Best Floor Lamps To Reflect Your Style And Suit Your Decor

Sometimes, you just need some extra light to brighten up a room. It not only has functionality, but it can make an impact on a room’s style, design, and ambiance. This is because floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose between 8 general styles, not to mention materials, color, and even the kind of bulb.

With so many choices available and a lot of considerations to keep in mind, choosing the perfect floor lamp can become an overwhelming endeavor. If you’d rather enjoy lighting up your room now instead of spending time searching through catalogs and in stores, we’ve got just the list for you. Below is a list of the most popular and the best floor lamps in the market today.

Top 10 Floor Lamps Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp For Jigsaw Puzzles

A floor lamp need not be sophisticated to get the job done. It can just be as simple as a the Brightech Litespan LED lamp. Yes, it doesn’t make quite a statement but then, it’s not supposed to. This gooseneck lamp is specifically designed to blend well in any room that requires task lighting. Do you need light for doing crafts or sewing? This is it. Do you need a reading light in the living room? This is it. Do you need more light in your workshop? This is it.

It does come in 5 different colors for you to choose from. We love the fact that you can easily adjust the angle of the light and it uses power-saving 12-watt LED bulbs. Not only that, the light is fully dimmable so you can set it to the brightness level you prefer and it will remember it for next time. However, the on/off button is lit which means that this isn’t an ideal beside-the-bed floor lamp if you’re sensitive to light while sleeping. Also, the bulbs are irreplaceable which shouldn’t be a problem really since they’re supposed to last a long time. Just something to note. And we did notice that you can only lower the light about halfway through the gooseneck. The rest of the “neck” isn’t flexible.

 Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp


  • A very bright light that’s fully dimmable
  • Perfect for task lighting
  • Energy efficient LED bulbs


  • Glowing on/off switch
  • Bulbs cannot be replaced
  • Only half of the “neck” is bendable

2. Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp For Large Room

The Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is sleek, smooth, and slender. It’s the perfect lamp for ambient lighting in minimalist modern homes. It features an integrated 30 Watt power saving LED bulb and a 3-step dimmer to help you set the mood right. The lamp is built to fit in small spaces and has a rotating head that allows you to angle the light in whichever direction you choose for creating different moods or lighting effects.

The 13-pound weighted base with its felt cover ensures that this is a lamp your children or pets will be able to tip over so easily. However, it isn’t compatible with a switched outlet. The bulb isn’t replaceable (though the entire lamp does come with a 3-year warranty). And this may not be ideal for individuals taller than 6 feet because the glare of the light will hit their eyes.

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp


  • Can fit in small spaces and tight corners
  • Dimmable light for mood setting
  • Rotational head for angling the direction of the light


  • Not for people taller than 6 feet
  • The bulb cannot be replaced
  • Not compatible with a switched outlet

3. Ikea Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp For Living Room

Ikea may be more known for providing practical pieces of furniture but that doesn’t mean it can’t infuse a little bit of style into their products. And that’s what you get with the Ikea Holmo 46-inch floor lamp. This is a tower floor lamp with a polyethylene and concrete base, a powder-coated steel frame, and rice paper shade.

The lamp features a floor switch so you can easily turn the light on or off with both hands occupied. The lamp looks very nice and appealing. However, it does not come with a bulb so you’ll have to purchase your own. The paper is very thin so you need to be careful in handling it since it can easily tear. And its height is not ideal for tall ceilings.

Ikea Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp


  • Floor switch for convenient use
  • Appealing design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Does not come with a bulb
  • Rice paper can be easily torn
  • Too short for rooms with tall ceilings

4. Ikea NOT Floor Uplight Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp For Dorm Room

Another Ikea favorite of ours, the NOT Floor Lamp is a torchiere lamp that features an ABS plastic weighted base with polyethylene and concrete, a powder-coated steel tube, and a polypropylene shade. The entire lamp is 69 inches tall and comes with an LED Light Bulb (E26 5W 400 lumens). The lamp is simple but stable and affordable. For less than $25, you can provide overall lighting to any room in your home.

And assembling it isn’t hard to do at all. However, the cord disturbs the sleekness of the pole, starting at the top all the way down instead of coming out from the bottom of the base. Also, the bulb isn’t the brightest of the bunch so you may want to find one to replace it. For this price, it’s a pretty good light that’s reliable and not cheaply made.

Ikea NOT Floor Uplight Floor Lamp


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very stable


  • The cord comes out from the shade
  • LED bulb that is included isn’t bright

5. Coaster Contemporary Chrome Arched Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp For High Ceilings

If you want to provide light over your sofa or sectional, an arc floor lamp should be your number one choice. And for those who like the contemporary look, this chrome lamp from Coaster should suit you fine. The base is made of marble which should give you peace of mind; it won’t be toppling over despite the fact that it arches over 5 feet from the base. The highest point of the lamp is 7 feet.

