Best Folding Chairs for both Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

Where’s a chair when you need one? There will be times in your life when you want to sit down and the ground (even with a blanket) just won’t do. You can be out camping, relaxing at the beach, or hanging out at the park. You could be at a tailgate party or watching the little league in your community. You’d eventually want to sit down on something comfortable that will support both your butt and your back comfortably. Thankfully, folding chairs and gazebos have been invented. You can now take a portable chair wherever you go, to use whenever you require it.

Of course, not all folding chairs are made equal. Nor are they made to serve the same needs (aside from sitting). Some are made for indoors while others are made for outdoors. The selection is quite diverse that choosing the one that best fits your needs can be overwhelming. If you don’t have the time to look over each product, check out our best folding chairs to find the one that you’d like to be the newest member of your household.

Top 10 Folding Chairs Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

Best Folding Chair For Sports

Tailgate parties, concerts in the park, hanging out at the beach, etc. Whatever the occasion may be, if you need a chair that meets the most needs in varying situations, the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is your best bet. Specifically designed with a fully cushioned seat and back (100% polyethylene foam), this folding chair makes lounging around a dream you may never want to get up from. The chair features a built-in 4-can cooler pouch so that you never have to get up until it’s time to go home. The mesh cup holder keeps your current drink out of your hands so you can concentrate on whatever meal your munching on.

And the side pocket can keep your phone, keys, books, magazine, and other stuff (maybe more snacks?) that you want to keep within easy reach. Once you’ve had your fill of lounging around, you can fold it and store it in the carry bag for transporting all the way back to your closet. The only thing we don’t like is that the frame is made of steel which can rust over time if you’re not taking care of it properly. Also, it can be a bit difficult to fold the chair because you have to fold it just right to accommodate the cooler and side pocket so that it fits properly in the bag.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler


  • Very comfortable
  • Roomy
  • Built-in cooler and side pocket


  • Slight difficulty in folding
  • Steel frame tends to rust without proper care

2. Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair

Best Folding Office Chair

The Mity-Lite Flex One is a chair for all reasons. It can be your permanent chair in the home or your go-to seating for dinner-party overflow. Constructed from 18-8 steel and flexible polypropylene, this chair is flexible enough to conform slightly to your frame when you sit down. The plastic mesh provides breathability which is perfect for hot days. Compared to standard folding chairs, the Mity-Lite Flex One is wider by 1 1/2 inch which definitely adds to its comfort.

It’s rated for more than 1000 pounds and weighs about 11 pounds. Carrying this around your home is definitely not going to be a problem. Even better, when folded, this chair has a very slim profile – just 4 3/4 inches – so storage will not be an issue. What we don’t like is that it only comes in two colors – black and white. Also, this is not a chair that you stand on because the seat is flexible. Take note that a very small number of people have complained about the durability of the chair because the plastic part tore or broke. While it’s not common, you may want to skip this if you have larger than usual family members. Otherwise, it’s a great office chair, dining chair, and extra chair.

Mity-Lite Flex One Folding Chair


  • Slim profile
  • Very comfortable
  • Mesh design for breathability


  • Only two colors
  • Not for standing on
  • Few reports on the plastic breaking

3. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Best Folding Chair With Footrest

If you love to gaze at the stars at night or just relaxing on your deck, you’ll want to get the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair. This laid-back lounger is made of a durable textaline fabric that is suspended by a double bungee system and a durable, powder-coated steel frame. The chair comes with a headrest for additional comfort and can also be used for lumbar support by sliding it down.

