Best Garden Hose for All Your Watering Needs

In any garden, water is what brings life to plants and makes them blossom and yield great produce. Watering is one of the essential gardening routines that one can’t evade. Even after landscaping, you need to water the earth to ensure that the grass grows and remains green which keeps your outdoor space beautiful. Therefore, one of the tools that you should never lack for stress free gardening and outdoor experience is a garden hose.

Hose reels are designed to assist in the efficient distribution of water without too much spilling or making a mess. While using a garden hose, you want one that will not form a kink, snug or leak as you work. Some may need connectors to improve efficiency. When buying a garden hose, most people consider the length but there’s a lot more factors to keep in mind in order to get the best equipment for needs.

We have searched far and wide to bring you a review of the best garden hoses out there that will provide you with efficient water flow and help you transform your yard into a beautiful and blossoming space.

Top 10 Garden Hoses of 2020 Reviewed

1. Flexzilla Garden Hose

Best for Safe Drinking Water

Designed by expert engineers who utilized a hybrid flexible Polymer in its construction, The Flexzilla Garden Hose is just what you need for your outdoor water needs. It’s light in weight and designed to lie flat without kinking even under pressure. Another great feature is zero memory which ensures that the sprinkler doesn’t twist and coils easily without taking too much of your energy.

The hose reel comes with a superior O-ring connector that ensures leak free connections to spigots. It’s also made to be all weather resistant which means it can be used in all seasons and doesn’t crack due to high or low temperatures. The inner material used is lead free and safe for drinking water. The ends have anodized aluminum ends for durability. It’s available in 5/8 inches and different sizes of up to 100 feet.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Coils easily
  • Safe for drinking water


  • Easily gets molds
  • Can kink easily
  • Some find the color too bright

2. Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose

Best For Small Spaces

Measuring 17 feet, this Flexi Hose will provide you with adequate length for your needs without being too heavy. When under water pressure it will expand to up to three times its original length reaching up to 50 feet in length. Comes with metallic ¾ inch brass couplings that are leak resistant and built to last.

It boasts of a sturdily built on and off valve and can withstand 13 bars of water pressure. On purchase, you will also be furnished with 8 rotation nozzle that will help meet your diverse watering needs. The nozzle is made of durable alloy and has an ergonomic handle that doesn’t slip.


  • Expandable up to 50 feet
  • Includes 8 rotation nozzle
  • Quality brass connector


  • Has low pressure
  • Doesn’t stretch the whole 50 feet
  • Valve limits water output

3. Aterod Expandable Garden Hose

Best Self Draining Garden Hose

To make your gardening work easy, you can use the Aterod Garden Hose that magically expands from 17 feet to 50 feet once you turn on the water. Once you switch off the water, the pipe will quickly retract to its original length and immediately self-drains. Better yet, it doesn’t tangle, kink or twist and will provide you with extended years of service.

It also boasts of a 9 function spray nozzle that will meet most of your watering requirements. It also has a shut off valve so that you can turn it off without having to move an inch. To prevent leaks the hose has a latex pipe and fitted with ¾ inch brass connectors.


  • Self-drains
  • 9 function nozzle spray
  • Doesn’t tangle or twist


  • Doesn’t shoot far
  • Could be made of better quality materials
  • Not long

4. Crenova 100ft Garden Hose 

Best Expandable Garden Hose

If you are looking for a practical garden hose with the most functional and modern features, then this expandable sprinkler hose will impress you. It’s ultra-expandable and can increase in length from 33 feet to a whopping 100 feet when under intense water pressure and automatically coils back once the water is shut off. It comes with a superior ¾ inch brass connector that easily connects to a spigot which doesn’t rust or leak.

The 7 function nozzle will provide you with a wide range of smart solutions that will conveniently meet all your watering needs. The sprinkler has modes such as jet, mist and sprinkler angle. The bod of the garden hose is made of heavy 3750D polyester fabric that is extra flexible and string and provides the inner material with added protection. The inner latex tube doesn’t crack under high temperatures and can with stand a range of 23℉-122℉. This product has been built to last and provide you with years of extended service.