And the shade comes with holes on top which creates a very cool effect on your ceiling and provides more light into the room itself. There’s no question that the lamp looks incredibly cool and the price really can’t be beaten. However, the instructions were written very poorly so assembling this lamp isn’t going to be a breeze. Plus, the instructions are written on the box which makes it easy to overlook if you didn’t know it was there.

Coaster Contemporary Chrome Arched Floor Lamp


  • Beautiful design
  • Creative pattern from the top of the shade
  • Marble base


  • Poorly written instructions
  • Instructions are printed on the box

6. Dawson Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp For Sewing

The Dawson Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp features a classic design with its antique brass finish. You can adjust the height of this lamp from 33 inches to 55 inches using the boom-style arm. There’s an on-off rotary switch on the socket. A bulb is not included with the lamp but it’s designed to take an A19 shape with a standard medium base so you can choose between an incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulb.

The lamp definitely looks good and will blend well in most offices and homes, including boho-inspired ones. However, you’ll need to purchase a compatible dimmer if you want the lamp to have that feature. And the mechanism that allows you to adjust the boom-style arm is made of plastic which can break over time.

Dawson Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp


  • Antique brass finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for A19 shaped bulbs (standard)


  • No built-in dimmer
  • Plastic mechanism

7. Boston Harbor TL-TREE-648

Best Floor Lamp For Reading In Bed

The Boston Harbor Three Lights Tree Lamp is perfect for those who wish to position the light towards in multiple directions. This tree lamp features three independently adjustable spotlights that can rotate 360 degrees and pivot 45 degrees. The lamp has a satin nickel finish and stands 65 inches tall. The sockets are suitable for A19 bulbs (maximum 60 watts) which you’ll need to purchase separately.

The base is pretty stable and the quality of the build is top notch. The pole is made out of metal with a brushed nickel finish. The overall look of the lamp is very stylish and it doesn’t hurt that it’s very easy to assemble. You can even remove the plastic shades if you wish to give it a more minimalist, contemporary look or you just don’t like the shades (a lot of users don’t).

Now, we loved the look of this lamp and what we got was pretty well-built as we’ve mentioned. However, some reviewers mentioned receiving defective parts that are hard to screw together. Some report their lamps didn’t last more than a year. While we can’t really verify any of that, the style and amount of lighting provided by this lamp for the price you pay still make this totally worth it.

Boston Harbor TL-TREE-648


  • Independently adjustable spotlights
  • Suitable for standard bulbs
  • Very stylish design


  • Some reviewers received defective parts
  • Some report their lamps not lasting more than a year
  • Some users do not like the plastic shade

8. Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp For Office

The Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp is another tree lamp that caught our eye. It also has independently adjustable lights with an on-off rotary switch on each socket. Each head can swivel 360 degrees with up to a 180-degree tilt. The metal base and the shades feature an aged brass finish, giving this modern design a more retro vintage look. The entire lamp is 64 inches tall with a 10-inch base and a 5-foot black cord. It’s quite easy to assemble and feels pretty sturdy.

However, while this tree lamp also accepts A19 shape bulbs (standard size), it can only use bulbs with that are no greater than 40 watts so it’s not going to be incredibly bright. It also does not come with a built-in dimmer. Take note that some reviewers have reported receiving damaged lamps.

Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp


  • Retro style
  • Independently adjustable lights
  • Accepts standard size bulbs


  • Only 40 watts max
  • No built-in dimmer
  • Some users received damaged products

9. Brightech Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp

Another of Brightech’s creations, the Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp is one of our favorites because of two things. First, it comes with a USB charger which is 5VDC Max 2A, enough to charge a large phone or iPad. Second, it has loads of shelves from where you can place your iPad or phone while charging as well as mementos or decor you want to display. The shelf itself measures 12″ x 12″ and features plastic cord clamps to keep those pesky cables out of the way and out of sight.

The shade diffuses the light, giving you a soft, warm glow. And there’s even a 120VAC outlet in case you need to plug something else. This lamp is quite easy to put together though some have reported that one of their wooden legs were hard to attach. However, it is quite easy to tip over. If you have curious and/or acrobatic children and cats, you may need to set this in a corner so they won’t be able to bump into it and cause it to fall. Also, the shade can be hard to “shape” into a square to sit perfectly on top of the stand.

Brightech Maxwell USB Shelf Floor Lamp


  • Comes with USB and outlet
  • Shelves for storage
  • Nice mood lighting


  • Not ideal for task lighting
  • The shade can be hard to assemble
  • Can easily be tipped over

10. Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp

Best Floor Lamp With Dimmer

The Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp is another floor lamp that offers some shelf space, though not as much as the Maxwell. This lamp features two shelves with a distressed iron finish and a durable ivory linen shade. We love the sleek lines of the lamp which gives off this really cool contemporary vibe.

