Best Front Pocket Wallets – Compact And Stylish

It’s 2020 folks, which means it’s about that time when we let go of bad habits and awful trends and say hallo to self-improvement and healthy living. And what better way to start than with that thick, overstuffed wallet of yours that makes your butt hurt.  We know it has sentimental value and all, but you really don’t need that high school ID, or the gazillion business cards from 5 jobs ago. What you need is to set yourself free with a stylish, slim front pocket wallet.

Despite their common minimalistic design, front pocket wallets are not made equal. We now have many differentiated designs and styles, from the money clip wallets to bi-fold models to others exclusively built for holding cards. They are made using different materials too, ranging from wood to metal, to the beautifully cut leather we love so much. The wallets are also built with everyday use in mind. They are light and unobtrusive enough, so they go unnoticed in your outfits. 

Whichever style or personal preference, we have rounded up our top list of the best front pocket wallets out there to get you started and make a statement in your journey of freedom.

Top 10 Front Pocket Wallets Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Serman Brands Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Best Rated Men’s Front Pocket Wallet

The Serman Brands is for people who want a slim pocket wallet that is designed to impress and that which won’t cost them the earth.

Flaunting a more classic and stylish bi-folding design, this wallet is made of genuine leather and, therefore, holds a promise of durability while maintaining its stunning appearance all along.

The Serman Brands is a handsome wallet designed to hold up to 8 cards and it also has a clip for your paper bills. Of the 8 credit/debit card slots, 2 of them are meant for cards that you use the most.

Crafted with travelers in mind, this slim front pocket wallet also has RFID-blocking technology to insulate you from the bad guys wherever you go.

Serman Brands Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet


  • Holds the most cards
  • Genuine leather
  • RFID-blocking technology


  • Few negative reports regarding the cash clip
  • Can get bulky if filled to capacity

2. Travando Rio Money Clip Wallet

Best Front Pocket Bifold Wallet

The Travando Trio follows the Serman Brands closely in terms of popularity and it comes at around the same price too.

We were not surprised to discover that this one is designed in Germany credit to its high-quality feel. This wallet is made of genuine leather and has an eye-catching manufacturer’s T insignia embossed at the front.

The Travando Trio measures 4.5” x 2.8” x 0.5” making it slim enough to slide into any pocket without looking awkwardly bulky.

It has 7 credit card slots and you can actually fit 2 cards in every slot thereby giving you a capacity of 14 cards, although this will make it chunky. It also has a money clip for your notes regardless of their size and shape.

Travando Rio Money Clip Wallet


  • Great quality
  • More than enough card slots
  • Fits any pocket


  • Clip won’t hold one bill
  • A few complaints about a loose money clip

3. Kinzd Front Pocket Wallet

Best Front Pocket Thin Wallet

If you are thinking of affordability, functionality, and style all at the same time, how about the Kinzd Front Pocket Wallet?

This wallet is considerably cheaper than our first 2 options, but its great sense of style is easily visible. The Kinzd is made of Crazy Horse leather and has seemingly strong seams that won’t come undone any time soon.

For those who may have had a bad experience with money clips that end up scratching their credit cards, you might like that the Kinzd uses 4 pieces of powerful ( and we mean very POWERFUL) magnets to hold approximately 100 notes and receipts firmly.

As far as compartments are concerned, this wallet has 4 card slots, 1 change pocket, and an ID or DL display pocket.Kinzd Front Pocket Wallet


  • Truly slim at o.1’’
  • Strong magnetic money clip
  • Seemingly durable


  • RFID-blocking feature leaves much to be desired
  • Strong magnet might interfere with credit card data strip

4. OneTigris Front Pocket Mini Wallet with Waterproof Zippers

Best Slim Front Pocket Wallet With Multiple Card Slots

Are you in need of a front pocket wallet for carrying your cards, coins, keys, and banknotes? The OneTigris Front Pocket Mini Wallet is the best when it comes to holding most of your essential items daily. It comes with four card slots and one ID window – basically all the space you need to carry your cards and ID. The outer cover is made from a durable, abrasion-resistant Cordura nylon fabric. The fabric also resists water and dirt to make it easier for you to maintain it.

We are talking about a compact, the lightweight front-pocket wallet you can take with you wherever you go. It comes with several waterproof zippers, created to last long while providing ultimate security for your cards and money. When using this wallet to hold coins from your change, you do not have to worry about jingling noise. In short, no one will know what you are carrying. With a weight of only 1.4 ounces, this wallet is perfect for clipping on your gear or keeping in the front pocket.