The dual fingertip locking system is easy to use and enables you to lock the chair in any position. Just lie back and find the one that brings you most comfort, much like you would with a regular recliner. The weight capacity of the chair is 300 lbs. One thing to note is that this is not a very portable chair. It weighs 18 pounds and when folded, it is 6.3 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches thick. Also, there’s no cup holder so you may have to get out of relaxation mode every time you find yourself needing a drink.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair


  • Dual fingertip locking system
  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable headrest/lumbar support


  • Hard to sit upright
  • No cup holder
  • Not really portable; heavy and bulky

4. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Best Folding Chair For a Heavy Person

If you’re not an average-sized individual, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a folding chair made specifically for you. The Alps Mountaineering King Kong has an 800-pound limit, lots of padding, and lots of room for you to comfortably sit in for hours on end. The seat height is 18 inches and the fabric seat measures 24.5″ w x 20″ d. The chair is made of 600D polyester fabric with a powder-coated steel frame. The armest is adjustable and comes with a cup holder as well as a side pocket.

There’s even a mesh back pocket where you can keep its shoulder carry bag so you never lose it. The biggest drawback to this chair is the fact that it can be heavy if you’re planning on hiking with it or going camping in the woods. Yes, the two straps allow you to carry the bag like a backpack but it won’t be so easy if you already have a pack filled with essentials to carry. The other flaw that we’ve found is that the middle of the seat seems to sag too much which can put undue pressure on your legs, making it hard to stand up. Several customers have found DIY solutions that solved the problem. Still, we’d prefer it to have no problems at all.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair


  • Heavy duty chair
  • Very comfortable
  • Lots of storage options


  • Heavy
  • Sags in the middle of the seat

5. Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair

Best Folding Chairs For Dining

Watching your favorite sports game, spending the day at the beach, or enjoying an afternoon barbecue is going to be amazing with a chair like this one. The Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair is made of a sturdy aluminum frame and 600D polyester fabric. It features an extra-wide seat (19 1/2 inches), padded armrests, an insulated beverage pouch, a zippered security pocket, and a variety of other pockets for storage. There’s a side table for your drink, Kindle, book, or food.

It sits high on the ground (around 17 inches) which makes it ideal for tall people and those who suffer from bad knees. Now, opening and closing the chair isn’t that easy. You’ll need to apply a bit of pressure to do this but that only reinforces the fact that this chair is both durable and stable. One thing you need to note is that the chair does not come with a bag. It does come with a clip-on should strap so you can carry it. The clasp isn’t that well-built so you might want to consider buying a replacement before it breaks. Though it does not have a bag, the chair folds flat and is pretty lightweight so carrying this isn’t such a big deal. We would have wished that the table came with a cup holder as well. When your chair gets bumped, there’s a chance that your drink will spill.

Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair


  • Lots of storage options
  • Side table
  • Sits high


  • No cup holder
  • No carry bag
  • Clasp for straps is flimsy

6. Cosco All Steel 4-Pack Folding Chair

If you want a folding chair that can take a lot of abuse from various individuals, then the Cosco All Steel Folding Chair is your best bet. The chairs have a cross brace, sturdy steel construction with tube-in-tube reinforced frames for increased stability and strength. The chair is easy to clean and comfortable to sit on. Stacking it will be easy since it folds flat and compact. While it won’t wow any of your guests, it strikes that perfect balance between durability and price. This is a great option if you rarely host large family gatherings but still need extra seating during those times that you do. It’s also great if you regularly host club meetings, church gatherings, or community get-togethers. However, it’s not ideal to sit on when the weather is cold because, as you well know, metal gets cold too.

Cosco All Steel 4-Pack Folding Chair


  • Lightweight
  • Solid construction
  • Very affordable


  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Metal can get cold

7. Helinox Chair One Camp Chair

Best Folding Chair For Camping

Carrying a chair into the backcountry was never something you considered until the Helinox Chair One. It weighs an impressively low 2 pounds but it can easily hold a whopping 320 pounds. Yes, this folding camp chair is built for most individuals. The chair is made of 600d polyester fabric while the structured poles are aluminum. Everything folds up into a very small pouch compared to other folding chairs in the market. While the chair isn’t in one piece, setting it up (standing the poles and attaching the fabric) is easy enough.

