Best Fixed Gear Bikes For a Memorable Riding Experience

Before there was derailleurs and freewheels, fixed gear bikes or ‘fixies’ as they are adoringly called, ruled the cycling world. These bikes are considered the grandfathers of the world of bicycles. Fixies never run out of fashion and there are those bike lovers who wouldn’t cycle anything else.

To help you understand the place of fixed gear bikes in the cycling world, just look at the difference between driving a manual transmission car compared to an automatic car. Fixies allow the cyclist to be in control of the pedals such that pedaling forward pushes the wheels in front while backward pedaling reverses the bike.

Fixed gear bikes have a simplistic design and have been credited for making cycling fun. The bikes have a single gear and can have between zero to a maximum of two brakes. With so many types of fixed gear bikes out there, you can get overwhelmed and confused about the fixie for you. In here, we have compiled a number of some of the best fixed gear bikes available in the market to help you make the right cycling decision. Have a look.

Top 9 Fixed Gear Bikes Of 2020 Reviewed

1. 6KU Aluminum  Single-Speed Fixie

Best For Urban Areas

The team at 6KU is on a mission to help cyclists own quality bikes without too much financial strain. True to their word, you will get value for money with this aluminum fixie that’s so lightweight you can easily carry it over your shoulder during your ride. The double wall alloy wheels and Flip Flop Hub give this bike superior performance as you race through the town.

The fixie has risen handling bars instead of drop ones to help you quickly navigate the city.

It also has features such as dropouts made of stainless steel for increased durability, smooth welds and an attractive design from all angles. You can choose from five beautifully created colors and three sizes of 51cm, 58cm and 61 cm. Whether you use this fixie as your everyday transportation or cycle it once in a while, you will definitely get value for your money.

6KU Aluminum  Single-Speed Fixie


  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Easy navigation handlebars
  • Well lubricated


  • Pedals are of fairly cheap quality
  • Wobbly wheel reflectors
  • No place to mount the front reflector

2. Big Shot Bikes Prime Line Collection

Best For Men and Women

One of the selling points of fixies is simplicity and the Prime Line Collection by Big Shot captures this perfectly through this bike. With four sophisticated styles; Copenhagen White, Dakar Yellow, Dublin Matte Black and Kyoto Gray you will definitely stand out with this fixie. The track bike has the look of a traditionally fixed gear bike but the race track-inspired performance of a modern bike.

The bullhorn modification ensures maximum comfort for a smooth ride while the front and rear brakes are designed to ensure a smooth stop. The bike’s 43mm rims complete the beautiful look of this fixie. You have the option for single speed or fixed gear with a minimal mechanism where you simply remove the back tire to switch to single speed. The bike is available in small (52cm), medium (56cm) and large (60cm) sizes so there’s something for every cycling enthusiast.

Big Shot Bikes Prime Line Collection


  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Excellent braking ability
  • Dual purpose – Fixed gear & single speed


  • Takes long to assemble
  • Quite heavy
  • No space for water bottles

3. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear

Best For Beginners

Offering a combination speed, style, and simplicity, this bike has been labeled a best seller by its manufacturers. Its simple design has a flip flop hub which allows you the option to ride as a fixed gear or a freewheel. As a fixie, you will get to enjoy total bliss as you connect and fully control your bike. The front has dual alloy brakes which makes stopping as easy and safe as possible. The brand’s signature saddle will ensure maximum comfort as you cruise through the city.

This fixie is also easily customizable where you have the option of adding handlebars, water bottle holders and foot straps which you can obtain from this manufacturer at an extra fee.  Since the bike comes 90% assembled, putting it all together is easy with minimal maintenance required. The bike also comes with a lifetime warranty while the components have a one-year limited warranty.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear


  • Customizable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes 90% assembled


  • Fairly expensive
  • Saddle a bit too curved
  • Geometry is a bit off

4.State Bicycle Fixed Gear/Fixie Single Speed Bike

Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

If you like having a good time in the outdoors, the State Bicycle Fixed Gear Single-speed Bicycle is all you need. Even though a fixed-gear bicycle, it is extremely fast in strenuous conditions. It comes with a flip-flop hub, which makes it possible for you to switch from the fixed gear to the single speed one with coasting. It is suitable for both men and women. However, even the kids can ride it.

