooks in the wall.

Milwaukee 0240-20


  • Long Cord
  • 2-finger trigger
  • 5-year warranty


  • Lacks a clutch
  • No trigger lock

How to Choose the Best Corded Drill: The Ultimate  Buying Guide

The power drill is one of the most essential tools in any DIYer’s arsenal. A corded drill can be used to drive screws or create holes on various materials for building furniture and remodeling your home. But there are a lot of other things you can do with the right drill. You can use it to sand wood, buff your car, remove rust, stir paint, peel an apple, cut a hole, and even create all sorts of amazing homemade tools.

Of course, choosing the right corded drill is not that simple. It all depends on what you need the drill to do, the features you’d like to have. If you need help in figuring out which corded drill will work best for you, we’ve got a complete guide below.


The one thing that truly makes a corded drill superior to a cordless one is power. Now, the power of a corded drill is affected by several factors. The maximum power that a corded drill can produce will depend on its electric motor which is measured in amps. Because it is plugged in, max output is equal to 110 volts x number of amps (measured in watts).

The bigger the motor, the more power your drill will have. The range of motors ideal for general purposes is 5 to 10 amps. However, you may also want to take into account that a motor with a higher amp rating will be less likely to burn out.

Aside from max power output, power is also dependent on speed and torque. Speed is measured in RPM and tells you how fast the drill is able to spin. Torque is the rotational force or how much force is used to cause the bit to spin. This is measured in inch-pounds. For soft materials and small bits, you need high speed and low torque. For hard materials and large bits, you’ll need low speed and high torque.

Ideally, you should get a corded drill that offers variable speed for versatility. For most homeowners, it is recommended that you get a variable speed of 700-1000 RPM to enable you to do a wide variety of tasks. 


If you’re going to be using the drill as a driver most of the time, you’ll want to make sure that it has an adjustable clutch that will allow you to control the amount of torque used. This helps prevent you from driving a screw too deep or stripping screws. The BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT Matrix AC, for example, has an 11-position clutch.


The chuck is the part of the drill where you attach/insert the bits. Because the chuck holds the drill bit, you’ll want to make sure that its “grip” is tight so that the bits will not slip while you’re using this. One advantage of using a chuck key is that the bit is less likely to slip when you’re doing some tough drilling such as when you’re working with metal.

However, it also means that you’re dependent on that key and losing it will render your corded drill unusable until you get a replacement. Keyless chucks like the BLACK+DECKER DR260C are convenient because you just use your hand to tighten the chuck. This is ideal if you need to frequently change bits during a job.

When choosing a drill, you’ll notice that the chuck can come in various sizes, from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. The size of the chuck will determine what bit sizes and type of attachments you can use. For light duty applications, 1/4-inch chucks are sufficient. 1/2-inch chucks like the DEWALT DWD210G, on the other hand, are ideal for heavy-duty applications. For most homeowners, a drill with a 3/8-inch chuck like the BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT Matrix AC strikes the perfect balance because it provides you with the ability to perform both light and heavy duty work.

What Other Features Should I Consider?

Forward/Reverse Switch: allows you to use the drill for removing screws, whether you’ve misplaced screws or dismantling furniture.

Built-in Light: illuminates the spot where you’re drilling/driving for those times when you’re working in dark, compact spaces.

Adjustable side handle: provides more stability, leverage, and control when you’re performing heavy drilling. The Milwaukee 0234-6, for example, features a side handle.

Lock-on button: allows you to continuously run the drill without having to hold the trigger down. One of our picks, the Bosch 1006VSR, features a lock-on button that will let the drill continue working at full speed.

Weight and size: while corded drills are lighter in comparison to cordless ones, you still have to ensure that working with the drill for a few hours isn’t going to fatigue your hand too much. The corded drill should feel well balanced in your hand and provide you with a decent grip.

Anything Else I Need to Consider When Buying a Corded Drill?

Obviously, you’re going to need to plug in your drill to power it. This means that you should also consider how far the outlet is from where you’ll be working. If you’re planning on using the drill in different areas of the house, it may be wise to invest in an extension cord that is rated for the power of your corded drill. You don’t want to cause your circuit breaker to trip right in the middle of your project.

Should I Buy this Instead of a Cordless Drill?

In our humble opinion, any toolbox should include a corded drill as well as a cordless one. Each type of power drill provides you with certain advantages. A cordless drill provides you with mobility and convenience. It will also serve you well if you’re working on a site with no electricity. However, it is limited by its battery. There’s a chance you’ll run out of power while using the drill. And it doesn’t have as much power as a corded drill. If you’re planning on buying a corded drill, you might want to go ahead and get a cordless one as well.

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