Best Disinfecting Wipes for Bacteria-Free Surfaces

Bacteria and other infections are always in the air, constantly waiting for their chance to make your life just a little more uncomfortable. We have seen many hard-to-treat infections emerge, with the recent one being coronavirus, a large family of viruses that attack the respiratory system. You can read more about coronavirus alert here.

While it would be practically impossible to get rid of all infections by being careful, it would be wise to at least try and protect ourselves from them and keep our homes clean. This is where disinfectants and cleaners come in. Disinfectants come in many forms, from liquid to saturated hand wipes. For a quick and easy clean, however, disinfectant wipes are the best option.

The wipes are made for portability; they will comfortably fit in your handbags or purse, proving handy in every situation. They are ideal for any home, office, and even medical facilities, leaving them clean and sanitized all the time. The wipes are also saturated in disinfectants, meaning in addition to cleaning your surfaces, they will also leave them bacteria-free.

Because of the many wipes in the market, choosing one for your ideal situation may be frustrating. We have, however, done our research to bring you 11 of the best and safest disinfecting wipes out there.

Top 11 Disinfecting Wipes of 2020 Reviewed

1. SONO Travel Safe Medical Grade Disinfecting Wipes

Best Travel Disinfectant Wipes

Coming top in our list is the Sono Medical Grade Disinfecting Wipes. Judging by its name, it is clear that this is not your ordinary wipes, and rightly so. These wipes have been specifically tested and proven to live up to all medical standards. They will kill as many as 99.9999% of all germs you expose it to. The 0.00001%, being that one bacterium you let go on purpose to warn its compadres. This property makes the wipes ideal for any medical environment, useable on surgical tools, ambulances, as well as, schools and airplanes.

This gift from Sono comes to you perfectly packaged to suit your convenience. There’s one giant size pack that will sit well in your office or home and 3 lightweight travel packs, each holding 20 soft wipes that you can easily carry in your pockets for business or family trips. Sono wipes are alcohol-free, meaning they will be friendly to the skin. Made to have the perfect balance of wet and dry, the wipes can easily hold up in intense heat without falling apart or drying up. The moisture in them will also allow you to clean any surface without leaving any of that residual dirt behind. Meanwhile, the disinfecting element will ensure that the surface is sanitized at the same time.

Don’t leave to chance the safety of your kids as they go out to play in the dangerous vast beyond. Simply sanitize their hands with one of Sono’s high-grade towelettes and guarantee their health. The wipes are also safe for plastic and rubber materials, meaning you can disinfect their playthings as well. It also has a soft, pleasant scent that will leave the room smelling fresh.


  • Different sized packs for different occasions
  • High grade, medically tested toilettes
  • Nicely moist, won’t leave residual dirt


  • Packets may seem larger in person
  • The wetness may leak in your bag if left exposed

2. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack

Best Wet Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox is another item on in our list that is common to most households, and for a good reason. Like most other premium-quality wipes, the Clorox disinfecting wipes will duly rid your surfaces of 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses. They are especially convenient to use in offices and office equipment including desktops, keyboards, and your mouse. If your office is prone to visitation by random people, this product would be ideal in making sure it remains clean and bacteria-free after every visit. 

Contrary to misconceptions about these wipes, they come completely bleach-free, which implies that they are safe for wiping kid’s toys, or common household tools like remotes. They also come extremely wet, with extra liquid on the bottom of the container if you need extra sanitization. These wipes work like a mop — they will completely handle the dirt on that countertop without leaving any residue.

Clorox is safe for use on a variety of surfaces as well, suitable for more than just kitchen counters. With this, you can get to tackle even the more tough surfaces like sealed granite and finished wood. The wipe pack comes in 3 canisters, each containing 75 wipes. To sweeten the deal even further, this product will offer you a choice of not one but two different scents. Get to bring life to your home with either the fresh scent or the crisp lemon. To add a futuristic appeal to it, Clorox even went the extra mile to make it Alexa compatible. So then what are you waiting for? Get Alexa to order for you a pack today with a simple voice command.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack, Bleach Free Cleaning Wipes


  • Wet enough for wiping dry surfaces
  • Leaves no residue on the surface
  • Alexa compatible


  • Doesn’t grip dust well
  • Packaging may come with loose lids
  • The rolls don’t dispense as efficiently through its top lid

3. Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes

Best COmpostable Cleaning Wipes

From just the name alone, this cleaning product would give you the impression that it is environmentally friendly. You would be correct on that assumption. Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes consists of naturally derived ingredients that account for at least 95 percent of its composition. Without compromising on cleaning power, these plant and mineral-based wipes do the job, and do it well, leaving no residues or traces of chemical fumes.