OneTigris Front Pocket Mini Wallet


  • It is made from durable, scratch-resistant cordura nylon
  • The waterproof zippers secure your cards and cash
  • It is a lightweight, anti-jingling front-pocket wallet


  • Some users said it is too small to meet their needs
  • Reports of the wallet getting wet in some situations
  • You cannot use it to carry large amounts of cash

5. Bryker Hyde Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Best Front Pocket Travel Wallet

The Bryker Hyde is not the most striking in terms of look, so don’t expect it to turn heads, but that’s one of the aspects that make it so popular with minimalists.

This wallet is available in a range of colors including Slate Gray, Tan, Brown, Charcoal Black, Texas, and Smooth Black. It measures 4 3/8’’ (L) by 2 7/8’’ (W) and has a thickness of ¼’’ which is just the right size for a wallet that you can slide into any jeans pocket.

The Bryker Hyde has 9 credit card slots and a money clip that could hold up to 40 bills although the manufacturer advises fitting utmost 15 to ensure that the wallet retains the minimalist design that it promises.

Bryker Hyde Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


  • Simple yet stylish
  • Available in great colors
  • Money clip won’t scratch credit cards


  • Genuine leather takes time to break in

6. Serman Brands Genuine Leather Wallet

Best Front Pocket Wallet For Driver’s License

Our next recommendation here is from the same brand that gave us our winner of the best front pocket wallets in 2019.

These 2 wallets are pretty much the same in most aspects, with the major difference being that this particular model has been designed with the main aim of making it easy to access your driving license.

If you live in areas where you are required to flush out your DL or any other form of identification every now and then, this wallet has a window slot that allows you to show the ID without struggling to remove it.

This genuine leather front pocket wallet has 4 slots for your credit cards- but most people have reported stuffing up to 9 cards without an issue- and a money clip for your bills.

Serman Brands Genuine Leather Wallet


  • Solid construction
  • Easy driving license access
  • Nicely organized


  • 4-slot design might limit some users

7. Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Best Carbon Fiber Front Pocket Wallet

The Fidelo is one of the best carbon fiber front pocket wallets 2019 and we’d highly recommend it if you are looking for a minimalist wallet that you won’t need to replace soon.

This model consists of two 3K carbon fiber plates that are held together by a fold band when in use. Speaking of bands, this package comes with 4 of them in different colors; black, rock ridge gray, royal blue, and charcoal gray to fit your day-to-day style.

The Fidelo Carbon Fiber Wallet is able to hold up to 15 cards and 20 bills at a go. But what most of its buyers like is its push/pinch card access technique. If you ever had trouble removing a card that seemed ‘trapped’ in the slot, then you know firsthand how convenient the Fidelo might be.

We should mention, however, that there’s a slight learning curve to sliding in and fishing out the cards at first.

Without forgetting, the 3k Carbon Fiber used for this wallet is RFID-blocking- so you can travel with the assurance that your data is shielded from digital pickpockets.Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet


  • Durable
  • Holds multiple cards
  • Easy to use


  • Pulling out cards has a learning curve

8. Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet

Best Wallet For Front Pocket

While all the models that we’ve seen here are of the right size for a front pocket, I bet none beats this one from Rogue Industries: it’s all in the design.

This one has been nicely curved to perfectly fit the curve of your front pocket. Double this up with its slim design and you get one of the best front pocket wallets 2019.

This wallet by Rogue Industries is made of genuine leather, so it might be the only wallet you’ll need for quite a long time. It might take some days before loosening up, though.

The Rogue Industries wallet offers a long pocket for your bills, 3 credit card slots, and another slot with a see-through window on the opposite flap for your driving license.

Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet


  • Stylish
  • Seemingly durable
  • Fits front pockets nicely


  • Few card slots
  • Expensive

9. Kinzd Minimalist RFID Wallet

Best Cheap Front Pocket Wallet

How much are you planning to spend on a front pocket wallet, just a little over 10 bucks? This one from Kinzd might fit the bill.

It is one of the most affordable front pocket wallets on the market today, and what might surprise you is that our review team ranked it the highest in terms of functionality.

Unless you are fond of doubling up credit cards in each slot, this wallet has been designed in such a way that you won’t need to pull out the cards at the front to access those at the back.

Measuring 4.4 ” x 3.15″ x 0.12″, this Kinzd wallet is one of the thinnest too and won’t bulge out of your pocket weirdly even with its 6 cards slots, 1 ID clear window pocket, and cash pocket filled to capacity.

Any drawback?

Yeah, while this manufacturer claims that this wallet is RFID-blocking enabled, we found that functionality wanting in most scenarios. It might, therefore, fail to impress you if this is a top priority for you.

Kinzd Minimalist RFID Wallet


  • Easy to access cards
  • Great colors available
  • Ultra-thin


  • RFID-blocking not working as expected

10. HOJ Co. Deacon ID BIFOLD Front Pocket Wallet

Best Full Grain Front Pocket Wallet

Do you ever look at all the available front pocket wallets on the market and say to yourself, ‘but they are all the same’? If that’s you, then the Hoj Co. Deacon might interest you.

