Best Doormats – Making Your Entryway Appear Clean and Organized

They say that the first impression is everything. This is particularly true for your home. The entryway, which is the first thing that your guests come in contact with, shows your personality. A good doormat — whether indoor and outdoor — makes your foyer appear clean and organized. It also gives you a good chance of adding your personality right from the outset. What’s more important, though, is that a doormat prevents any clumps of mud or dirt coming into your house.

Whether you are looking for a doormat to protect your floor and home from dirt or just express your style or comfort, read through our reviews for the best options, both indoor and outdoor, as well as a few handy tips to help you get the right one.

Top 11 Doormats of 2020 Reviewed

1. Achim Home Furnishings Fleur De Lis Wrought Iron Rubber Doormat

Best Iron Rubber Doormat

When beauty meets style, the product is the Achim Wrought Iron Rubber Doormat. Measuring 18 by 30″, this doormat will welcome your visitors even before they knock the door. Designed with a molded iron and rubber, this doormat is durable and will withstand all weather elements.

It comes with raised grooves that will scrap dirt off on the shoes. The elegant finish ensures that it gives that impressive front door.

Achim Home Furnishings WRM1830FL6 Fleur De Lis Wrought Iron Rubber Door Mat


  • Reinforced with wrought iron making it durabler
  • Stylish
  • Environmental friendly


  • Quite cumbersome to clean in the hidden corners
  • Wrought iron makes it heavy
  • Not that big

2. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Rectangular Welcome Doormat

Best Machine-Washable Doormat

Having moisture from your shoes in your house can be quite messy. The Ottomanson Ottohome is one that will ensure that you don’t have to worry about moisture in your house. The beige background ensures that the beauty is unmatched and gives your front an awesome look. The rubber back ensures that the mat remains in place and will not curl at the edges.

This mat is easy to clean as you can use paper towels to dry it or vacuum it. The nylon material makes this mat stain resistant. You have an option of using the mat to feed your pet on and as a litter area. Amazingly, the mat can be used as an indoor and outdoor mat!

Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Rectangular Welcome Doormat


  • Reinforced with wrought iron making it more durable
  • Stylish
  • Environmental friendly


  • Quite cumbersome to clean in the hidden corners
  • Wrought iron makes it heavy
  • Not that big

3. Toland Home Garden Tree Birds 18 x 30 Inch Decorative Floor Mat

Best Artistic/Decorative Doormat

For those of us who like giving our homes an artistic touch, then the Toland 800038 can be a great item. Certified by FloorScore as exceptionally durable, these mats are very friendly to the environment and will last long. The bottom has a skid-free material with a polyester feel that will keep you safe as you enter your house.

The mat is stain resistant, will not be affected by mildew and is not prone to UV rays that will affect its color. The mat is low profile to avoid interfering with your door. It comes in a standard 18 x 30” that will work for most of your outdoor needs. The artistic feature of this mat will blend well with the front porch. Cleaning is easy and quick!


  • Beautiful and charming artwork
  • Made from environmentally friendly material
  • Easy to clean


  • Curls on edges with time
  • Quite light in weight
  • May fade when exposed to harsh weather

4. Mibao Entrance Doormat, 24 x 36 inch

Best Heavy Duty Outdoormat

This is a great outdoormat that will not only look good on your entryway but also express your personality for fine things in life.  At 24 x 36 inches, the mat is large enough to cover the front or back entrances to your home. The mat is made from wicking polypropylene and natural rubber which makes it very durable. In addition, the use of natural materials ensures that the mat is heavy duty and resists adverse weather conditions like snow and wind. The back of the mat makes it non-slip and will grip on to just any type of outdoor floor.

The beauty with this mat is one that will leave make your visitors feel the warmth as they wait for you to open the door. The mat is easy to clean and you could choose to hose it, sweep or even vacuum. The grooved fabric will trap dirt as your friends walk over the mat and you can easily know who entered the house with muddy footprints!

Mibao Entrance Door Mat, 24 x 36 inch Winter Durable Large Heavy Duty Front Outdoor Rug


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable design
  • Can be used on any entry to the house


  • Might have a strong smell when new
  • Not the best to absorb water
  • Pricey

5. Apache Mills 60-732-1449-18×30 Masterpiece Aberdeen Welcome Doormat

Best Outdoor mat for Trapping Dirt

If you are the person who believes in recycling as a way of saving our beautiful planet, then look no further for your outdoor doormat. Made from old tires, the Apache Mills mat is heavy duty and 100% environment-friendly. The surface is made with a flocked fiber that gives the mat a beautiful finish for the outdoor. The mat has deep channels on the molded construction that will trap just anything before it gets into your house.