These wipes are compostable as well. This simply means that they are bio-degradable, as they are made from 100 percent wood-based fibers. When done, just throw them in the compost bin; when they are later discarded into the compost heap, nature will do its bit returning the bio-ingredients to the macro-environment.

They can be used on almost any surface in the home. It’s a true grease-buster and cuts through any dirt and grime due to its powerful blend of ingredients and advanced cleaning formula. This makes it perfect for the kitchen. The wipes can also be used to cleanse your hands and exposed body parts. They are fully dermatologically tested, ensuring safe, itch and rash free use for those with sensitive skin. It is also worth mentioning that it will leave your surfaces with a clean and refreshing scent. They are convenient and easy to use. Stay healthy, stay fresh and clean green.

Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes, Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes


  • Offer great cleaning power
  • Good for the environment
  • It is fairly priced


  • They leave behind a white streak after cleaning 
  • They do not disinfect
  • The scent might be off-putting to some people

4. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemo

Best Lime Disinfectant Wipes

Coming out first and comparatively stronger than most contenders on our list is the Lysol disinfecting wipes. With this disinfectant, you can enjoy life, free of worries about bacteria or viruses like the flu or cold. And here’s why. The wipes have been thoroughly tested and proven to kill up to 99.9% of all those disease-causing organisms. They come reasonably wet, which makes them very easy to use, and save the effort of having to water a paper towel every time to get rid of a dry stain. Simply wipe the surface you want to disinfect and allow it to air-dry for 4 minutes. 

The Lysol disinfecting wipes are machine friendly; therefore, safe to say, you can comfortably use it for all your smartphones, remote controls, and tablets. Made by being saturated in disinfectants, these wipes are three times stronger than your ordinary paper towels. When used correctly, they will enhance your hygiene threefold. This, in turn, means that you can achieve more sanitary results using fewer wipes. 

Also notable is the sweet fragrance instilled within. The wipes have been intuitively crafted with flavored smells, which will leave you uplifted, and your hands smelling fresher than before. The smells will also prove handy when trying to rid yourself of that gross brown smelly stuff that’s usually beneath the rim of your burner.

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes


  • Great for efficiently cleaning small messes
  • Have a sweet smell.
  • Wet therefore moist enough to remove dry stains


  • Some ill sealed lids leak fluid within the packaging
  • Uncomfortable if you are sensitive to smells
  • May not get rid of the really hardened stuff on a surface

5. Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-surface Wipes

Best Multi-Surface Disinfectant Wipes

If you happen to be that all-natural anti-chemical enthusiast, then this next product is the one for you. Unlike most other products out there, the seventh generation is manufactured purely from a solution of essential oils, which makes it one of the first of its kind. 

However, that doesn’t make it fall short of its expected performance; when called upon, these wipes will prove up to the task, and though you can’t see with your bare eyes, it will easily eliminate up to 99.9 percent of germs. It can achieve this with the help of its patented botanic disinfectant that contains the active ingredient Thymol, a component of thyme oil. This property makes the product most recommendable for surfaces that are delicate yet susceptible to germs like children’s toys and their hands.

With the seventh generation wipes, disinfecting any surface will be reduced to one easy step. You won’t need to rinse or wipe those surfaces any more than necessary. Leave your surfaces smelling fresh and clean with the wipes lemongrass citrus scent, also made with botanical extracts. The product is also generous when it comes to economies, coming in a pack of six with an outstanding count of 70 wipes per packet.


  • All-natural anti-bacterial composition
  • Soft and durable
  • Adequate quantity of wipes in the  package


  • The thyme smell might take some getting used to
  • Can’t fully clean the really dirty stains 
  • The liquid in the pack may be overwhelmingly wet

6. Protex Ultra Disinfecting Non-Abrasive Wipes

Best Non-Abrasive Disinfectant Wipes

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and boy, looking at the Protex Ultra’s features, you wouldn’t be wrong calling it a godsend. This one-step, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered disinfectant packs a powerful punch, eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria in just 15 seconds. Within 4 minutes, not only will this cleaner cleaned, but it will also completely disinfect the surface it’s been used on. The packaging is small, making these wipes extremely portable and ideal for personal use. 

