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The best fly swatters, or what most people commonly refer to as bug zappers, are a fun way to ward off the most elusive, pesky and bloodsucking insects especially flies, mosquitoes, and ticks without the fear of food contamination, as it’s the case with foggers.

If you’ve used a zapper before, or as you’ll learn as soon as you get one, having rogue bugs closing into your vicinity becomes interesting as opposed to being an annoyance.

And unlike stationary insect catchers such as glue traps, handheld fly zappers pick the bugs midair and don’t trap, harm, or kill any other living thing that isn’t a bother, of course, unless you are killing for fun.

If you live in areas where flies and mosquitoes just won’t let you alone whether you are reading a book in the patio or having a great barbecue with friends, here are the 10 best fly swatters in the world that might make a great companion.

Top 10 Fly Swatters Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Elucto Electric Bug Zapper

Best Rated Electric Fly Swatter

The Elucto is with no doubts one of the easiest ways to keep bothersome bugs away from you. This electric fly swatter comes in 2 sizes; a standard-size model measuring 18 x 6.1 x 1 inch and a large one that measures 18.9 x 7.1 x 1 inch.

Considering that there isn’t any difference in terms of cost between the 2, the larger zapper might be a better option if you want something that can get rid of lots of bloodsuckers with each swing.

The Elucto uses 2 AA batteries and actually comes with a pair so you can start zapping bugs right out of the box.

In terms of performance, this is a single-layer swatter that kills mosquitos and houseflies in a single swat. Keep in mind that it’s capable of zapping your fingers although the feel is just scary but not horrible.Elucto Electric Bug Zapper


  • Wide paddle
  • Feels sturdy
  • Good value for money
  • 1-year warranty


  • Single layer design causes a shock if mishandled
  • Large bugs might require squishing

2. Homevage Electric Fly Swatter

Best Electric Fly Swatter Without Safety Risk

Electric fly swatters are often marketed as non-toys, and while they are only fatal to bugs and critters, they can deliver unpleasant shocks in case you, your kids, or pets came in contact with it.

Good news to you, some of them including the Homevage has the frying grid sandwiched between 2 non-electric layers to alleviate any risks of shock.

Even with this safety precaution, the Homevage doesn’t show any mercy to most flying insects including flies and mosquitoes. It uses 2 AA batteries and has a pair of them to kick you off, and it’s also so light you won’t feel sore after throwing it around several times.

Homevage Electric Fly Swatter


  • Lightweight
  • No safety risks
  • Easy to use


  • Reports about battery compartment door coming loose
  • Doesn’t zap big bugs instantly

3. Jiemei Fly Swatter

Best Fly Swatter For Affordability

If you are not ready to shell out over 20 bucks for a fly swatter, Jiemei- a Chinese company, got your back.

These Jiemei fly swatters are sold in packs of 3, 5, and 7 and we can guarantee you that you are getting a really good deal with any package.

At below ten bucks for the 5-piece package, you can be assured that you’ll have an insect destroyer wherever you need it. It’s also an affordable way of ensuring that almost everyone in the family has a swatter within reach.

Jiemei Fly Swatter


  • Affordable
  • Made of non-toxic plastic
  • Wide paddle and flexible handle for deadly blows


  • Will break if hit on hard surfaces

4. Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Fly Swat

Best Electric Swatter For Wasps

The Executioner is a dollar or 2 pricier than the Elucto above, but our review team found it to deal a much stronger death blow that larger bugs require. That being said, if you are looking for the best electric zapper for wasps, this one could be it.

This racket-style fly swatter is made up of ABS plastics and it generally feels sturdy simply by holding it. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and the manufacturer claims that it has tested its electronics to over 100,000 zaps.

Sourcing4U Limited The Executioner Fly Swat


  • Strong zaps
  • Very sturdy
  • Heavy-duty


  • A little bit heavy

5. PrimeHomeProducts Heavy Duty Leather Fly Swatter

Best Non-Electric Fly Swatter For Cockroaches

For whatever bugs that you are buying a swatter, I believe the PrimHomeProducts is what you should go for if you are looking for a heavy-duty swatter especially for critters.

Unlike our other recommendations, this one has a strong and durable 18’’ ash wood handle and a 5’’ by 4’’ genuine leather paddle riveted on the handle.

The paddle has holes for excellent aerodynamics and the best part is that you can unleash your deadliest blows crushing even the biggest bugs including cockroaches without the fear of breaking the paddle.