This is the best-fixed gear single speed bike, given that it includes VANS grips. This means you will be able to firmly hold onto the handles and steer it wherever you want to go. But that isn’t the only reason why this bike is easy to control. It comes with brakes to the front as well as the rear. You may reduce or increase your riding speed as much as you want.

State Bicycle Fixed Gear


  • Includes a single-speed gear
  • The VANS grips are handy when it comes to steering
  • Has brakes to the from and rear


  • Some people complained about the brakes
  • The wheels it comes with don’t last long
  • Some users said it doesn’t look like the pictures on Amazon

5. Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

KENT brings you this simple yet good performing fixie that will ensure that you enjoy your cycling experience in every possible manner. It’s equipped with front and rear brakes for easy halting while its 700c alloy wheels are built to spin at the best possible speed. The flat bar handlebar has a comfortable grip and helps you remain in control of the bike.

The bike looks solid with a flip flop hub in the rear which helps you switch between single speed and a fixed gear with ease. The frame is made of tig welded steel frame and fork that gives the bike a sturdy build. It comes in three bright colors and you have the option to choose between small, medium and large.

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike


  • Simple design
  • Good braking system
  • Solid construction


  • Requires a lot of adjustment
  • Seat is a bit hard
  • Doesn’t ride well on gravel

6. SXL Expressway Aluminum Urban Single Speed – Fixie Bike

Best Aluminum Urban Single Speed

The SXL Expressway is available in three sizes. If you want, you can buy small, medium or large sizes, depending on the user of the bike. Suitable for you as well as your kids. The frame is made from 6061 aluminum, which is lightweight. Besides, the bike’s fork and frame have a wide clearance. In fact, it is capable of supporting a maximum of 700x32c tires. But you will have to do an upgrade, given that the new bike includes 700x25c.

The internal cable routing is clean with eyelets to the front and the rear. It comes with the Joytech Flip-Flop hub provides either for fixed speed or single speed set-up. The front and rear radius brakes will help you control the speed of the bike when the need arises. Add to that the 31.8 riser handlebars and you have a bike that can provide you with greater mobility. The bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the fork and frame.

SXL Expressway Aluminium Urban Single Speed


  • Features a strong aluminum frame
  • Cables are routed internally
  • Comes with the front as well as rear brakes


  • Brake pads may not work in the rain
  • The grips seem to fail when it rains
  • May not be suitable for high speeds

7. Golden Cycles Single Speed / Fixed Gear Bike

Best for Daily Commuters

For those who like keeping healthy and cycling to work, then you will find this bike a perfect match. With over 35 colors to choose from, you are really spoilt for choice here. This affordable bike combines the features of a single speed bike with those of a fixie. The bike has both rear and front brake for precise stopping. Boasting of a tig-welded steel frame, this bike is built to last a lifetime without losing its incredible performance.

The 130 BCD crank is stiff and strong for a smooth ride with 46 tooth 1/8th chainring. As you move around each day with this well-built bike, you will help the brand achieve its mission of creating a sustainable planet through cycling.

Golden Cycles Single Speed / Fixed Gear Bike


  • Solid steel frame
  • Precise braking
  • Strong crank


  • Needs some realignment
  • Geometry of the handlebars is off
  • Can’t withstand hard cycling

8. Outroad Road Bike 26-Inch 21-Speed and Single- Speed Bicycle

Rarely would you find the terms “stylish” and “lightweight” when talking about a bicycle? But the Outroad Road Bike is all of that and more. If you love taking a leisurely ride in your neighborhood, this bike will do just great. Its height may rise to anything between 160cm and 180cm. it is made from a 6061 double-butted aluminum alloy, which allows for smooth welding. This bike is extremely safe to ride, thanks to the brakes in the front as well as the rear wheel.