There are several attachment points on the bag that you can pretty much tie it to your other gear, your bike, etc. so it won’t get lost. While there are other portable folding chairs that are lighter or more compact, the Helinox Chair One seems to be the most stable and comfortable. The mesh backing provides excellent ventilation and lower back support. The biggest flaw in our eyes is the price tag. At almost $100, it’s not something you’d normally pay for a folding chair. Also, the chair sits fairly low and the backrest leans a bit too far for some individuals that it makes it a bit difficult to stand up from a seated position.

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair


  • Well-ventilated
  • Very compact and light
  • Comfortable


  • Sits low on the ground
  • Backrest leans too far
  • Very expensive

8. Hercules Premium Fabric Metal Folding Chair

If all metal or all plastic folding chairs don’t sound comfortable for you, Flash Furniture provides you with an alternative – the Hercules Hinged Fabric Folding Chair. This chair features an upholstered seat and back using 2.5-inch thick foam. The frame is constructed from 18 gauge steel with riveted steel components, and a gray finish. The chair is solidly built and the quality of the materials seem to be very good.

The padding itself is very comfortable and the fabric has a nice texture. The non-marring glides ensure your floors stay scratch-free. Take note that some people have found that the foam is too thick while others found it just right. Comfort is very subjective. Also, the back of the chair is on the small side. It doesn’t provide full support to your entire back which some have found uncomfortable.

Hercules Premium Fabric Metal Folding Chair


  • 2.5-inch foam
  • Comfortable
  • Solid construction


  • Some customers found the foam to be too thick/hard
  • The backrest is small

9. Flash Furniture 10 Pk. HERCULES Series 650 lb.

Black Plastic Folding Chair

Why buy one folding chair, when you can get several in a pack of ten chairs? The Flash Furniture 10 Pk. HERCULES Series is great for school and corporate use. It comes in a pack of 10, which means you pay less for every unit. If you have a chair rental business, this chair is strong enough to withstand rigorous use. The seat and back are ergonomically designed to ensure you remain comfortable for longer.

To ensure it doesn’t rust, the steel frame is coated with black powder. But that isn’t the only reason you should be excited about this chair. It also has non-marring floor glides, which stand in place no matter how hard you use the chair. Importantly, the steel frame is 18 gauge and can carry a maximum weight of 650 pounds. That means you can use it in corporate events and outdoor weddings, without having to worry about who will sit on it.

Flash Furniture 10 Pk. HERCULES Series 650 lb.


  • The 18 gauge steel frame has a high carrying capacity
  • An ergonomically designed chair
  • Can be used for various purposes


  • The frames aren’t fully weatherproof
  • The floor glides tend to wear easily
  • Some people reported back pain

10. Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

Best Folding Chair For Festivals

This is the perfect folding chair for the couple who never wishes to sit apart. Yes, there’s a folding chair that can comfortably seat two people side by side. and that seat is the Kelty Low Loveseat Chair. This chair is made of a powder-coated steel frame and quilted 600D polyester. The slightly reclined design lets you cuddle in comfort with your partner as you sip your drinks located in the adjustable, insulated beverage holder. The armrest is also adjustable. Instead of a carry bag, you get a padded multi-function roll tote which is much easier to use when packing your chair away.

And it also functions as gear tote for hauling other stuff from one point to another, including firewood. You can even use it as a small “blanket” on the ground where you can place your bare feet or anything else that you don’t want touching the ground. The chair is low enough on the ground that you’re more comfortable lounging but not too low that you might have a problem standing up as you’d get with a beach chair. However, this is more expensive than 2 regular folding chairs. It also weighs more than two chairs. Also, the fabric is not breathable so cuddling may lead to sweating on a hot day.

Kelty Low Loveseat Chair


  • Seats two very comfortably
  • Adjustable insulated beverage holder
  • Multi-function roll tote


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Not breathable fabric

How to Choose the Best Folding Chair: the Ultimate Buying guide

Lounging around is one of our favorite pastimes. Relaxation is good for your soul. But it’s never going to be good for your back if you don’t have the best folding chair that suits your lounging style and needs. A great chair should cradle you in comfort. It should be a reliable friend in concerts and tailgate parties.