PrimeHomeProducts Heavy Duty Leather Fly Swatter


  • Very durable
  • Won’t break easily
  • Great for all sorts of bugs


  • Leather paddle requires deep cleaning

6. Enoz Sergeant Swat Flyswatter

Best Durable Fly Swatter

One of its previous buyers jokingly claims that the Sergeant Swat can kill a bear, but while that is quite exaggerated, we can’t deny that this is one of the most powerful swatters that we came across in our hunt.

The Enoz Sergeant Flyswatter boasts a long handle made from industrial-strength metal plus a wide mesh paddle. These 2 make this swatter a very reliable killing machine regardless of the size of the predatory insects invading your comfort be it in the kitchen, patio, or at the camping site.

Enoz Sergeant Swat Flyswatter


  • Very strong
  • Heavy-duty
  • Long handle


  • Can damage surfaces
  • Doesn’t flex so much

7. Bug Safe Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Killer

Best Portable Camping Tennis Racket Insect Killer

While most of the fly swatters that we’ve seen so far are good at killing flying insects, none can beat the Bug safe Bug Zpper in stopping fruit flies from making a feast on your produce. The secret? Its extra fine meshes. Similar to the Homevage we saw earlier, the Bug safe bug zapper has electricity running through its mesh to zap the flies. It runs on 2700V supplied by 2AA batteries, however, with a safety switch and protective grills in place to protect all your little ones and curious pets from the actual electric grill.

Another interesting thing about the Zapper is its foldable handle that makes it really easy to transport and store. The handle itself is strong and sturdy, and fun to use, offering you that oddly satisfying feeling of zapping the annoying bugs invading your space. And for your nighttime adventures, the zapper comes with an LED light for extra visibility.

Bug Safe Bug Zapper Outdoor Mosquito Killer


  • Convenient foldable angle design
  • Has LED light for visibility
  • Features a safety grill to keep you from accidentally zapping yourself.


  • Leaves fly smeared on its mesh
  • Some users claim the safety grills on both sizes hinder effective zapping

8. ZAP IT! Mini Bug Zapper

Best Rechargeable Mosquito, Fly Killer

The ZAP IT! Mini Bug Zapper takes a completely different route as far as power is concerned. Unlike your typical 2 AA battery-powered bug killers; this one is actually USB rechargeable. So you can forget about having to run to the stores for new batteries when it dies down in the middle of the night. Simply plug it into any USB outlet and carry on with your operation.

With 4000 volts running through the grid of this baby, one single swing is all you need to instantly eliminate all the mosquitoes in your area. It features a built-in LED light as well, with a triple-layered safety mesh in place to protect your delicate fingers. As a show of confidence, the good people at Zap it offer you a 100% lifetime guarantee, so you can have it replaced if you have any issue.

ZAP IT! Mini Bug Zapper


  • Fast USB recharge
  • Has 4000v meaning you’d use less effort killing the bugs
  • Stylish and modern design


  • The construction is plastic; feels cheap
  • Its switches have no markings; you have to figure them out yourself

9. Amish Leather Fly Swatter

Best Fly Swatter For Reach

The Amish is yet another highly recommendable leather fly swatter and perhaps a direct competitor for the PrimeHomeProducts that we saw earlier.

These 2 fly swatters come at around the same price tag with the major difference being that the Amish has a wire handle rather than the ash wood that the PrimeHomeProducts features.

The Amish is notably lightweight and might, therefore, interest folks who feel that having to throw a heavy swatter every couple of minutes might be so taxing. Actually, the wire handle of the Amish also tends to cut through the air better.

This swatter’s paddle has been handcrafted from genuine leather, and it’s so attractive you won’t find it hard to display.

Amish Leather Fly Swatter


  • Light
  • Long reach
  • Cuts through the air easily


  • Wire handle bends easily
  • Can get really messy

10. Smart Swatter Original Fly Swatter

Best Fly Swatter For Innovation

The Smart Fly Swatter has one of the most innovative designs for plastic swatters. In addition to the simple all-plastic paddle and handle that most insect killers of this kind feature, the Smart has 904 spikes on the side of the paddle that delivers the blow.

Besides ensnaring the bugs, these spikes also stab big flying insects and creepy crawlies thereby making your blows more successful.

The paddle is wide enough for you not to miss most insects invading your space yet not so huge to make portability an issue. On the other hand, the handle is long and flexible so you can deliver your swats with just the right power and with increased hit and kill rate.