It has a 3-way rotary switch, ranging from low to high, can produce warm ambient lighting. Assembling this lamp is quite easy especially since you won’t need any tools and each leg already comes with a screw-adjustable foot. The metal frame feels quite sturdy and doesn’t seem to be easy to tip over. However, this lamp is a bit on the short side – just 58 inches tall. Also, the shelves can only hold small stuff. But if you don’t have any space for an end table, this could be a great alternative.

Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp


  • Solid construction
  • Very easy to assemble
  • 3-way rotary switch


  • Slightly short, only 58 inches tall
  • Small shelves

How to Choose the Best Floor Lamp: The Ultimate  Buying Guide

Something’s missing in your room… a floor lamp or two. It’s just the thing for lighting up that dull corner in the right way, in more ways than one. Of course, just looking at all the lamps you can choose from can make any shopper, avid or otherwise, hesitate.

Fortunately, there’s a way to make it all less overwhelming. And that’s to dig deep into the world of floor lamps and learn the ins and outs. Now, if you don’t have the time to check out various articles and books on lamps, we’ve got just the guide to enlighten you.

Why do you Need a Floor Lamp?

Before looking at all the types of floor lamps available in the market, the very first thing you should decide on why you need a lamp. These lamps can be used to provide ambient or general lighting in a room. They can also be used to provide task lighting for activities such as reading. Aside from functionality, these lamps can create a design statement and enhance the overall decor in the room. So, what’s your purpose? What are you planning to do with your floor lamp? Once you answer that question, sifting through the various types of these kinds of lamps will become easier.

Types of Floor Lamps

It may surprise you that such a simple thing – a lamp that stands on the floor – can come in different shapes and sizes. But according to the design gurus, an enormous amount of variety exists in this world. This is because the type and style you buy will depend on how you plan to use the lamp. Below, we discuss several types that you’ll come across in any given lamp store.

Shaded Floor Lamps

Also called a console floor lamp or a club lamp, you’ll easily recognize this type as it’s the one we’re most familiar with. There’s a single pole that stands upright, a base, and a shade that houses the bulb. Most lamps of this type will have a single bulb but there are some that will use two or three bulbs for increased visibility.


Another popular design, this type of floor lamp is recognizable due to its torch-like design (hence, the name). Because of its shape, the lamp, as you can see with the Ikea NOT Floor Uplight Floor Lamp, directs its light up towards the ceiling which enables it to provide general light that covers a room without any glare.

Arc Floor lamps

These feature a long arm (the pole) that, er, arcs or extends over a piece of furniture such as an entire couch. This type of lamp is ideal for providing overall lighting for large seating areas. It can even be used to provide ambient lighting over a dining room table instead of a chandelier. One of our favorite picks, the Coaster Contemporary Chrome Arched Floor Lamp, is an arc lamp.

Tray Lamps

Also called a table lamp, these are perfect for those who want to add more functionality to their lamp or simply do not have space for an end table. This type of lamp features a table or tray inserted around halfway through the pole.

Gooseneck Lamps

This type of lamp features a pole that can be twisted and bent to focus light on a specific area. One good example of a gooseneck lamp is the Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp.

Swing Arm Lamps

Like gooseneck lamps, you can adjust the focus of this lamp to a specific area. However, instead of twisting or bending the pole, the lamp features a triple-jointed arm that can be moved horizontally to suit your particular lighting needs.

Tower Floor Lamp

This type of lamp is typically in the form of a sculpture (usually a wire frame wrapped in very thin fabric or tissue paper). It can resemble a work of art during the day and provide some accent lighting at night.

Pharmacy Floor Lamps

This type of lamp is possibly one of the most versatile of all floor lamps. The height of the lamp and the direction of the light are both adjustable. A pharmacy lamp is more function than form but there are still a lot of attractive options like the Dawson Antique Brass Pharmacy Lamp. Take note that most of these lamps would mostly have a contemporary style.

Tree Lamps

This type of lamp features two or more “branches” of light instead of just one pole, hence the name. The branches of light typically operate independently. You can even position each light at various angles to illuminate a larger area.

Downbridge Lamps

This type of lamp has its light directed downwards which makes it ideal for positioning beside an armchair or a study table to serve as a reading or task lamp.

Task Lamps

These are similar to downbridge lamps except for the fact that you can typically adjust the direction of the light with a task lamp. Dowbridge lamps only have one position – downwards.

Styles of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps have a rich history and they have come a long way. from the type of lamp, you might also want to check out the different styles of lamps. What kind of design will blend perfectly with your decor? What style speaks to you the most? There are a variety of floor lamp styles available. We’ll cover a few to give you a fair idea of what’s out there.

Mid-Century Modern: made popular during the 30’s to the 60’s, this style typically has minimal ornamentation, an uncluttered look with sleek lines, and an emphasis on functionality since form will follow function.