One that you’ll want to bring with you to every campground and sporting event you’ll be going to this year and the next. A companion that you’ll surely miss if you ever leave it behind. There aren’t many folding chairs that will fit those descriptions. But you needn’t fear. There is a number that will do more than just be the parking spot for your ass. To figure out the good from the bad, we’ve constructed this guide on how to get the best folding chair for you.

What’s Your Purpose?

More specifically, what are you planning to use the chair for? Obviously, you want to use it for sitting. That is its primary function. But where will you be using it? Who will be sitting on it? How many do you need? These are all questions you’ll need to consider first before you start your quest for the perfect folding chair. Let’s tackle them one by one.

Where Will You be Using it?

If you live in a space-challenged home, one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll ever buy is the folding chair. Any chair you buy should be something easily stored away, comfortable to sit on, light, and stable. But you need to think about where you will be using it. Is it for the dining room? The same can be used to add seats for guests in the living room. Maybe for small group meetings at your church, you’ll want something that’s easily stackable like the Cosco All Steel 4-Pack Folding Chair.

If you plan on having a small bonfire in your backyard or do a bit of reading on your porch, you might be more interested in a laid-back lounger like the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair that can be adjusted to several reclining positions.

If you’re going to the beach, you might want something that has a low profile so you can keep your toes in the water and feel the waves gently crashing over your legs. You might also want to consider a mesh back for breathability so you don’t sweat that much. And maybe a pocket for your stuff as well as insulated pockets for your drinks.

Some of us like to attend sporting events, tailgate parties, and concerts in the park. The kind of folding chair you’ll want is something that is easily carried from the parking lot to your spot. You’ll also want something that will allow you to comfortably slouch in as you drink your beer (or wine) and chat. And it should feel comfortable enough to sit on for an hour or two like the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler.

If you’re going hiking or camping, then you’d want something compact and can easily fit in your backpack. Something light enough that you won’t feel the additional weight as you carry it to your campsite like the Helinox Chair One Camp Chair. And something you can easily set up and fold down whenever you take a break from all that walking. Consider something with side tables which can make eating more convenient.

In short, choose your folding chair according to function first.

What are the Other Factors That I Need to Consider?

Frame Materials

Manufacturers typically use one of four types of materials to make the frame of a chair. A metal frame is usually either steel or aluminum. Aluminum is ideal because it is corrosion resistant and lightweight. Steel, on the other hand, is great for supporting heavy individuals and less expensive to use.

Plastic is another popular material. It’s also lightweight like aluminum but they’re more ideal for outdoor use since they’re easier to clean and transport. You want to make sure to choose one that has been treated against UV light exposure to prevent the color from fading after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Wood is perfect if you want your chair to look beautiful aside from being functional. However, these chairs have a lot of joints which mean weak points that will affect the stability of the chair. Humidity can also cause the wood in the chairs to swell and warp.

Resin is the most durable material of the four. It is scratch-resistant, UV stabilized, and incredibly lightweight. Since it can be molded, you can eliminate the need for joints and can sand down any imperfections that show up in the frame over time. More importantly, resin folding chairs are rated for 1000 lbs and hold up better when exposed to elements.

Weight Capacity

All chairs come with a weight limit – the amount of weight it can hold without breaking. Children’s chairs can hold anywhere from 150 pounds to 225 pounds. Adult chairs are typically built with a weight capacity ranging from 250 pounds to 500 pounds. And then there are some chairs like the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair that are built for larger individuals. Not only does it have a weight capacity of 800 lbs but it also has enough room to sit a large individual comfortably. When choosing a chair, some of us ignore weight capacity. However, it’s something that you need to take into serious consideration if you’re going to be using the chair to seat guests with varying weights or one that will hold you and your kid if he feels like sitting in your lap.  

Because of the abundance of choices in the market, you’re never going to not find a folding chair that meets your needs. You just need to plan the purchase so that you can get your money’s worth as well as much-deserved R&R.