And you don’t have to worry about your guests or pets staining the mat—the designers knew that being an outdoormat it would be prone to such, and therefore made it in a way that can’t easily stain. It’s large enough to cover the kitchen door or even the patio. Worried that your shoes have dirt and you want to get in the house without having to clean yourself? Just scrape off the dirt on the mat for only a second!

Apache Mills 60-732-1449-18x30 Masterpiece Aberdeen Welcome Door Mat



  • 100% recycled material
  • Amazing design with beautiful color finishes
  • Durable and Long lasting


  • May fade if exposed to extreme weather
  • Dirt may stick around making it hard to clean
  • Quite small

6. Large Outdoor Doormats Rubber Shoes Scraper

Best Waterproof Outdoormat

If you have a large front door that you want to give a refined look, then look no further. This mega doormat is designed to handle all weather elements. It will not be affected by the huge traffic that your doorways will let in and out. The back is made of natural rubber that ensures the grip is firm on the floor and will not skid when walked on. It has a low profile that blends well with your floor without snagging on doors.

The mat has a decorated finish which will be a joy to look at. To clean it, just spray it with a hosepipe or use a brush to clean. The polyester fibers ensure that no type of dirt enters your house, and keeps your shoe moisture free. And what’s more-its waterproof!

Large Outdoor Door Mats Rubber Shoes Scraper 24 inches x 36 inches for Front Door Entrance Outside Doormat


  • Big size and can be used on any front door
  • Low profile design ensures it does not snag on swinging doors
  • Natural rubber makes it very durable


  • Has a strong smell
  • The thickness is a bit wanting
  • Not the best packaging

7. Refetone Indoor Doormat Super Non Slip Doormat for Front

Best Non-Slip Indoor Doormat

Having messy floors can be quite distressing especially from the kids or pets. This indoor mat is made with microfiber and cotton that ensures quick and wide moisture absorption rates. Its ultrafine fiber combined with a stitched finish gives it that beautiful look that will look beautiful when used as a kitchen rug, home carpets or even bath mats.

This mat will grip the floor and ensure that it remains where it has been placed and additionally not scuff. To clean this mat, just throw it in the machine and be sure that it will come out brand new. With upgraded technology, the polyester will remain intact even when in the washing machine.

Indoor Doormat Super Absorbs Mud Absorbent Rubber Backing Non Slip Door Mat


  • Absorbs moisture completely
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used at various places in the house


  • Quite pricey
  • Company logo on the top is too large and will not absorb
  • May be damp if not well dried

8. Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat, 29×17

Best Rubber Door Mat

While you may find most doormats out there constituting of recycled materials, the Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat stands out in that it is made from high-quality natural rubber. Because of this, it is more durable, yet flexible and soft all through. The mat features a beautiful design to it too, with an inter-woven polypropylene fabric that traps dirt in its grooves. 

Another cool feature about the Gorilla is the beveled rubber border on it that forms a retention dam to keep all the mud, moisture and unwanted debris from finding their way into your home. The mat is easy to clean too. You can manage this with a vacuum, broom or simply shake it off over your garbage bin. The mat is suitable for high traffic areas. Meaning you can use it for all your indoor, outdoor entries, your patio and even garage. It comes in up to four different colors, and patterns, depending on what compliments your décor best.

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Rubber Door Mat




  • Beautiful design with polypropylene patterns
  • Comes in different colors and patterns
  • Made from rubber, thus more durable


  • Also attractive to cats who will destroy it
  • Comes with some manufacturer odor to it
  • The color may come off after some time if rained on; also it holds rainwater

9. BEAU JARDIN Indoor Doormat Absorbent Mats

Best Latex Doormat

Considering to buy a mat that will has the amazing absorbing ability and keep all form of dirt when you do stuff indoors? Then think no more. This mat comes with absorbent fibers that trap all dirt like magic. Slush, sleet, grass, water, dust among others are a thing of the past once you walk over the carpet. It will blend easily with furniture and accessories, be it in the bedroom, kitchen or even commercially where traffic is a lot.

The latex at the bottom makes it not to slip and scuff your floor. To clean it, you can throw in the machine, use a hosepipe or just shake it and you’re good to go. The color selection is amazing with a touch of elegance at the edges. The large size of this carpet will let you enjoy a warm floor and undertake a variety of uses for it.