It’s good on most hard, non-porous surfaces, non-critical surfaces, and with a guarantee of not compromising their structural integrity. With some other of its applications including wiping down vinyl exam tables, countertops, mammography compressor plates, ultrasound transducers, and probes, these wipes are proven clinically safe to use in even critical areas, like medical offices, dental offices, emergency vehicles and hospitals to locker rooms and exercise/gym facilities.

The Protex ultra Disinfecting wipes are useful against a broad range of disease-causing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), including but not limited to: mesa, hive, staph, e-coli, herpes, HIV, H1N1, salmonella, influenza, Norwalk Virus, and MRSA. All these disease-causing microorganisms are around us, and especially for those working within the environments mentioned above. You need to always to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm; for this reason alone, look no further than Protex Ultra.

Protex Ultra Disinfecting Non-Abrasive Wipes, Soft Pack


  • The shipping is fast
  • They are extremely portable
  • Still good 5 years past the date of manufacture


  • Packaging may allow air in, that would dry the wipes
  • Reports of expired wipes

7. PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Clean Refreshing Scent

Best Hand Disinfectant Wipes

Purell is a name that has proven trustworthy in the world of hand sanitizers, so it’s no wonder it comes in such demand when it’s back to school time. The thing that stands out with the Purell is perhaps the design of its canister. It is made small and compact enough to fit in your ordinary cup holder or bag, with as many as 40 wipes, which means that it would be convenient, not only for home and office use but it can also serve as that overprotective travel companion that always keeps you safe, only, in this case, it will be from microscopic perils like bacteria. 

The product is also dermatologist-tested, proven to be consumer-friendly, with aloe and vitamin E, that’s especially good for your skin. Get to pop this baby up anytime for a good clean up any time you find soap unavailable. In addition, the wipes are conditioned to be soft and gentle, free of any of those harsh chemicals that may compromise your skin. They are wet enough to withstand the summer heat, and also hold up in the bad winters without freezing.

For those with sensitive skin, you’d be pleased to know that these wipes are Triclosan and alcohol-free, although while still performing as well as the regular alcohol wipes. This, in turn, poses less risk of skin irritation and will be less likely to dry out in its pack. The wipes come out superior to the liquid disinfectants, as they are less susceptible to be poured out by those meddling kids of yours that you adore so very much.

PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes


  • Alcohol and Triclosan free
  • Skin-friendly, dermatologist tested
  • Small and compact for portability and traveling


  • Has no inner seal, easy tampered with or drying out
  • Smaller in size hence don’t hold as many wipes
  • Size Might be inadequate for larger needs

8. CaviWipes by Metrex Disinfecting Towelettes

Best Disinfecting Towelettes

The most conclusive way you’d describe these wipes from Metrex is that they are nonwoven, nonabrasive, and durable towels, pre-saturated with CaviCide. CaviCide is basically a renowned disinfectant that has been proven to be sufficient even in the most serious medical environs, not limited to surgical centers, critical care units, and operating rooms. To further back this up, these wipes have been tested and found effective against HCV, TB, and HBV Viruses, besides your typical flu and cold. 

The fact that CaviCide is the primary component makes it ideal for disinfecting non-porous surfaces, and if used as directed, these wipes will effectively decontaminate even critical instruments and surfaces of your medical devices. These wipes are saturated enough to withhold their wetness. Because of their nonwoven property, they will remain sturdy without bunching up during use.

The wipes come in a 12 canister case, with up to 160 wipes in every canister. With this, it can comfortably accommodate a large institution like a school or hospital. It also has low alcohol content (17.20%), which makes it less damaging to sensitive skin.

CaviWipes by Metrex Disinfecting Towelettes


  • Comes highly endorsed by medical fields
  • Large and Suitable for large crowds
  • The non-woven property keeps them from bunching up


  • Comes in a 12 pack that’s not suitable for individual use
  • Has some alcohol content
  • The packaging is a bit bulky

9. Lysol Handi-Pack Disinfecting Wipes

Best Handi-Pack Disinfecting Wipes

Coming at number 8 is yet another product from Lysol. The Lyson handi-pack is, however, differentiated and uniquely modified from its predecessor, presenting this rectangular shape, which makes it both easy to stack and store as it saves up more room. This makes it ideal for traveling, comfortably sitting on top of that dashboard, ready for action if need be. This only goes to prove the company’s professionalism and consideration for a broader target market. 