We can’t deny that this wallet is expensive at the price that it comes at, but that’s probably because it is meant for folks who want to gravitate away from the norm.

The first thing that we liked about the Hoj Deacon is that it is made of full-grain leather, not the genuine leather that almost all the other contenders in these best front pocket wallets reviews use.

Without digging too much into the details, while genuine leather and top-grain leather are derived from real leather, the latter is the highest quality and tends to last the longest.

This front pocket wallet has 9 card slots eight of which are at the interior while one (with a clear window) is at the exterior for your commonly used card. It also has an antique silver money clip that uses a clamp to hold your paper bills securely.

HOJ Co. Deacon ID BIFOLD Front Pocket Wallet


  • Top-grain leather construction
  • Looks better with age
  • Stylish


  • Expensive

How To Choose Best Front Pocket Wallets: The Ultimate Buying Guide

While not 2 wallets from different manufacturers are created the same, here are a few basics on what to consider when choosing a good front pocket wallet for your needs.

Bi-fold or Tri-fold Wallet?

The debate on which is best between these 2 styles is a highly heated one, and in our opinion, this can only be settled by personal preference.

Bifold wallets have 2 flaps that fold into two and unfold to reveal a long pocket for currency and several other small slots that could either be vertical or horizontal for credit cards.

Trifold wallets, as the name suggests are designed to fold into three and feature 2 side flaps that meet at the center. Similar to a bifold, these wallets have a long compartment for notes and also have several slots for credit cards only that they are vertical.

Trifold wallets leave you with more space in your pockets, but they tend to be bulky and could also dig into your skin (we didn’t include any of these models in our front pocket wallets reviews for this reason, by the way).

Bifold wallets, on the other hand, have a slimmer appeal and can be easily carried both at the front and back pockets. Their only drawback is that they leave you with less capacity.


As I told you before, no 2 wallets are created the same and whether you are eyeing a bifold or trifold wallet, they will always differ in terms of size.

A front pocket wall needs to have a minimalist design lest it bulges out awkwardly thereby detracting your fashion efforts.

Number of Card Slots and Cash

Depending on the style and brand, a wallet may have a long pocket for paper bills or use a metallic clip, or a magnetized system to hold the notes together.

Regardless of the mechanism used for the paper bills, all wallets have several slots for credit cards, debit cards, and business cards. But keep in mind that the number of these slots vary greatly from one wallet to the other. Your ideal number of slots will depend on the number of cards that you like carrying around in your wallet. So, as you think of the size of the wallet, keep this into consideration too.


Front pocket wallets come in all materials ranging from leather to nylon and even metal- and this again boils down to personal preference.

Men’s leather wallets have the upper hand as far as style is concerned, but they can be an expensive choice especially if they are made of top-grain/full-grain leather. ‘’Genuine’’ leather wallets aren’t as costly and are also fashionable albeit not as durable.

Metallic wallets especially those made of aluminum are a great choice should you be looking for something that stands out from the crowd. And contrary to most people’s perception, aluminum front pocket wallets tend to be the lightest and won’t make your pockets to sag.

Carbon fiber is the new trend in wallets for travelers who don’t like bulky and heavy wallets, and it’s also the epitome of style thanks to its sleek, and nicely-textured designs.

This material is said to make the world’s best front pocket wallet because it is considerably lighter than aluminum, yet 5 times stronger than steel. But its ease of use is what makes it even more appealing.

RFID Blocking Wallets- are They Worth It?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking wallets are designed to protect you from digital pickpocketing that is carried out through the illegitimate reading of your RFID-enabled credit cards.

But is it really worth it?

While there’s no denying that RFID skimming is real, there are by far very few reports of this crime compared to other forms of theft such as ATM skimming and that which your wallet won’t protect you from.

At the end of the day, though, protection is better than cure and considering that an RFID insulator won’t cost you anything, there’s no harm having it onboard.

Final Words

Centuries of changes in style has given the manufacturers a good idea of what most people want in a slim front pocket wallet. And there are just as many styles of these accessories as there are different preferences and needs.

Unless you view it as just another functional item, the best wallet for front pocket speaks volume about your sense of style. So, don’t forget to scour around for something trendy especially if you are fashion conscious.

Besides adding to your fashion statement, these slim front pocket wallets are good for your health in that they protect you from Piriformis Syndrome (a.k.a fat wallet syndrome) which is characterized by pain and discomfort on the butt.

Slim wallets are generally cool and practical, and keeping in mind that it’s the look of the wallet itself that impresses the most, don’t hesitate to slim down to a model that compliments your style.