BEAU JARDIN Indoor Doormat Absorbent Mats


  • Amazing ability to absorb all types of dust
  • Beautiful design that will supplement your furniture
  • Quite affordable


  • Not suitable for places that are watery
  • Machine wash may lead to the shedding of some fibers
  • Takes long to dry

10. DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Entry Way Doormat

Best For Patio, Front Door

Simplicity! That’s all the DII Natural Coir is all about. Its cute design and colorful style will replenish your indoor mat experience and make your guests feel at home. The mat measures 18 x 30” and will fit just anywhere in your house. Made from high-quality polyester, this mat is durable and will endure all forms of weather conditions.

Absorbing mud when you walk in from your kitchen garden has been made easier. And to ensure that the mat will not cling to your boots, a rubber bottom will keep it in place. Made from coconut fiber, the natural finish will ensure that the carpet retains its natural colors for a long period.

DII Indoor/Outdoor Natural Coir Easy Clean Rubber Non Slip Backing Entry Way Doormat


  • Simple beautiful patterns
  • Durable
  • Low price


  • Not the best to absorb water
  • May stain the concrete
  • Fades with time

11. Refetone Indoor Doormat 20″x 31.5″

Best for Large Entryways

Having a big mat in your house for your child to sit on or the pets to lie on is a big advantage to your floor. This carpet measures a massive 20″x 31.5″ and will come in handy when you want to get rid of all dust elements at once. Whether its mud from your boots or your dog’s paws, stand assured that the mat will capture it with ease and perfection.

Made of polypropylene fiber, the mat guarantees easy cleaning and quick to dry. Additionally, the mat can be vacuumed or machine washed without having to worry about the fiber spinning off. The beauty that comes with this mat will make you purchase it to add that designer finish to your kitchen, bathroom or every other space in your home!

Indoor Doormat 20"x 31.5" Front Back Door Mat


  • Large enough to cover any space in your house
  • Attractive and beautiful design
  • Will not stain easily


  • Will not flatten well if delivered rolled up
  • Needs to be placed at an angle to avoid the door from snagging
  • Fades with time

Choosing the Best Doormats:The Ultimate Buying Guide

The importance of doormats can never be overemphasized. Not only do they make an impression on your guests, but they also keep away mad and other forms of dirt from your home. Before buying a doormat, there are several things you must consider. They include the following:


There are several types of doormats to choose from depending on your specific needs. You may want to pick any of the following:

  • Rubber mats. One of the strongest points about rubber doormats is that they are flexible, waterproof, durable, and tough. Thus, they are suitable for use outdoors or in mud rooms. When muddied, this kind of doormats is easy to clean. All it takes is a splash of water.
  • Rope doormats. Rope doormats are usually weaved from synthetic fiber that’s soft to the touch. You can use these doormats both in the indoors and outdoors. They don’t absorb dirt and are easy to clean. The material used to make these doormats is less sticky and you will most likely find them being used in bathroom mats. As such, the mats tend to move around a lot when you use them to wipe feet.
  • Lobster rope doormats. Given that it is made from rope originally meant for tethering lobster traps, these ropes are perhaps the most durable. The material is so heavy-duty that can resist water, mud, mildew, and insects. With a weight of between 6 and 10 pounds, these mats stay in place when used for wiping feet. When one side gets dirty, flip it over and you have a completely clean surface.
  • Fabric doormats. Some of the fabrics used to make doormats include polyester, cotton, acrylic, nylon, and wool. Depending on the kind of fabric used to make them, these doormats can be highly durable. While they are mostly woven, some are tufted and others braided. Those with tufts trap dust and dirt. They are great at hiding stains on the floor.

Indoors or Outdoors?

An important consideration is whether you will use the doormat indoors or outdoors as this goes hand in hand with the material. If you intend to have a doormat to transition between the outdoors and indoors, ensure it can resist water, mud, dust, heat, and UV rays. At temperatures above 40° C, rubber doormats may start to crack. Thus, they are not suitable for the outdoors. However, lobster rope doormats can withstand water as well as heat.

For the indoors, the lighter rope doormats, as well as those made from fabric, are the best. When tufted, they can be placed next to the door to trap dirt and dust.


A good doormat should be able to fit the size of your door. If your door is 4 feet wide, the mat should be at least 3 feet. The thickness is also important, given that it determines the ease with which you will open and close the door.

Ability to Trap Dirt

One of the purposes of having a doormat is to trap dirt and dust particles. This prevents your house from getting soiled. When the time comes for cleaning, simply shake the mat or vacuum it. If made of fabric, it may require machine cleaning.

When you do your homework, you will definitely find a doormat that’s fit for purpose. Consider the type of mat you want and where you want to use it. The size of the doormat and its ability to trap dirt is also important. Use our guide to find the right one for your needs. Good luck!