  • 7 function spraying nozzle
  • Exquisite and thick design
  • Expandable up to three times


  • Water spray may have low pressure
  • May not extend fully to 100 feet
  • The outer fabric doesn’t dry quickly when wet

5. Nifty Grower 100ft Garden Hose

Best Polymer Garden Hose

Cater to all your watering needs with this garden hose that is a combination of functionality and efficiency. It’s made of sturdy 3750D polymer material that is light in weight to help you maneuver easily around the yard. It has a double later inner pipe that is made of safe materials. The spray nozzle is made of durable zinc alloy that doesn’t leak or crack.

The hose can withstand a pressure of 3 to 12 bars and quickly expands from 34 feet to 100 feet when under pressure. You will also get a free 8 pattern nozzle that allows to cater to a wide variety of watering needs. You also get a free storage bag to store the hose when not in use.


  • Expandable to 100 feet
  • Comes with 8 pattern rotation nozzle
  • Withstands intense water pressure


  • Nozzle is fragile
  • Inner pipe may stain the water
  • Low pressure

6. HYRIXDIRECT Garden Hose

Best 8 Pattern Garden Hose

Make your gardening needs easy and efficient with the Hyrixdirect garden hose that measures 17 feet and can expand up to 50 feet under water pressure. Once water is out, it returns quickly to its length. It’s made of 375D polymer that’s strong and light in weight. It also comes with an 8 pattern nozzle that allows you to use the hose for different purposes around your yard.  It has heavy duty brass fittings with a sturdily built rubber washer at the end.


  • On and off valve
  • Strong brass fittings
  • Multipurpose


  • Not ideal for a sprinkler
  • Not ideal for large outdoor spaces
  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag

7. Teknor Apex Neverkink Garden Hose 

Best No Kink Garden Hose

Just like the name, his garden hose is designed to never kink even after extended use. It comes in three different lengths 50ft, 75ft and 100ft. The couplings are made of industrial grade aluminum that are leak proof and don’t crack. It’s also fitted with micro shield that helps prevent growth of molds and mildew. It’s flexible up to 45 degrees.


  • Has micro-shield to prevent molds
  • Flexible to 45 degrees
  • Doesn’t kink or crack


  • Not safe for drinking water
  • Not expandable
  • Little pressure

8. Gilmour 874501-1001 Flexogen Super Duty Garden Hose 

Best Heavy Duty Garden Hose

If you are looking for a heavy duty garden hose then the 874501-1001 Flexogen is a great pick. It’s made of a patented 8 layer construction that has been reinforced to prevent kinks and increase durability. The brass connectors are resistant to corrosion and crushing. The stainless steel spring prevents kinks when connected to a spigot. It also boasts of a lifetime warranty.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Durable
  • Brass connector doesn’t rust or crush


  • Not for small spaces
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to store

9. MONYAR Garden Hose Expandable

Best Rubberized Garden Hose

This garden hose boasts of a 10 pattern spray nozzle that will cater to a wide range of watering needs. All the components are made of premium materials that won’t leak, rust, tear or crack. The rubberized outer coating is easy and comfortable to handle. When under water pressure it can expand up to 75 feet and handle 3-12 bars of pressure. It’s easy to store and even easier to use.


  • Lightweight
  • 10 pattern sprinkler nozzle
  • Expandable


  • Can’t be used on garden hose reel
  • Doesn’t self-drain
  • No storage bag

10. Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade Water Hose

Best Professional Grade Water Hose

Need to supply water from your house to the garden? With the best professional-grade water hose, you will be able to direct water to virtually anywhere within your garden. The Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade Water Hose comes with an effective swivel action that allows it to easily connect to water hose on either end. The best thing about this hose is that it will allow the sprinkler to lie flat on the ground. No other water hose will give you a more efficient operation.