Country style: this style may mean different things to different people. Typically, designs that fall under this category have a rustic feel and a vintage look.

Tiffany style: this style features decorative glass shades that imitate the original Tiffany lamps that featured elaborate stained glass created by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 19th century.

Industrial style: like the country style, you’ll notice that this design is also a bit on the “rough” side. Typically made from cast iron or unfinished wood, this style of the lamp will often feature a bare Edison bulb.

Contemporary: any style that was made popular during the last half of the 20th century until today is considered contemporary. Some typical features of designs in this style are clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalism.

Bohemian: this is a style that mixes and matches patterns to create an eclectic feel. If you like patterns, bright colors, and textures in your home, this may be your style of lamp.

Choosing the Lamp Shade

Most floor lamps will come with a lampshade though you can always change it if you find one that suits you better. But if you want to get it right on the first buy, below are a few tips to get the right shade with the right lamp.

Shape: in general, the shape of your lamp should be reflected by the shape of your lampshade. For example, a lamp with curved lines will require a lampshade that has a rounded shape. A lamp that features sleek, straight lines would look best with a square-shaped shade or a rectangular one.

Size: there are several things to keep in mind when looking at the size of the shade. First, it should be equal to 30-40% of the lamp’s height so it doesn’t look too small or too big for the lamp. Second, the width of the shade should be no less than 3 inches from the light bulb to prevent it from getting burned. However, it should never be wider than the widest point of the base. And third, make sure that the bulb and socket are completely covered by the shade.

Material: if you want to create ambient lighting, choose a translucent or almost see-through material such as loosely woven linen or cotton. If you want to create accent lighting or direct light towards a specific location, the material should be opaque like the shade used in the Catalina 3-Way Étagère Lamp.

What Material Should the Base Be?

Like almost everything else, this would depend on what you prefer. You should also note that the look and the overall style of the base will be determined by the material of the base. Below, we discuss the most popular materials used.

Wood: typically used in both rustic and contemporary designs. It will depend on how the wood is shaped. For example, a well-sanded wood creates a smooth and sleek vibe while a rough-hewn wood will be more appropriate for a country theme.

Metal: like wood, how metal is shaped will affect the overall style of the lamp. A simple, straight pole will not stand out. What it will do is blend perfectly well with most decor. An arcing metal chrome pole, on the other hand, calls attention to itself which makes the lamp function as a showpiece or visual statement.

Paper: tower floor lamps are the only ones that will have this kind of base – a wire frame wrapped in thin rice or tissue paper like the Ikea Holmo 46-Inch Floor Lamp.

Plastic: a durable yet affordable material, plastic is perfect if you plan to place the lamp in the family room or your child’s room. The drawback of this material is that it can look at the price (e.g. cheap) so it’s not ideal if you want a sophisticated look.

Other materials include ceramic and stone, both of which are incredibly expensive. One thing to keep in mind when checking out a floor lamp’s base is stability. You’ll want to make sure that the base, whatever material it may be, makes the lamp hard to tip over.

How Tall Should the Lamp Be?

The size of your floor lamp should be proportional to the size of the room you’ll be placing it in. In other words, it should fit with the scale of the space. Very tall lamps will look too big and awkward in a low ceiling room. The same goes for the opposite. A short floor lamp will not perform well if you have too much overhead space because it will not be able to cast ambient lighting for the entire room. You should also consider where you plan to place the lamp inside the room. Is it going to provide task lighting besides a chair or couch? Or is it purely for creating overall lighting?

Does it Matter What Light Bulb the Lamp Comes With?

Well, yes, actually. Most floor lamps are built with a particular light bulb in mind, whether that’s the standard, LED, or even halogen. If you plan on changing the bulb of your lamp with the one you prefer, make sure that it will fit into the socket. You can’t always switch out one for the other.

Other Features to Consider

Dimmability: if you want to be able to control the brightness of the light, a built-in dimmer switch is a must. The Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, for example, has a 3-step dimmer. However, not all bulbs can dim. A lot of LED bulbs can’t. One way to overcome this challenge is to buy a tree lamp that will allow you to independently control each light.

Energy efficiency: naturally, you’ll want a floor lamp that uses energy efficient bulbs such as LED bulbs. While these may cost more initially, LED bulbs last longer.

Adjustability: depending on your purpose for the lamp, you may want to be able to change the direction of the light and the height of the lamp. Some lamps will only allow you to do one type of adjustment (either position or height) while others can do both.

We’re pretty sure that you noticed that a lot of the considerations in choosing a floor lamp are personal preferences. The type, style, shape, material, and bulb are all choices that you make based on what you need and want. So, what’s best for someone isn’t always going to work out for everyone else. All that means is that no one can tell you whether a floor lamp is right for you or not. Only you can do that.

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