The ‘handi’-ness comes in, in the size of the product. The purposefully crafted design of the Lysol handi-pack makes it very easy to pull out a wipe. Its lid can be popped open using one hand, and once you pull a wipe, it automatically dispenses the other one. Cool right? But that’s not all; these wipes also come in a wide range of packet sizes and wipe numbers within those cases. Which means you can purchase according to the one that is most convenient for you.

As with all things Lysol, these wipes also fulfill all the sanitary requirements, saturated in wet disinfectants that allow it to kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on the surfaces you run it on. The Lyson handi-pack disinfecting wipes come in crisp and lemon scents, proving to be a valuable addition to any self-preserved individual who wants to live a long and healthy life.

Lysol Handi-Pack Disinfecting Wipes


  • Easy to pull with one hand 
  • Convenient design for stacking portability
  • Sweet double flavored scent


  • The packaging looks fragile
  • Cap is easy to leave open, making the wipes to dry
  • The wipes are easy to waste, cause they dispense so easily

10. Dreft Multi-Surface All-Purpose Gentle Cleaning Wipes

Best All-Purpose Disinfecting Wipes

What can we say about Dreft’s Multi-surface All-Purpose Gentle Cleaning Wipes? 

First of all, the packaging can fit in your pocket. This is basically a convenience objectified. These all-purpose wipes will make any surface you throw at it clean. With the Dreft all-purpose wipes, you won’t even have to swipe a chair or bench-top to make sure it’s clean. Simply pick one, clean the chair, and relax with some peace of mind.  

These wipes are essential to every home. They are especially good or all the new moms out there, perfect for disinfecting your kid’s play toys. The draft won’t irritate your eyes. Make your house user-friendly and wipe down all tops with these cleaning wipes. With its specially formulated formula, it can clean anything, including high chairs, glass, crib rails, tables, table-toys, and more. 

They also have an intuitively integrated scent that is muted. This, in turn, lowers the content of possible nasal irritants in the wipes’ formula, making it useable by the allergy-prone, the asthmatic, or just generally anyone who doesn’t fancy floral-smelling cleaning product.

Dreft Multi-Surface All-Purpose Gentle Cleaning Wipes


  • They offer great value for money.
  • Are moist, but don’t leave surfaces wet.
  • They do not tear or rip.


  • Sometimes comes in a poor packaging
  • More sensitive users have reported mild itchiness 
  • The wipes dry up too fast

11. Disinfecting Wipes By Clean Cut, Fresh Scent, Value Size 200 Wet Wipes

Best Affordable Wet Disinfectant Wipes

The good people at Clean Cut also deserve a spot on the list, bringing you their value size disinfecting wipes. Manufactured with an advanced cleaning formula, these wipes are capable of wiping out just about most pathogens. It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in just 15 seconds and can disinfect surfaces of common viruses such as cold and flu viruses, canine distemper virus, and herpes. 

The wipes are strong and are texturized to softly scrub away all grime and grease, making it perfect for the stove-tops. They also keep your sleek fridge clean and wipe out any kitchen and food-related messes. It does all this without leaving sticky, gross-looking streaks across your glass table, kitchen countertops, car dashboards, and even that dusty rearview mirror. These wipes will leave your surfaces with a guaranteed shine.

In addition to neutralizing stains, it neutralizes bad odor. Spilled soup on the counter? No problem. These wipes will sanitize your countertop, clearing the mess leaving it with a lovely but mild scent, making them good for bathroom areas too and are a must-carry, especially when visiting public bathrooms/restrooms. With its value size pack of 6, each pack has up to 200 wipes, which makes them economically ideal for situations with large crowds of people.

Disinfecting Wipes By Clean Cut, Fresh Scent, Value Size 200 Wet Wipes


  • The scent is mild enough for anyone to tolerate
  • Cheaper than some other big brand names like Clorox
  • Really handy when baby-proofing the house


  • The wipes are thin, forcing you to use more for big messes
  • The wipes are small
  • Drier than most wipes

How to Choose The Best Disinfecting Wipe: the Ultimate Buying Guide

There are all kinds of disinfecting products on the market but wipes are among the most preferred. They are effective in cleaning all hard, nonporous surfaces. With disinfecting wipes, you don’t have to use them in one location. You can carry your wipe with you for use on-the-go. They are great for disinfecting surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere. You can use disinfecting wiped on floors, desks, doorknobs, appliances, and garbage cans.

But just how do you choose the best disinfecting wipes for use on all of these surfaces? In this write-up, we provide a comprehensive buying guide to lead you in the right direction. The following are some of the key considerations you ought to make before settling on a particular product.