Made using 30mm deep-dish wheels, the bike comes with 700x25c Thickslick tires, which allow for excellent contact with the ground. Not only will your riding experience be stylish and comfortable, but you will also easily control this bike. It is made from a high tensile steel fork and frame, which are durable. Thanks to the flip-flop hub, you will enjoy changing from one speed to another.

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Bike


  • An excellent bike when it comes to control
  • Has brake in front and the rear
  • Comes with 700x25c tires


  • Reports of a bent brake disk
  • The brake lever may not be adequately tight
  • Reports of a bent steering column

9. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear

Best For Urban Commuters

The Retrospec is a perfect blend for a cyclist looking for the stylish qualities of a fixie and the ease of a single speed bike.  The tag-welded steel frame is hand made with a high tensile strength that absorbs bumps for a smooth ride. It also has quality 30mm deep-v rims with a KMC chain ring and freestyle pedals. The 700 by 28c tires are puncture resistant and designed to absorb shock even on uneven pavement.

The upright handlebars ensure an upright posture as you ride which allows you to comfortably ride for longer.  Has Promax front and rear brakes that help you have more control over your ride. It’s also a low maintenance bike due to the few components used to make it. The bike comes with all the components you require to start cruising around your area.

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear


  • Easy assembly
  • Good even on uneven roads
  • Low maintenance


  • Some components are generic
  • Seat clamp is not the best quality
  • Braking may be noisy

How to Choose the Best Fixed Gear Bikes: The Ultimate Buying Guide

For the past few years, many people have embraced cycling due to two main reasons; healthy living and planet sustainability. More than ever before, urban dwellers are commuting to work using bicycles rather than spend countless hours in traffic. Many of these cyclists prefer fixies or rather fixed gear bikes rather than freewheelers which are a favorite among professional cyclists. In simple terms, a fixie is a bike whose gear and pedal are affixed such none can operate independently.

Why Choose a Fixie?

There’s a number of reasons why fixed gear bikes have become so popular especially among urban riders. They include:

  • Price – Fixies are cheaper since they have much lesser parts.
  • Safety – Due to the technical nature of riding a fixie, it’s less likely to be stolen once you leave it parked in public.
  • Low maintenance – You simply need to regularly oil and tighten as part of your maintenance routine.
  • Better efficiency – Since you are the one working the pedals, you are in better control of your ride resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Maneuverability – Due to a fixie’s great braking system, you can easily maneuver especially where there’s heavy traffic.

Stuff to Keep an Eye On When Looking for a Fixie

  1. Material – The material used to make the bike’s frame is important since it determines the weight and overall performance of the bike. The two common materials often used are; steel which is very durable or aluminum which is light in weight.
  2. Skill level – If it’s the first time riding a bike, you may opt to go for a fixed gear bike with a flip flop hub that easily switches to a single speed for better riding.
  3. Geometry – You need to pay attention to the bike’s geometry to ensure that you are okay with the riding angle to prevent any accidents.
  4. Components –While many cyclists often change the parts of their bikes, one that comes with quality components is a plus especially quality pedals and functional brakes.

What Makes a Fixie Different From a Single-Speed Bike?

One thing you should know is that a Fixie might feature the fixed gear, single-speed or both. It all depends on the setting you make on the bike’s rear wheel. As such a fixie may have single-speed capabilities without coasting or freewheeling capabilities. The bike’s rear cog is fixed or attached to the rear wheel, which means the pedal rotates when the bike is moving. However, a single-speed bike has a single gear and can be ridden normally, albeit with coasting and freewheeling ability.

What Is the Benefit of a Fixed Gear Bike?

There is nothing like riding a fixed gear bike. In fact, what you will get is the best possible riding experience. At that time, you will feel a stronger connection with the road as well as your bike. However, fixed bikes are only great for flat terrain including urban areas and inner cities. Besides, the fixed-gear bicycle is simple, reliable, easy to control and low maintenance.


All said and done, cycling a Fixie is a memorable experience that leaves you healthy and absolutely thrilled. Once you master to maneuver and properly coordinate the pedals with the gear, you may never want any other form of transportation. Hopefully, you have spotted the best-fixed gear bike for your riding needs that will transform your riding experience.