The materials used to make the hose is a combination of PVC and polyurethane. That’s why you will find this hose extremely easy to maneuver around obstacles such as bushes, trees, and so on. It comes with titanium-coated aluminum couplings, which are certified to be crushproof and lead-free. Thanks to the anti-kink technology, this water hose isn’t adversely affected by water at high pressure. The abrasive-resistant outer cover can withstand a pressure of up to 500 psi.

Stanley Fatmax Professional



  • A strong combination of PVC and polyurethane materials
  • The couplings are crush resistant
  • Comes with a swivel grip for both males and females


  • Reports of the connections getting corroded
  • Some users reported small leaks
  • Shipping costs cut into the refunded amount

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose: The Ultimate Buying Guide

When you have a garden or an outdoor space that has been landscaped, you will often need to water plants or the grass to ensure everything remains green and pretty. You may also want to wash your pet or car on a warm summer afternoon. To do so, you will need a good hose pipe rather than using buckets of water that can be heavy and messy to move around. A garden hose will not only give you adequate water pressure but it will also ensure that the task is done easily.

Types of Garden Hoses

  • Traditional Garden Hoses – You can use these for the usual gardening activities from watering the lawn to watering flowers in the planter boxes. They often measure between 25 to 100 ft. Most of them are made of vinyl which makes them kink easily especially in the hot sun. Some are made of rubber which is more long lasting but heavier on the hands.
  • Flat Garden Hoses – Such hose reels look like a miniature version of a fireman’s hose pipe since they remain flat until they build up with water. They are usually easy to store and drain water well. However, majority are made of vinyl which isn’t long lasting and easily kink. They are only suitable on flat spaces but will get damaged around corners.
  • Soaker Hoses – Usually made of recycled rubber, they are porous and are designed to seep water efficiently into the soil to water plants. They are great for ensuring your plants have efficient moisture and can be camouflaged using mulch. However, it’s quite difficult to control the water pressure on these garden hoses and prolonged exposure to sunlight makes them wear out fast.
  • Sprinkler Hoses – These are designed to send misty sprays or jets that are often under high pressure. They can efficiently spray water up to a radius of ten meters. The tiny holes can be pointed downwards or towards where the water is needed thus giving you better control of the garden hose.
  • Coiled Hoses – If you have a small outdoor space, these may be a great choice since they can stretch to great lengths when under water pressure then easily coil to a spiral once you put out the water.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garden Hose

  • Length – Most hoses start at a length of 25 feet and can stretch up to 100 feet. Gardeners often prefer long hoses so as to carry out more tasks but the longer the garden hose the heavier it is and the more storage space it requires. Longer hoses can also be difficult to drain and have reduced water pressure.
  • Hose diameter – The water flow in a hose is determined by the hose’s inner diameter which can be ¾ inch, 5/8 inches or half inch. The larger the diameter, the more water that the pipe will carry. The best diameter is usually 5/8 inches since it carries a good combination of water flow and isn’t so heavy.
  • Material – Most hoses are mostly made of rubber, vinyl or reinforced materials. Vinyl hoses are light in weight and inexpensive but tend to wear out fast due to kinking. Rubber hose reels are expensive but last longer and can be heavy to move around.
  • Flexibility – Here, you need to balance between a flexible hose that easily coils but doesn’t kink easily. When a pipe kinks, it has a shorter life span and can develop leaks.
  • Connectors – You will need to get couplers to connect the hose pipe to spigots and sprinklers. Regular hoses have plastic couplings that are inexpensive but crack easily and are more prone to leaks. Metallic couplings especially brass last longer and resistant to leaks.

Choosing a garden hose for your watering needs doesn’t have to be a headache. Hopefully our review has given you some useful tips on the best garden hose for your garden. Say goodbye to poor quality hose pipes prone to kinks and leaks and upgrade to a quality garden hose today.

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