Is It Safe For Your Health?

The work of disinfectant wipes is to kill germs such as bacteria and viruses. They make most of the surfaces in your home and elsewhere safe to use. Once you have applied a wipe onto a surface, you do not have to use soap and water when washing your hands. Simply take a little of the disinfectant wipe and use it to clean your hands.

But not all wipes work the same way. Some may be more effective in killing certain bacteria and viruses than others. That calls for research on your side to know exactly what you ought to buy. Also, some disinfectant wipes contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the eyes and skin. Some of them may even trigger respiratory allergies and more serious health complications. Avoid such products if you have allergies.

Is It Safe For The Kids?

Disinfectant wipes are used by adults and children alike. For the kids, it is often a requirement for them to carry a disinfectant wipe to school. However, not all products in this category are safe for children.

As you provide your child with a product that will help him or her get rid of bacteria and viruses from all types of surfaces, you should ensure that it is safe. If not, then the child shouldn’t handle it. To be sure of the safety of a product, read the label. Watch out for disinfectant wipes that recommend the washing of hands after use. Obviously, these products are not safe for the kids to handle.

The Length Of Time It Takes To Dry

The disinfectant wipes you will find on the market come in the form of solutions. Thus, they are wet and may take time to dry. However, it should not take more than 90 seconds for the disinfectant to dry. That’s what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends. Even so, the drying time depends on what it is designed to be used for.

Wipes that target tough bacteria may take longer to dry than the other wipes. So, don’t expect miracles from these products. Usually, the label on the container will show the percentage of microorganisms a disinfectant wipe can kill.

Which Surface Will You Be Cleaning?

Some wipes are only designed to work on certain surfaces. That’s why you are advised to carefully check the information to ensure you are buying a disinfectant wipe for the right surface.

If you use a wipe on the wrong surface, then the chemicals in it can even cause damage. In fact, it is a well-known fact that some wipes have harsh chemicals that may not work well on certain surfaces. Not that they cannot effectively clean the surface, but they may scorch and damage it.

Packaging And Transfer Technique

Disinfectant wipes are usually packaged differently. Some come in plain bottles, while others are packaged in dispensing bottles. Depending on your personal preferences, you may choose one kind of packaging over the other. For example, if you want a user-friendly packaging, then you may want to choose a wipe in a dispensing bottle. In that case, you wouldn’t want a pack on which you must use a scissor to dispense the disinfectant.

This goes hand in hand with the transfer technique that you should use for a given product. If it comes with a dispensing bottle, then it will be extremely easy to use. You will not have to transfer the solution to a dispensing bottle.

What Are The Ingredients Of The Disinfectant Wipe?

All disinfectant wipes will have the ingredients listed on the label. The reason the manufacturers do that is so that you can know exactly what you are buying. From the list of ingredients, it is possible to know if it contains any harsh chemicals. That way, it will be easy for you to avoid irritants and known allergens.

In the same way, reading the list of ingredients will help you to choose the most eco-friendly product. This is something you can do through guesswork. You have to ascertain that the product contains biodegradable ingredients by having a look at the list on the label. The same does for those who want to know whether a product is safe for children.

Clorox, one of the most famous brands in the world of disinfecting wipes, for instance, contains isopropyl alcohol, substrate, water, and fresh scent, among others.

Any Alcohol Or Perfume

To effectively kill germs, several disinfectant wipes contain alcohol. However, not everyone finds alcohol to be safe. In fact, several people get skin irritation when exposed to alcohol and products containing it. If you are one of them, then avoid products that contain alcohol.

The same can be said about perfumes. If you prefer a nice-smelling disinfectant wipe, buy a perfumed one. However, if you have an allergic reaction to synthetic fragrances, avoid products that contain them. That way, you will be able to maintain good skin health.

Buy An Eco-Friendly Wipe

On top of being safe for your kids, disinfectant wipes should be good for the environment.  That means it shouldn’t cause adverse effects to the surroundings. In line with that, there are several brands and products whose ingredients are biodegradable.

Eco-friendly disinfectant wipes will also feature less-harmful chemicals. They are non-poisonous and hardly hard the environment. Even as they help to clean and disinfect surfaces, they do not produce unhealthy fumes and irritating chemicals.


To buy a good disinfectant wipe, you need to have a good idea about what you are buying. If you have read the reviews above as well as the buying guide, then you are now well-informed. You can achieve absolute cleanliness while maintaining the highest levels of safety. Be extra careful as you buy these products.

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