Smart Swatter Original Fly Swatter


  • Has spikes
  • Flexible handle for powerful swats
  • Affordable


  • Might crack easily if smashed on hard surfaces
  • Cleaning is involving

How To Choose Best Fly Swatters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Electric or Non-electric

The first decision that you’ll need to make when buying a fly swatter is whether to go for the electric or non-electric models.

Whenever the topic of fly swatters comes up, it’s the electric models that click in most people’s mind. Electronic fly swatters take the shape of a racket and have a swatter paddle with an electric grid that traps and electrocutes the bug using 2,500 or 3,000 volts of electricity.

Most of them make a buzzing sound whenever a pest is gotten rid of, and besides assuring you that your efforts are paying off, this sound also tends to add a lot of fun to ‘fly swatting’ especially around the campfire.

Depending on the model, an electric fly swatter may use a rechargeable battery or the AA-size replaceable batteries. Choose a model that you can easily keep powered depending on where you intend to use.

Note that an electric fly swatter can be very painful in case you came in contact with the electric mesh. There’s an option to get a model with a 3-layer mesh, though. These swatters have the frying grid sandwiched between 2 nylon mesh layers and reduce the risk of self-electrocution to a greater extent.

Advantages of Electric Fly Swatters

  • Easy to use
  • Don’t require a lot of energy
  • Zap sound adds a lot of fun
  • Offers a cleaner way of eliminating pests

Disadvantages of Electric Fly Swatters

  • They are pricey
  • While most of them are safe to use, some can still cause electrocution to the user if mishandled

Non-electric fly swatters are oldest types and are generally inexpensive. The best part about these zappers is that they don’t require any form of powering, so you can take them anywhere including in camps and to the beach without the fear of running out of power.

A non-electric swatter works in almost a similar manner to the electric zapper only that there’s no electrocution involved. But that’s to say that you might need to use a little more muscle power to ensure that you kill the fly with every hit. There are times when you may need to squish them against a surface, and this makes things a little bit messy.

Advantages of Non-electric Fly Fwatters

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • No additional costs

Disadvantages of Non-electric Fly Swatters

  • Requires more power
  • Can be messy

Consider the Materials Used

Plastic– these fly swatters have the simplest design and also tend to be the most affordable making them a great option if you are thinking of purchasing several swatters for each family member.

If you are considering a plastic fly zapper, consider the size of the paddle. Generally, wide paddles offer you greater odds of hitting your target.

Again, ensure that it is both flexible to add oomph to your swings and sturdy so it won’t break easily in case it comes in contact with a hard surface.

Metal– most of the best fly swatters for 2019 have a handle made of a lightweight metal and rubber or plastic paddle. These are heavy-duty swatters that allow greater movement when striking an offending bug.

These models are more often than not pricier than their plastic alternatives, but they are the most durable too.

Leather– these fly swatters feature a metallic handle and paddle made of tanned cow-hide and are often hand-sewn to give them an appealing design. In most instances, they are usually pricier than plastic fly zappers but they also have the upper hand with regard to durability.

Consider How Easy it is to Keep it Clean

The best electric fly zappers clean minimal mess since, in most instances, you won’t need to squish the bug onto a hard surface. This is unlike manual swatters that require you to hit the bug (especially the big ones) with an immense force and even squeeze them on hard surfaces to crush them.

Of the non-electric swatters, plastic models are much easier to clean compared to leather insect killers that might necessitate water and soap.


As with anything else, you owe it to yourself to get a good swatter for the job, and this will heavily depend on the bugs that are being a nuisance to you.

All the models in our best fly swatters 2019 collection perform differently in different situations. For instance, the Elucto has been highly rated for its excellent performers in frying mosquitoes, flies, and wasps. So, if these are some of the bugs that are troubling you the most, this insect slaughterer might be your pick.

Unfortunately, its 1/8’’ grid means that it won’t do much to put pesky fruit flies away from your produce, at least not as good as the Cosy Meadow.

The 2 leather executioners that we’ve reviewed here have their share of the market too; these are the best fly swatters for flying insects as well as creeping crawlers. The best part about their leather paddles is that they are flexible and can, therefore, be used in uneven surfaces.

Are plastic fly swatters any good? Sure, they are worth considering especially if you want to buy several thanks to their affordability.

But it’s good to mention that most plastic swatters are usually brightly colored and might affect your success rate when aiming at certain bugs especially flies that heavily rely on their sight.

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